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Jalyn Garcia

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Moving forward.


Can’t change the past.

Chapter Three: Legend, Rise

Can’t recapture it either.

Dynasty, July 10th, 2020

Head held high, believing in all that you are.

Move forward towards a much brighter tomorrow.




There’s a little less weight around me.

It’s odd.

Uncomfortable having just gotten used to it...and yet liberating mostly.

Conceptual bullshit once spoken seemed to become my own reality. Weight that felt like chains gripping my ankles and sinking me; the accomplishment was more than enough really. Following a path that led me to that title was romantic in one way and still fulfilling all too the same, though reaching the junction where I could continue to follow it or turn down something more unknown is far more indicative of where Jalyn Garcia goes next; what the WildHeart becomes if he chooses not to live under the shadow of the Ace. Not one where I’m drawn back to confining myself to a space where my wings become crook and stiff, but instead one where tomorrow is dictated by anything else but the expectations of another. As long as I held that title, there was always an expectation, a standard to meet yet that was always impossible as long as the value of such a piece of gold meant little to me. That title should make, not simply confirm; confirmation exists in the eye of the beholder and no title does that truly. I was ‘made’ before I arrived here and confirmation only existed as a reflection of one’s own delusions. Andre was always right, I was a parasite to that division; humanity only moves as fast as it’s slowest link and that remains true here. I could only elevate that division so high as long as others dragged it back down; steel sharpens steel but what happens when that blade is too frail to be sharpened? You’re stuck with simply a dull blade and a dead New Breed division where it becomes a lost goal, a lost hope to become its new Champion; rally against the big bad evil denying you your first taste of gold but tales are fantasy for a good god damn reason. So I don’t consider the loss of such a title to be a detriment in any way, shape or form, rather a luxury gifted. The opportunity to reset having waded through the muck of irrelevance once thrown my way, having validated worth in the correct eyes, moving forward becomes easier. The never ending ascension towards the pinnacle never falters. It never stumbles and it remains ever present at the forefront of my mind; all matches, all Dynastys, all days and evenings the constant reminder of what lies ahead and what must be attained truly becomes the justification for breathing this air. Never settling for anything less, new seasons act as new dawns to chase a brighter tomorrow, no? Although, admittedly, I walk into this new light without much of a clear idea of where I’m going, no real sense of direction, it’s this lack of formal steps rising up to meet my feet with every foot fall that I find almost seductive in a way. Something I brought upon myself or something that was forced upon me, stepping beyond the parameters of someone else’s career defining my success and my journey today, seems like true liberation. Talent alone will take me where I believe I want to go, talent alone will elevate me to a status more appropriate. Yet I’ll maintain the same ideals of conquering all that is thrown before me; seeing the best of my foe and rising beyond it. For others, they’ll see progression but I’ll see it as merely an arrival to where I’m ultimately best suited to be. I’ve been stuck playing games with those who struggle to grasp the basic rules of those games, let alone being able to play them; will Dynasty give me such fulfilment or am I simply going to keep chasing it?

That won’t be the case, will it LC?

