MATCH PROMO My Moment (GR 3)

Charlie Marr

Marlon Bando
I’ve already made it abundantly clear but I would just like to emphasize the point that anybody can get it. I am taking absolutely no prisoners in this match. I don’t give a fuck what our relationship was up until this point, if you are in this match then you are the enemy. I don’t care if we’ve teamed before, if I’ve been nice to you before, I now want to kill you. That’s the reality of this match. Everybody for themselves. Dog eat dog. We all want to be the last man standing in this match. The man that will go on to headline Pain for Pride. It will be Charlie Marr.

I have been craving my Pain for Pride moment ever since last year. At my first ever Pain for Pride, I should have obtained that moment. I deserved it. I carried a god awful partner to a victory that night before I had it stolen from me. I had it stolen from me by that cunt Jack Ripley. Ever since that moment, I have dreamed of having that Pain for Pride moment. What better Pain for Pride moment then headlining the damn thing and capturing the World Championship. I deserve that title. I have been on an absolute tear this past year and I deserve a moment like that. People have struggled to stop me and struggled to contain me. I have been a breath of fresh air and something this company has desperately needed. This company has been crying out for new stars for a hell of a long time. The fans were getting sick and tired of seeing the same men at the top. Nobody gave a shit about Impact or Mr DEDEDE anymore. Everyone was over them. Charlie Marr is the fresh face that everyone wanted at the top. This match will be monumental in pushing me to the top, where I belong. After I win the Grand Rampage match, my crowning moment will happen at Pain for Pride that will push me right to the pinnacle of Elite Answers Wrestling. I deserve to be at the top and I will be.

I’m going to do it. I don’t want to do it but I must. I will give this pathetic little man the attention he so desperately craves. I still refuse to say his name and I always will, but I will at least acknowledge his existence. My former tag team partner, I am shooting on sight as soon as I see you. If you enter the Grand Rampage match while I am already in it, or vice versa, I am gunning straight for you. The moment you or I slide through those ropes, I am going to be on you like a fucking rash. I am going to be brutalizing you and making you regret that you ever tried to come back for me. I am going to make you wish that you never entered this match. You deserve everything that is coming your way. You deserve pain, you deserve punishment, you deserve your just deserts. You fucked up my career for so god damn long that I need to get revenge. Ever since we departed from each other, there has been a disgusting narrative that has been created which paints me in a negative light. I have been painted as the villain here and you as the hero. I am the one that is booed, you are the one that is cheered. I wish that was the case. I am the hero in this situation, not you. I am the one that has been held down by a lazy, pathetic tag team partner for far too long. I am the one that could have reached the Main Event by now if it wasn’t for you. I could have already been a World Champion. Alas, I am not due to the actions of another man. It’s difficult to deal with, wouldn’t you think so? Imagine having to deal with him for an extended period of time. It was the most difficult time in my wrestling career. I despised teaming with him and the after effects that it has had on me. The negative impact that he had on my career isn’t acceptable and I want my revenge. He can say all he wants about me since we split up. It’s bizarre that he decided to allude to the fact that I haven’t won any championships since we split up, neither has he. Yes, he beat me to become the sole National Elite champion while we were still a tag team but he got lucky. He then only held that title for about a week before losing it to a man who isn’t even in this company anymore. Can you even consider that a title reign? I don’t understand where he has got that idea from that I choke in big matches. Did you not see what I did to Jamie O’Hara in the Main Event on Dynasty? Have you just ignored all of the Main Event’s that I have won on Voltage? This crazy narrative that you’ve manufactured in your own head needs to stop. You’re deluded and it’s killing your career. You’re an entitled little bastard who thinks he should be handed the world on a golden platter. There you go, you can finally be happy that I have given you the attention you craved. Congratulations.

I think it’ll be nice to speak about a few attention seekers who have been trying to capture my attention lately. In the build up to this match, I’ve had a lot of piss poor excuses for elitists attempting to fire shots. You should know though, when you come at the king, you best not miss. All of these guys are firing rubber bullets at me, they’re just bouncing off my incredible frame. These remarks aren’t scathing, they’re just generic insults that I have heard about a million times. Mark Michaels, I’ll start with you. Firstly, who the fuck are you? What makes you think you can come for me and get away with it? You’ve got some big balls on you, Mark. I’ll give you that. You might not have said a lot about me but it was still something that I don’t take kindly too. I take any kind of shot at me as disrespectful and I want to punish the man that has disrespected me. I believe in getting even and that is what I am about to do. You attempt to insult me, I will verbally assassinate you. You’ve been in this company for about five years and you’ve achieved next to nothing. In my short time with this company, I have already surpassed you. I have already achieved far more than you ever have and I am seen in a better light than you. Just take a look at Dynasty the other week. Dynasty is supposed to be your show, you’re a member of that roster. I came to your show and immediately got put into the Main Event. I immediately was seen as above you on your own fucking show. If you came to Voltage, there is not a chance that you would be put into the Main Event. It’s absolutely hilarious that you’re attempting to blame the management here for your failures. You’re pretending that you are being held down and that you could be at the top if it wasn’t for management. No, Mark. You are entirely at fault for your lack of success. You are not being held down and looked past, you are simply not good enough to be considered for the main event. It’s really that simple. If you spent more time actually focusing on bettering yourself as a wrestler, you might have a better chance at being where you want to be. I am not a tag team guy and I find it offensive that you would even suggest that. I surpassed being in a tag team a hell of a long time ago, I am now a main eventer and I should be addressed as such. Perhaps you should try becoming a tag team guy, you might actually have a chance at success there. With the division being as weak as it is, you could easily have a little bit of success if you somehow convince another elitist to team with you. I wouldn’t insult me again, Mark. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Damon Diesel, seeing as you are so desperate for a response from me, I will do it. Normally, I would not address someone that is so far below me. With this being special circumstances with it being such a crazy match, I will make an exception. I will speak about you if it gives you the satisfaction you so desperately need. I just don’t understand the thought process, Damon. You seem to be bragging about losing a match. You’re talking all this shit about how I, Rex and my former tag partner lost to the 1% at Territorial Invasion. You also lost that match and didn’t exactly look strong in defeat. I was let down that match. I lost it due to my piss poor tag partners, not due to my own strengths. You can talk about my former tag partner and I all you want but I am not solely focusing on one man. While I do agree that we are aiming to kill each other, I am aware of the bigger picture. I am smarter than that. I know it would be ridiculous to focus on one man in this match, it’s the same reason that I have followed the mantra of anyone can get it. I also want to kill you, Damon. I am not just focusing on destroying my former tag team partner, I also want to destroy you. There is no guarantee that we will be in the match at the same time. However, if we are then I am going to kill you.

Anyone can get it, remember that.

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