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Name: Myles
Picture Base: Buddy Murphy
Nicknames: The Soldier
Height: 5’11
Age: 26 years old
Weight: 208lbs
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

- 1x EAW Unified Tag Team Champion (Wildcards)
- Most Valuable Elitist #182 (w/ Xander Payne)

Alignment: Anti-Hero
Tendency to Cheat: Never
Gimmick: Often tries to enforce his beliefs about fighting to the others. Believes combat is the only true way to free the soul and most wrestlers these days are too soft so he utilises Strong Style type moves combined with a brutal brawling style. Prides himself on being a lone wolf who is deadset on success.

Backstory: There once was a young boy that was born and bread in Melbourne, Australia. He lived a decent life until his family got into a fatal car crash, and while he had survived it, his parents did not, and he grew lone, independent and as furious as ever. Since that day he grew an overwhelming urge to fight, to punish and to succeed. Soon after he went missing.
A few years later, A mysterious brutal young man appeared in Mexico. He began participating in underground fight clubs and making himself known. This man who was just over the Cruiserweight parameters could take on heavyweights and over, beating them up without a worry. It was unbelievable. Through all this, he never had revealed his name to the people, So soon promoters and combatants started referring to him simply as ‘Myles’, a Latin word for Soldier. With the name Myles he had continued dominating and soon after got into professional wrestling. With his wrestling career, he ventured around the globe going to every major wrestling nation.

Theme Music: Enemy Strike by Yuki Hayashi

Special Entrance: The lights go out as Enemy Strike by Yuki Hayashi begins playing. Frames of Myles' wrestling skill and domination flicker in and out on the titantron, perfectly synced with the music. As the chorus begins, the lights return, especially focusing on Myles who is standing on top of the ramp. He has a Gold and Black attire, with a matching cape draped over him and a intimidating skull mask made of gold. He is standing completely still, eyes fixed on the ring. He starts marching down the ramp, and comes to a halt and the end of it. Myles finally looks around and consumes the energy of the fans and the arena. He backs up a bit, before charging towards the south corner pole and slides underneath it, ending up on the south apron. He stands up on the apron, looking dead straight at the hard camera before taking off his mask and entering the ring.
I dont know if i explained the slide thing right but basically its like this:

The mask is kind of like Triple H's mask but gold and without the crown/side drapes.
Normal Moves:
- Backbody Drop
- Running Hurricanrana
- Snake Eyes
- Bridging German Suplex
- High Angle German Suplex
- Running Sitout Powerbomb
- Spinning Sitout Powerbomb
- Running Vertical Suplex
- Apron Vertical Suplex
- Brainbuster

- Second Rope Drop Down

- Running Knee Strike
- Jumping Knee Strike

- Grounded Knee Lift
- Lariat
- Calf Kick
- Big Boot
- Bicycle Kick
- Superkick
- Enziguri

- Powerbomb into Spinning Sitout Powerbomb (accompanied with a pin)

- Strike combo (Multiple chest strikes, then spin kick to body) into Knee Strike
- Corner Superkick into Running Sitout Powerbomb

- Top Con Hilo (Suicide Dive)
- Diving Meteora (Diving Double Knees)
- Missile Dropkick
- Frog Splash

- Sleeper Hold
- Crossface
- Armbar

- Knee Strikes

- Canadian Rack into DDT

- De Facto (Spinning Pumphandle Samoan Drop)

Even though he is from Australia, he is still pretty fond of Mexico, since he got his start in wrestling there and got the name Myles.

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Welcome to EAW Golden :blessed: You will be placed onto Battleground and will be on the card that goes up later tonight. Contact @Arselx for any questions or concerns regarding the show, or myself or DEDEDE or any other staff member for anything else. Check out this thread for more information on the brand:

Good luck mate

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