MATCH PROMO My Moment is Coming - Showdown 2/16

Justiciar Eric

The Lord of Order
Location: Hollow Grounds of Order

In The Newly Renovated Building that was recently bought by Justiciar Eric, Eric stood with The First Disciple outside the building, focusing their attention on the camera that was in front of them.

On the next edition of Showdown, I face Jax Walker in a New Breed Gauntlet Qualifying Match, I was snubbed on the last episode of Showdown for reasons that escape. But now, I have been given another opportunity at making it.

Jax Walker, have no issues with you, besides being an obstacle between me and the qualification for the gauntlet, so I’m going to insure you that no long-term damage comes to you. But I would like for the world to officially be introduced to The First Disciple at Showdown.

The First Disciple arms crossed over his chest and gives no response.

Trust me, you’ll be amazed at what he can do. Once I defeat you Jax, I’m going to run through The Gauntlet, and become the next New Breed Champion!

A Citizen approaches the duo, a scowl on his face.

Citizen: Excuse me sir, but you aren’t going to defeat Jax Walker, he’s big and strong, and he’s intimidating, unlike you. This Age of The Order lifestyle doesn’t guarantee you a victory or anything in this industry.

The First Disciple looms over the outspoken citizen while Eric remains fixated to the camera.

Welcome to The Age of The Order. And it will be my moment…

A scream is heard off-camera, causing the cameraman to turn to show The First Disciple holding up the citizen by one arm. His legs flailing around in desperation.

Eric grabs the camera and puts the focus back on him. He was gesturing to cut the feed.

Yeah, I recommend turning the camera off, this could get ugly.

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