Ms. Extreme.

Ms. Extreme

The Red Queen. 👑

Government Name: Camille Jane Fernandez-Ava.
Ring Name: Ms. Extreme.
Nicknames: "The Red Queen," "The Chameleon," "The Woman on Fire," "The Extreme Face of Elite Answers Wrestling"
Picture Base: Becky Lynch.
Birthday: March 31, 1991.
Height and Weight: 5’7 & 135 lbs.
From: Calabasas, California.
Theme: “Gangsta” -- New Years Day.
FPV Theme: "The Joker" -- New Years Day.

Alignment: Chaotic Face.
Wrestling Style: Technical/High-Risk.
Favorite Match: Extreme Rules.
Weapon of Choice: A baseball bat with shattered glass surrounding it (someone told me the name was confusing, so there).

Gimmick: Known as the "red-headed stepchild" of her family, Camille Jane Ava, or mostly known by the ring name, Ms. Extreme, made it known that she danced to the own beat of her drum. Much different from Cameron and Consuela, Camille made her way in the independent wrestling scene without the intention of pleasing others. As much as wrestling bookers resented her (and vowing that she would never wrestle in their promotion again), they kept inviting her back to compete because they saw the attraction that the redhead brought to their promotion. They saw that her stubborn and demanding attitude was effective as she was able to perform and steal the show wherever she fought.

Outside of her "I-Don't-Give-A-Fuck" demeanor, she has a heart of gold and if anyone messes with her family, she will murder you and make you her bitch. She values the importance of her family. Despite her alignment, she always has her sisters' backs (ex. Cameron Ella Ava and Consuela Rose Ava) or those associated with her family (ex. Jamie O'Hara; despite how much of a nincompoop he can be). She is someone with trust issues, so it is difficult for her to accept people off the bat. She doesn't have many people that she can consider her friends (besides Andrea Valentine and Raven Roberts). She will be a little suspicious, but the moment you get an ally in Camille, she will beat the shit of anyone that makes it difficult for those she cares about.

Common Moves ~~~;
001. Hair-pull Gory Special
002. Dragonrana
003. Shooting Star Senton
004. Various Suplexes
-- Fisherman
-- Front Facelock
-- Exploder
-- Vertical
-- Belly-to-Back
-- Saito
-- Northern Lights
005. Springboard Armdrag
006. Frankensteiner
007. Suicide Dive
008. Sunset Flip
009. Springboard Bulldog
010. Flying Spinning Heel Kick
011. Diving Calf Kick

Signature Moves ~~~;
001. Glass Ceiling (Top Rope Stunner) — Adopted from Cameron Ella Ava
002. Turnbuckle Headstand Headscissors Takedown
003. Meteora
004. Twist of Fate (spinning neckbreaker)

A Blind Fury (Diving Double Foot Stomp)
002. Ava Lock (Modified STF)
003. Red Handed (Seated Fujiwara Armbar; sometimes a rolling octopus hold transitions to an armbar.)
Redrum *murder backward* (Stretch Muffler)

Highlights & Accomplishments~~~;
✯ 1x PURE Champion
✯ 1x Interwire Champion
✯ Longest Reigning PURE Champion (161 days)
✭ 2019 War Games Winner (Team Voltage; w/ Raven Roberts and Andrea Valentine)

EAW Awards~~~;
✭ Comeback of the Year (2019)
✭ Stable of the Year (2019; w/ The Beating Hearts of Voltage)
✭ Feud of the Year (2019; versus Veena Adams and Charlie Marr)

Camille Jane Ava was living her dream. She was in LEGION and she was on top of the world. People said that she was on her way to surpassing her older sister, Cameron Ella Ava. However, during one match a live show, her world shattered when she landed on her back in the wrong way. There, she laid not wanting to move. She was afraid of the truth that was ahead of her. She knew she was broken. She knew that she may not be able to wrestle again. With her broken spine, she wanted to prove to herself that she can recover. As she was going through recovery, she would get flashbacks of the moment when her spine broke. Despite recovering and even being medically cleared, she never wanted to wrestle again. She was afraid of hurting herself. She was afraid of being in pain. The fear of not being able to move again was too much for her to handle. For the next five years, she watched her sisters gain success in the wrestling world. She watched them accomplish their goals and she craved the limelight again. She knew that she had to return to the ring at some point. She needed to overcome the demon that was haunting her for five years.

Notes for Writers:

Camille is versatile in ANY kind of wrestling (extreme, strong style, pure, technical, etc.) because she wants to prove that she's more than some "extreme" junkie. She wants to prove that it doesn't matter the opponent, but she quickly adjusts her wrestling style in order to benefit her and help her win.

Camille has a history of concussions, which she had gotten throughout her career. Somehow, she continues to wrestle because nothing can keep her away from wrestling. She knows that her days are limited in the ring, but she doesn't like that put fear into her mind. She'll wrestle like it's her last match.

✭ Camille will never submit. The biggest reason is that she's WAY too stubborn and refuses to give people that satisfaction. She would rather pass out than tap out. Normally, in her promos, she would BEG for someone to take her to the limit and put an end to her because she's all about pushing her opponents to the next level.

✭ She'll sometimes make a pop culture references in her promos (even if the wording is incorrect), but don't judge her.

✭ Camille will talk a big game and she doesn't consider the possibility of her losing. She hypes herself so much because she believes that she is the best wrestler in the world. However, when she does experience defeat, she tries to not let it get the best of her. She'll find a way to move forward and learn from that experience. However, with the bigger matches, she has so much pride for herself, she doesn't want to process the loss.

✭ She will be everyone's biggest critic in her family. She's always going to be the first one to call out people in their bullshit and inability to get shit done (ex. Jamie O'Hara and his inability to redeem her family). Camille is always someone who goes to resolve any issues as soon as possible. She doesn't like to sit down and let the problem just continue. She will do everything in her power to help her friends and family out, regardless of her own wellbeing. It's all for the sake of resolving the issue, even if the approach isn't the best one.

✭ She'll refer to herself as "Godmille," "Jesusmille," "GOATmille," "Legendmille," but she's probably the only one that calls her that and most likely, those nicknames will never catch on.

✭ Camille hates everyone (minus a select few) and most likely, she hates you as well.
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