A man stagnated as the lasting image of his once highly observed glory days became increasingly more fleeting with every passing month in which he did not progress forward. But this is the obvious, no? This is the universal truth shared among everyone; the tiresome repetition of this same thought beaten again and again, at some point you have to accept that if something happens repeatedly it’s being repeated for a good reason. It’s easy, rather, to look down on you as a relic that refuses to fade away. It’s easy to laugh and dismiss the change in your rhetoric as something ultimately pointless and destined to be remembered as the defining moment your twilight years faded to darkness for good. It’s easy to simply see you in the same light as everyone else has seen you in for the last two years. And understandably so, rebirths don’t bring someone closer to turning their vision into reality as idealistic as that may be; they simply find themselves treading water, keeping their head above the wave begging that the mirage of that island oasis salvation would finally come closer instead of remaining a blurred image constantly on the horizon. I don’t want to take the easy way, fella. I don’t want to lay the boot in with the same narratives you’ve heard for so long. It’s a new season after all! But we can’t escape our failures. We can’t just bathe ourselves in the sunlight of the new season, of the new dawn that has arrived. It’s calling this a rebirth that highlights the fatal flaw and honestly one that puts me little head to sleep easy ahead of this match and makes the ‘easy’ narratives, the ‘easy’ talking points...all but unavoidable. It assumes doubt. It assumes that you don’t know why you’ve failed to return to your former glory. Why you’ve had to be satisfied and content with being walked over by others chasing to build their own legacy. Most foolishly rush into it, don’t they? Rash decisions to overhaul their perspective, the way they talk, the way they carry themselves, their morals and ethos; all hamfisted solutions each thinking that it’s the answer to their salvation. So why aren’t you bound to suffer that same fate, LC? For two years you’ve remained stagnant, you’ve remained lost in direction, never truly being able to rise up the expectations of others but so too yourself; I mean that last part is what you said, didn’t you? An inability to turn what you see and what you desire into something more satisfying in terms of victory and materialistic possessions in the palms of your hands. Two years is a long time. Two years is a very long time to get that shit right, more than enough for anyone to turn themselves around yet here you are, still trying to figure it out hoping that beginning a new book in the saga of your career will be the right move. Sounds a lot like the usual annual changes others undertake. Fill yourself up with false hope that this is going to be different, that this is going to ensure the NEXT two years will be vastly different from the last two because that’s what this is, false hope. A winning formula, the right mindset and a belief that perhaps one’s shortcomings and failures are more or less down to unfortunate timing or a myriad of other justifications doesn’t trigger one to suddenly upheave themselves like you have. Instead, you’ve remained narrow-minded that somehow who you were long ago was still enough to find success today. You kept cupping your hands together filling them with dirt to build a neat little castle thinking that somehow, someway, in 2020 defeating you gives anyone a sense of validation or some kind of clout, that the legacy you built back then carried you forwards. And perhaps, in one way or another, that remains true; it’s not for me to dictate, yet I don’t think I’m too far off the mark to assume that it was your perspective. And the uncomfortable truth you accepted was that Lethal Consequences had to change entirely to find those results. Deep down, what you will likely never say, is that those who routinely trotted out the same opinions and belief is something you’ve come to accept no matter how bitter that pill might have been. And if it didn’t work for two years - all those quirks and nuances that made LC the person who all knew - what belief is there to think that this just isn’t a wasted attempt? What belief is there that this new rebirth isn’t destined to result in the same disappointment simply in another shade of grey? I can dig into the whole almost cliche story of the veteran and the youth, rebelling against the notion of being beneath you because I am. I am beneath you LC and I’m beneath a lot of people yet where I am - and this to this very carefully - where I am matters not it’s how easy it is for me to breeze beyond you, and others, quicker than you realise, does. That is always the flaw which exists prominently and obviously to everyone else but the person who is in freefall watching those who they once looked down on quickly pass them by. And to stop this you think what? A few tweaks is going to stop that? Defeating TLA of all people is somehow the defining final chapter of a book you wish to forget? No. It doesn’t take much to realise how this ends. You’re not travelling down the road, you’re bogged off to the side spilling your tires in mud thinking that you’re going anyway; no matter what changes you make you’ll remain in the same place. For the simple reason that this world passed you long ago and you just can’t accept that.

But tell me how wrong I am.

How the naive youth fails to grasp the reality that only such a veteran holds.

That’s how it’s supposed to go...right?


The fundamental flaw is thinking that you’ve done enough when you’ve done nothing at all. Defeating me won’t exactly prove to the world that Lethal Consequences will surge from sitting on the precipice to the top; how could it when the world still views me in a light more like a minnow? Yet defeat by my hands will surely go a long way in damaging what I’m sure is a rather alluring perspective which you’ve molded for yourself going forward. Suddenly my rank on some hypothetical hierarchy, my position on the chain of your own vision, means nothing. I’m rather keen to know what you’ll take more of an offence towards, hearing the same criticism you’ve heard for the last two years or the undermining of this attempt to achieve some sort of true resurrection of your career in which you can be content with? Or is it that I of all people, some former New Breed Champion barely with ten wins beneath his belt totally thinks he can tell you of all people where you’re going wrong? Perhaps it is indeed going to be in two years time where the two of us find opposed one another once more and it’s you, once again, having to come to grips that all which you’ve built was all for nought; I could show you where you’re wrong today, save you such trouble. I could talk in circles for a long time about different things pertaining to all of this but I think it’s simply worth bringing it back to where I began with you. How far has your career gone since your return? Little, obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be in the position you’re in. And if almost everyone has told you time and time again - and I use ‘almost’ with a considerable degree of belief that just it’s actually just about everyone - the same thing, when does it click that they’re right? Can you even admit that this aspiration to find change is sparked by the acceptance that they’re right? It’s never because it’s easy, LC. It’s never because it’s the low hanging fruit that people - myself now I guess - reach for is the easiest to obtain. For as boring, as mundane, as repetitive and as tiresome as it may be, it is in the end mere truth not exclusively accepted by one but by many. It’s the vicious cycle that you need to concern yourself with, not one of constant pointless reinvention hoping to finally crack the code of the prison you’ve been suffocating in yet having to rid yourself of it all completely inevitably. You shouldn’t feel disheartened though. You shouldn’t feel glum about defeat nor likely having more light shined upon the perilous state of where you stand in 2020 simply because Jalyn Garcia breezed past you; the rise of some legends is simply impossible to stop. So, I’ll stand here, on the lower end of the chain, accepting your lowly expectations, seemingly becoming yet another generic speaker of the same nauseating perspective that you’ve come to grow well tired of, all while knowing it matters little in the end. Whether you realise the error in this newfound belief, this new sense of direction you’re seizing, or simply bind yourself to repeating your own groundhog day every two years, does little to impact me. I don’t consider it walking over you, LC but that’s just what victory will be. Because the legend that is Lethal Consequences, has become a barely visible image fading into oblivion and now there is no worth. There is nothing to be proud about nor nothing to boast of.

Your defeat, just a reminder of what you will never be again.

No matter how many times that phoenix tries to rise again.

It will forever return to the ash it came from.



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