Shane Gates

The Fucking Dynasty of Showdown
Man I was pretty close at Reasonable Doubt last week in that brutal as hell fatal 4 way match. That was quite the fight of my life in that ring. But it seems like we have a wiseass who thinks he can be disrespectful even though he lost in that match. And he even set up his own downfall and mines too to be honest. But this guy is back to insulting people who he feels are beneath him. What a good guy for the company image am I right? Well son your in quite the world of hurt come Saturday night buddy.

I'm actually surprised your calling me filth and low tier since I took you to your limit at Reasonable Doubt. Did you hit your head too hard on the table after that stunt your tried to pull backfired for you? You were trying to take me out of the equation but you got taken out of the equation too by Shaker Jones. Well technically we both did but you should see the point you moron. I thought your brain would be all mush after I kicked you in the head about 4 times, but it seems you have some intelligence left. I've wanted to repay the favor since you seem so contempt on talking so much shit about my wife and not focusing on me. Like I'm the guy who's going to maul you on Saturday not my wife. So get your fucking priorities straight before shooting your own self in the head with your own gun. I cannot believe you think your fighting my wife in that match. Did you hit your head too hard on that table? Yeah I said that again you mad bro? but I think you lost some functions in your brain since it seems you lost god knows how many brain cells after what happened last week. I might not be 100% but I aint bitching about it I'm just gonna fight through the pain. Your quite the vulgar one huh? I might say an occasional shit or fuck here or their but you, you went all cylinders open with how many times you swore man. I guess you really hate me or something for you to swear so much at me. I'm not really sorry for hurting you but that's what you get for that cheeky little stunt you pulled 2 weeks ago. I'm over that but It seems you cant seem to get it out of your dumb little head and your basically talking about it as a achievement or some trophy or some shit. Man I musta fucked you up bad in that match. Well not only me but you get the point.

The way your talking about my wife gives me an opinion that you are some sexually addicted maniacs who wants to do some dirty things to my wife or a straight up incel. In both cases your pretty fucking disgusting in my view. Now I understand your very angry and you don't know how to vent your anger out so you decide my wife is a perfect target huh? But I am going to end you on Saturday. I’ve never been one to stray away from the limelight of things and take the fight directly to my opponent and this Saturday will be the same thing, I will bring the fight to you at full force, I just hope you are able to withstand the aggression I am going to come at you with. I know your a decent athlete and you are quite a dangerous one, I was close to beating you the last time we faced off but this time I know what to do to beat you now. You think I would just let your cheap and sad insults get through me laying down huh? Well you just woke the hornet's nest with your comments Ryan and you shouldn't have done that. Think of it as me repaying the favor, a guy who just wants revenge. Why? Well you thought you could get away with attacking my wife and me 2 weeks ago but here's the thing Ryan, Reasonable Doubt was just the beginning, Like a wolf licking his wounds I made sure to recover so I could be able to destroy you and make sure you fear the name Shane Gates. I feel disappointed you had to degrade me like that when you should realize I gave you a run for you money at Reasonable Doubt. Even though we both lost you made a big mistake trying to kill me by throwing me into to the announce table but Shaker Jones nearly killed us both by making us fall into that announce table. Nice move Ryan, you played yourself, I know you wont like me constantly talking about your misfortune at RD but why should I stop? You lost plain and simple, you have nobody to blame but yourself for that.

Like a wise man once told me. "Stupid people do stupid things". Now I'm not implying your a stupid person, I think you have a very devious mind and very smart but you did a very stupid and idiotic thing that will haunt you for the rest of your life. All because you hate me and don't consider me competition just a punching bag huh? Well I wont consider you an worthy opponent for me either. I'm just going to consider you a baby with spilled milk who doesn't know how to take a loss like a man and has to bitch and moan about it. You don't see me bitching about it? I got beat plain and simple. That was one of the most grueling matches I have ever had in my career, and yet you call me low tired because I lost to you once just fucking once. I am sick and tired of being undermined especially by moronic bastards like you. Being called dead weight and low tired talent makes me sick. When will you egotistical bastards understand you cant keep on undermining opponents until it's too late. Karma is quite the bitch and I will make sure you suffer you little ungrateful spoiled brat. I am going to destroy you.

I am going to bring you down to planet earth and I am going to make you humble. Your inflated ego has gone on for too long and I will be the one to deflate it once and for all.

See you Saturday Bitch

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