MATCH PROMO Moving On and Moving Up // Voltage 01 // 11.03.2019


Il Principe
Providence, Rhode Island
The scene opens on Ezio, sitting alone near the back of the bus. His elbows are resting on this thighs, one hand on his forehead and the other cradling a phone against his ear. He pinches the bridge of his nose as he gently nods a few times, looking almost pained as he listens to the voice on the other end of the line.

Ezio: “Yeah yeah. I understand. I’m fine. No really...POP. Seriously. I’m fine. I’ll be home soon. Yeah. Great. Thanks. You too.”

Ezio taps the “end call” button without looking at it and drops the phone on the seat next to him. He cups his face in his hands, taking deep breaths in and out for about 10 seconds. He peeks his eyes up from under his fingers, staring blankly ahead at the seat in front of him for a bit.

Ezio: “It’s hard to really say what exactly happened on Sunday. I came physically prepared. That’s without question. But my head. I don’t think I got right mentally before facing such a monster of a woman. I think I was too busy trying to make a good first impression...trying to run before I could walk...I don’t think I showed nearly the extent of my abilities in the ring.”

Ezio leans up straight and arches his back in a stretch. Looking up at the ceiling of the bus, he pulls his shoulders back, breathes in deeply once more, and let’s out an exceptionally long exhale. Sitting up straight, he looks forward again. But unlike a moment ago, he’s focused. Calm. In control of his emotions.

Ezio: “So what do we do? We do just like we always do. We look to the next Sunday. The next match. Just like prepping for the next game. Watch the tape. Analyze the opponent. Build the plan. And who better to analyze than the master data nerd himself...Damian Butler the Third. Now, don’t get it twisted. I don’t mean nerd in a bad way. It’s impressive. I’d even admit it’s...cute.”

Ezio let’s a little smirk peek out the side of his mouth. His eyes twinkle just a little bit in the way they usually do. He does a little shiver shake, almost like a tiny jolt of electricity went up his spine.

Ezio: “But cuteness aside, I won’t make the same mistakes I made last week. DB3 thinks he’s the master of crunching data. The only one who uses his brain in the ring more than his body. And that’s too bad, really. It could really be a stellar body if he put a little more work into it instead of playing around with his techie toys all day to analyze his opponents.”

Ezio’s smirk by this point has faded and has evolved into a steely, hyper-focused expression.

Ezio: “I know what it’s like to have a family worry. Just like Damian's. Having parents that want you to preserve your body...your health...your mind. And instead of wrestling, them wanting you to devote yourself to the family business. But here’s the difference between me and DB3. I don’t question myself. I don’t think of all my potential “backup plans” that mommy and daddy have waiting for me. I know this is exactly what I’m meant to be doing. I know this is exactly where I’m supposed to be. And next Sunday, I’ll make damn sure the rest of the superstars on Voltage know exactly what I’m capable of.”

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