MATCH PROMO "My Black Fire Makes Me Invincible" (Terminus #2 Promo)


(The scene opens on the walkway of the Wonhyo Bridge across the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. It is evening time as the sun is just beginning to lower slowly across horizon to help set the tone. Various cars, buses, motorcycles streak past on the street trying to get from point A to point B of the lovely Korean City. Standing on the center of the bridge is EAW Elitist "Invincible" Miho Li dressed in non wrestling street attire. She watches the sun as it lowers taking the day along with it. The wind blows gently through her hair. On her right behind her is the skyline of various skyscrapers and other assorted buildings that make up the scene. She watches in awe at the majestic beauty of something so grand as a sunset in another city clear across the world.)

"Invincible" Miho Li: "Here I am on the walkway of the Wonhyo Bridge, the long bridge that brings two districts together in Seoul, South Korea. I have always taken the time to watch the sun rise and also watch it set before I start my day and how my day ends for the evening, but never have I had the opportunity to watch it set from across the entire world. I have done so much within my short time here in the EAW and I, a mere eighteen year old girl from Riverside California, gets to represent the United States and wrestle before the third largest indoor stadium in the entire world, and I get to do it this Thursday night against when I team with my newfound friend and go up against my own flesh and blood cousin. I even look at those skyscrapers to my right and even right now I can feel her looking down on me and it makes me smile. I feel so humbled and honored to have this opportunity to not only wrestle but should my partner Io Ishimori are successful in winning this Thursday Night, we could very well change the entire scene, no the entire game of tag team scene here in the EAW and on Empire, and we get to do it first"

(Miho Li struggles as he begins to get emotional, holding back the tears. She takes a moment to regain her composer before continuing on.)

Miho Li: "Even right now, I hear the words of my cousin, Celes Dumont from up high and it takes me back. I look back on my life during these eighteen years alive and realize just how blessed and thankful that I am. I know that no family is perfect and growing up a Slayton in the greatest wrestling family living today was not easy and I have so much to live up to, but I know that I am more than up to the task. I am not riding on the waves of nepotism, but to show that I do have every right to be walk down that aisle and show what I can do between those ropes once that bells rings. I don't care if I wrestle five minutes, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty, or go an entire hour. I am going to show the world exactly what I am capable of. Whether I win or even if I lose, I will have respect. I will forge my own legacy that goes beyond that of my entire family, and I love my family with my heart and soul. I will come into this match on Thursday night ready to fight and to steal the entire show even if I am just opening it up to the greater matches far more superior than I. I will make the impact that will have the crowd long still talking long after the final bell has sounded. Even whenever they are watching something like an ironwoman match between Serena Bennett verses Felix Hartley or the main event between champion Sienna Bennett verses Tyler Wolfe, they still be talking about the opening match of Miho Li and Io Ishimori verses Fatal Destiny and how the Invincible Winter stole the entire show and no other match could top what we did."

"Again, I love my family and even though I know that no family is perfect, still they were perfect to me. As the baby of the family, I know that I was protected and guarded from all of the turmoil that transpired within it, I was shielded from the drama and the squabbles by my mom, my dad, my aunt Trynyty and uncle Zell, but one person that never hid the truths that went on with the family was my cousin, Celes Dumont. When nobody would play with me in the ring and spar with me because they were too afraid that I was going to get hurt. All I had to do was call my cousin and she was there. When I had come up with some outlandish move Celes was the one that always said to me...

(Voice over of a young teenage Celes Dumont saying to even younger Miho Li)

"That sounds really cool lil Mulan, now try and hit me with it."

(Miho chuckles to herself as she resumes her speech.)

Miho: "A lot of the moves that you have seen me hit in the ring here in the EAW thus far are actually moves that started out during my sparing sessions with my cousin Celes Dumont. In fact, my move, 'The Bullet Timer' kick was a move that I did on the fly and I nearly almost took my cousin's head off with it. She had the instincts to duck just as my foot nearly almost took her head off and knocked her into next week, but still she brilliantly sold that move like it really did. I felt so scared that I almost killed my own cousin in the ring during a sparing session, then as I was hysterical, apologizing so profusely and sincerely, her eyes open and that's when she said to me...

(Voice over a young teenage Celes Dumont saying to Miho Li)

"Now that is how you sell a professional wrestling move in the ring lil Mulan."

"Oh, you're such a jerky jerk Celes, you're gonna pay for that."

"I think that you're going to be just fine and if you ever decided to follow in the family's footsteps and get in a pro wrestling ring, no matter where you are, I'll be there. Whether you are teaming with me or against me I will always have your back."

(Miho takes a big sigh as she resumes.)

Miho: "You have always looked out for me Celes and I am and always will be grateful that you have done so. You talk about a black fire that that burned in my Aunt Trynyty after she won her very first singles championship in the GXW, or how my mother became the very first woman to ever hold the World Heavyweight Champion in the UWC, and don't ever let me forget about the many, many titles that my father or my uncle Zell have held throughout their careers in this business. The same black fire that you speak of, lived in all of them, and that same black fire lives in me. Of all of the many pearls of wisdom that you ever said to me, the one thing that stick out the most is that I have that same black fire that they all had. Now here is the BUT in that entire equation. If you think that I am going to tap into some darkness in me in order to capture and harness that fire. You are sadly mistaken dear cousin. Because that fire does reside and live in me, but I don't need to tap into the evil or wickedness that you are tapping into because it is that fire that will make me...


"You could beat me at Terminus Celes. The Invincible Winter could very well end before it even gets off of the ground, but I also remember the one time that I finally got the best of you in one of our sparing sessions, it was whenever I first created "The Dragon Snap" and hit that move on you in the center of the ring, and I made you tap out. Now I know that our sessions don't mean anything dear cousin, because in all the of times where you bested me in our matches, all it took was that one time when I finally beat you, and I made you tap out. No pin was needed. It was just one time but if I could it then, I believe that if I have the chance I will do it again this Thursday night at Terminus. All I need is a chance."

"But no mistake cuz, I love you. I always have and I always will. I admire and look back at all of the time that we spent training in the Slayton Dungeon on those weekends growing up. There will always be Celes and Miho, but it won't be inevitability that I will be feeling breathing down my neck, it will be invincibility, just like Mario touching the star and wiping out every goomba or koopa that crosses his path. Cousin, I will take you down, and if I have to do it by carrying my partner Io Ishimori across the finish line with me in order to get there that is exactly what I will do. Not that I need to carry my partner but I will kick it into a higher gear just to make sure that I am victorious regardless. The Invincible Winter is coming at you hard and fast at Terminus and when it is all said and done. We will have changed the game and the landscape of the EAW."

(The scene fades out as the camera pans across and zeroes in it's focus at the large skyscraper where Celes Dumant had cut her most recent promo.)

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