Morris Tremaine Valentino


Philly Kid / Jersey Boy

Wrestling Name: Morris Tremaine Valentino (MTV)

Picture Base: Tristan "Mack" Wilds

Current Nicknames: MTV, Mo', Motown, The Millennial Falcon, The Fresh Prince of Mid-Air, The Last Dragon, The Black Zack, Black Ranger, Mastodon, Supah McFly

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Hometown: Staten Island, New York

Resides In: Beverly Hills, California


Disposition / Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Morris Tremaine Valentino is a sport entertainment fanboy living his greatest dream. As a fan turned performer in one of the greatest industries known to man, Morris combines his nostalgic influences with his love of music and generally having the best time ever in order to provide the EAW Universe with some much needed fun. His mission is to entertain and supply The Fans with someone they can cheer and follow as he rises to the top. Someone they can live vicariously through as he used to be right out there with them.



Theme Music: Buzzin' by Mann

Special Entrance: As soon as Buzzin' by Mann hits through the sound system, a myriad of colorful lights flash and a spotlight hits the stage. The music continues for a few seconds before it becomes clear that nobody's coming out into the light. Somewhere off in the crowd, though, cheers and chatter make it ever apparent that someone important is mixing it up with the fans.

The spotlight swirls and spins through the crowd until it finds Morris Tremaine Valentino in the crowd. He throws his hands up when he's found, dances with the fans around him for a bit, signs a couple autographs and then dances his way to the barricade and hops over it.

MTV runs up onto the apron and slingshots himself over the top rope and into the ring. A few dance moves are used to get himself into the center of the ring where he throws his hands up and pyros go off all around the ring. From there he dances around the ring, interacting with the fans until his music fades out.


What are your character's motivations for competing?

MTV has been a fan of sports entertainment since he was a child. Beyond his own personal love of the sport, MTV competes for The Fans. He believes that The Fans are the reason why this business is the way it is and somebody has to fight for them and keep them entertained. He even considers himself to still be one of them and thus uses their love and spirit to fuel his own motivation to be the best.

Also: Money. Girls. Parties. Cars. Fame. Clothes. All that shit too.

Tendency to Cheat: Never


Wrestling Debut: 2019

Favorite Match Type: Title Shots / Fan Poll'd Stipulations

Favorite Weapon: The Fans

Wrestling Style: High Flying Hybrid

Common Moves

Arm Drag | Tilt-A-Whirl Arm Drag | Wheelbarrow Arm Drag | Springboard Arm Drag Bulldog | Leg Drop Bulldog | Half Nelson Bulldog | Running Bulldog | DDT | Flip DDT | Snap DDT | Float Over DDT | Single Leg Dropkick | Front Dropkick | Dropsault | Facebuster | Double Leg Drop | Spinning Facebuster | Snapmare Driver | Short Arm Clothesline | Asai DDT | Tornado DDT | Fireman's Carry | Fisherman's Suplex | Hurricanrana | Neckbreaker | Shuffle Side Kick | Snap Suplex | Lou Thesz Press (w/ Punches) | Arm Wrench w/ Hook Kick​

Sharpshooter | Boston Crab | Ankle Lock | Sleeper Hold | STF

Diving Bulldog | Diving Elbow Drop | Diving Leg Drop | Diving Hurricanrana | Diving Fist Drop | Moonsault Leg Drop | Somersault Leg Drop | Diving Leg Drop Bulldog | Springboard Leg Drop | Frankensteiner | Flying Thrust Kick | Shooting Star DDT | Senton | Springboard Moonsault | Missile Dropkick | Corkscrew Senton | Frog Splash | Standing Moonsault | Corkscrew Moonsault Plancha | Suicide Dive
Signature Moves

Yo! MTV Slaps
(Corner Strikes / Slaps)
Morris gets his opponent in the corner and goes for a series of open palmed slaps to the opponent's face. For the last one, he takes a couple steps back, leaps off the middle rope and finales with one last strong slap to the opponent's face.

Shell Shock Superkick
(Customized Corner Superkick)
Morris throws his opponent into the turnbuckle. He follows up behind them and dives back first into them. He rebounds off and stops about in the center of the ring. With a shout of, "COWABUNGA!" he rushes the still cornered opponent and aims a Superkick right for their face.

The Uncle Phil Special
(Customized Over-The-Top-Rope Hurricanrana)
Morris reaches out to slap his opponent across the face, leans back and offers a classic "Pssh!" sound effect as if to signal to the fans that he's got a move coming. Upon the opponent's retaliation attempt, Morris leaps up to grab the opponent in the hurricanrana position and launch them over the top rope and out of the ring.

It's Morphin' Time!
(Customized Double Arm DDT)
Morris uses a kick to the gut to double over an opponent. This gives him a moment to yell, "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" to the crowd. He moves to hook up both of his opponent's arms, yells out "MASTODON!" and then goes for the Double Arm DDT. Or as he likes to call it: the Mastodon DDT.

(Customized People's Lionsault)
When an opponent is on the ground, Morris stands over them and motions to the crowd with his hands in a T motion. Together, they yell: "Time Out!" and Morris takes off towards the ropes, bounces off, runs back towards the downed opponent, hops over them and leaps up onto the top rope and into the air for a moonsault. While in the air, the crowd usually yells: "Time In!" before impact.

Awwwww! Here It Goes!
(Whisper in the Wind / Sitout Facebuster)
Whether thrown towards the turnbuckle or in a run of his own accord, Morris hops up to the middle rope and then the top rope and springboards off in a twisting backflip towards a standing opponent. With enough mid-air rotation he grabs his opponent's head on the way down and slams them face first into the mat between his open legs. His fans will often hype this move up by accompanying it with their voices: "Awwwww Here It Goes!"

