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Devan, at no point in those rambling, incoherent, pseudo-intellectual little musings did you ever make the slightest bit of sense. Are you being regularly drug tested like you're supposed to? Or do you have a clause in your contract that exempts you? You've got to be high on something to be flapping your gums like that, bloviating for no real reason. The liar's "gospel truth" doesn't mean shit. It'd be easy to get hotheaded and lose my composure over your asinine remarks, but sadly I've heard the same thing regurgitated ad-nauseam from so many different elitists that the garbage you were just spewing doesn't even register to me. How many wrestlers in this industry have echoed those vacuous sentiments, full of misinformation and completely unsupportable by the real evidence? The notion that I haven't had to overcome any great struggle in my career is a myth that has persisted through the sands of time as a result of people like you waving your finger at me with sullied hands. When you talk about struggle, adversity, and the perilous journey through valleys to sit atop mountain peaks, front and center on the story of the boyhood dream should be yours truly. Nobody in the history of this business has had the deck stacked against them on more occasions than I have. Nobody in the history of this business has survived in the face of certain death more than me. Yet, still, in spite of the struggle that I've endured and the hardships I've risen above, chicken-hearted liars like you have somehow lost those struggles in translation and only focused on the triumph, disregarding the difficulty of the path I walked. You think I was treading a straight, narrow line, when in reality that trail I blazed featured more zigs and zags than you'll ever know or be exposed to. Granted, I can't expect everybody to be a historian of my career, but when you come at me with misinformation and you try to convince the public that your personal narrative is a fact, I'm going to rectify that every time. Because you're right, the battles and the championships won in the past aren't relevant to Voltage's encounter, and I feel like I'm forced to tell that to every opponent I square up against because the idea that a seven-time World Champion doesn't care about his accolades is difficult for them to comprehend. That being said, when you claim I didn't experience struggle, you bring our audience's intelligence into question, and you insult not only me, but the people who witnessed greatness first-hand on numerous occasions, entering elimination chambers first and leaving as the last man standing, overcoming the corruption of despotic General Managers like Ashten Cross, single-handedly carrying brands when they needed the most, and sticking with EAW at its worst of times knowing they needed me in the fold. When our fans go to the Hall of Fame and they see the lights illuminating my plaque, that's what they'll always be thinking of. That's what they'll remember. As much as people like you try to adjust the facts and revise events that transpired that are still fresh in the minds of our audience, you ultimately achieve nothing in doing so. At best, you expose yourself as a lying con artist. At worst, you're incompetent and oblivious to reality. There's a winner's circle over there, for me, and then there's a loser's corner shaded by darkness, meant for people like you.

That said, let's consider what a "struggle" might really represent in your warped mind. When you think of a struggle, you probably think of failing to live up to your potential, and then emerging at long last after years of being written off by your peers as a wasted pet project and finally doing something with your careers. There are varying definitions for adversity, and it's clear yours consists entirely of failing miserably at something and then making good on lost time later on by winning a championship and rehabilitating a broken career. I've done that, too -- in 2009 -- but I don't focus on it because in my personal opinion, anybody who tries to make a habit of that in an effort to create some "Cinderella Story" narrative is a jackass. Sure, people like seeing Derrick Rose drop 50 points in 2018, but you know what would have been even better? If Rose hadn't ever fallen off to begin with. If his ankles hadn't given out. You can't condemn someone for being the model of consistency. What am I at fault for? Being great? Yet I apparently latch onto The 1% because I'm over the hill? Haven't heard that one before, points for originality. The legacy that I've built in the past certainly exists, but to say I live an breathe off of it again makes me question what you're trying to accomplish by blatantly lying. I challenge you to give an example that demonstrates me falling off. I challenge you to look over my body of work. It may have been a couple years since I've been World Champion, but in this year alone I've dominated the competition way more than I've appeared outmatched. In fact, I'd go as far as to say I never appear outmatched. Maybe there are some L's scattered here and there, but for my opponents those were victories by the narrowest of margins. There's not a doubt in my mind I could compete for any of our World Championships tomorrow and outdo whoever and unseat them from their pedestal. Put your money up; put your house up. Don't matter to me. I could never expect you to understand my endgame. We'll see who the prophet is when we're revisiting this conversation in a couple of months and you're the relic of the past tied only to his legacy and I'm the champ. See you on Sunday.

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