Go Home, Roger!
(Slingshot Hurricanrana Driver)
When an opponent is down Morris heads for the ropes and hops out onto the apron. From there, he stalks the opponent while playing up to the crowd. As the opponent stirs to get up to a kneeling position, Morris points across the ring as the crowd shouts, "GO HOME, ROGER!" and slingshots himself back inside to plant the opponent with a hurricanrana driver.

The Urkel Dance
(Customized Double Stomp Moonsault)
When an opponent is on the ground, Morris climbs up to the top rope. Once there, he pretends to hike up his pants as a signal to the crowd to yell: "DO THE URKEL!" He immediately starts doing the Urkel Dance, pointing his fingers to the air and jigging left and right. He leaps backwards and into a Double Stomp Moonsault. When those feet collide with the opponent, he sticks the landing, asks "Did I Do That?" and finishes "doing the Urkel" dance with those playful pelvic pointing thrusts on top of his opponent. Eventually, dropping down to pin them.

TGIF (Thank God's It's a Finisher)
Phoenix Splash


Hailing from the streets of Staten Island, New York with no parental guidance whatsoever, Morris fell in with the wrong crowd almost as fast as he learned to be on his own. For some semblance of income he worked as a runner for the local drug dealers that made up his family. During one particularly high-end drop in Manhattan, Mo' steps out into traffic and gets hit by Sandra Valentino, a high end entertainment lawyer from California.

Sandra felt bad for Morris and spent the rest of her business trip with him in the hospital. She learned all about his troubled life and when coupled with her own inability to have children decided to take Morris in and adopt him, moving with him all the way across the country to her overly expensive home in Beverly Hills. Morris, of course, was all for this. He had hit the jackpot for orphans everywhere!

Growing up in Beverly Hills was a huge challenge for the street smart kid from NY. He barely fit in at West Beverly Hills High. He clashed with his adopted mother almost every day. But there was always one part of the night where nothing seemed to go wrong. And that was when the two of them sat down to watch professional wrestling shows together. For Sandra, it was her guilty pleasure and something she could share a genuine interest in with her new son. For Morris, it was full of hot girls, fighting and over-the-top personas that tugged at his imagination.

Mo's passion for the sports entertainment business as a whole fueled him through high school and he exploded onto the scene, adding such creative elements and character development to wrestling in both high school and college. Mostly shit he cribbed from his favorite tv shows and movies. While he was never the greatest wrestler on the team or anything, he was entertaining and popular, helping to draw in a bigger crowd than years before. He had become something of a local celebrity and he was loving every minute of it.

It was during his college years that he decided that he wanted to actually take a crack at this wrestling thing on a more professional level. Sandra, as a gift, used some of her industry connections to score Morris a tryout for one of the nation's biggest professional wrestling training camps. To show his gratitude and love, Morris officially took on Sandra's last name to become Morris Tremaine Valentino. He took his new name, his love for pop culture and his fun-lovin' attitude into training camp, through the indy circuit and finally into the world of EAW.

Extra Info

MTV's gimmick calls for urban style and street wear in terms of his attire; "Sophisticated Street". His color coordination is epic leveled as well as his fashion sense. He also cleans up really well and has no qualms about spending money that's not his. If he's going to kick ass he might as well look good in and out of the ring.

MTV is a Mama's Boy and proud of it. So don't talk about his Mama. It's the equivalent of calling Marty McFly "chicken".

MTV lives and breathes in this business for the fans. They are the most important part of this entire thing for him. Their enjoyment, protection and entertainment. They fuel him and he feeds off their love for him. The more The Fans love him, the more powerful he becomes.

Supporting Cast

Briana Freedom Frizzle
(PB: Justina Valentine)

More commonly known as Motown's BFF, Briana was a street orphan right alongside him. Together they survived on the streets while bouncing in and out of various worthless foster homes until Morris had the luxury of getting hit by a rich woman's car. Not exactly a huge wrestling fan, but MTV's biggest fan, she supports him in all things while also being the voice of reason and the one to keep him from getting lost in his own head. She's now taken it upon herself to manage MTV's professional wrestling career.​

Sandra Valentino
(PB: Jessica Chastain)

Sandra Valentino is a top notch entertainment lawyer working out of both California and New York. As a resident of Beverly Hills, she's always been a little out of touch with those that live significantly different lifestyles. After a visit to her NY office, she hit a young Morris Tremaine with her car and the rest is familial history. She took him in and eventually adopted him while also caring for his best friend and the three of them became their own modern family. Sandra knows and loves her son, as well as being a huge wrestling fan and loves that this is what he wants to do with his life.

Ms. Lynne
(PB: Regina Hall)

Everybody knows Morris' potential step-mother as Ms. Lynne. Nobody really knows what she does but she makes a lot of moves in Hollywood and generally seems to find a way to get what she wants. She's a badass that doesn't take any shit from anyone and may have more clout than she even uses. BFF suspects she's got mob ties or is a government fixer or something but she's always rocking the conspiracy tin foil hat. She digs Morris, even though they often clash over Sandra's attention, but she knows Morris is part of the Sandra Valentino package and wants to be a part of his life as well. She may or may not have done a little professional wrestling in her day.

Match History

Fight Grid 3/9/19 - Defeated Jonathan Drake.
Showdown 3/16/19 - Defeated Justicar Eric and Shane Gates.
Showdown 3/30/19 - Loss to Adam Graves.
Showdown 4/6/2019 - Loss to Adam Graves, Damon Diesel & Jason Mavis.
Showdown 4/13/2019 - Loss to Justicar Eric.

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