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Alexis Chambers

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The scene opens after the Draft show has gone off the air. Dr. Bethany Blue and Nurse Goldstein are preparing to leave the arena. Doc is feeling pretty good about herself after winning her triple threat match, and she was excited for the challenge of making Showdown her brand much like she did with Voltage, and excited over the endless possibilities for new patients. "All set Dr. Blue?" Nurse Goldstein asked. "Yes, I think we--" Bethany says before she stops and looks forward to see Alexis Chambers approaching the both of them.

Alexis approached them with both hands in her jeans pockets. There's some awkwardness in the air between the three of them. A week ago, they were bitter enemies going at each others throats, and things took a 180 turn when both of them united to take Jake Smith down after they found out the truth, both of them had breakfast the morning after Pain for Pride, and put their differences aside. They even suggested teaming up together in the future. Alexis even assisted the Good Doctor to victory in the triple threat providing a distraction so Bethany could get the roll-up on TLA. Alexis breaks the silence. "What a wild week huh?" Bethany doesn't quite know what to say in the moment.

"It sure is. Thanks for the assist out there. can say I didn't need it but it's appreciated it anyway." Bethany states as Alexis simply shrugs her shoulders. "I was just havin a little bit of fun. Also hey, looks like you're coming to the blue brand, welcome." Alexis says to Bethany as Bethany smiles back. "Thank you, it excites me the opportunities in both of my professions inside and outside the ring. It also excites me we're on the same show, along with Jake. I can picture his reaction right now." Alexis chuckles a little bit. "For sure."

"Remember our conversation at breakfast? When we brought up the idea of teaming up together, is that something we really wanna try?" Bethany nervously asks Alexis. Alexis bites her bottom lip thinking it over for a second before responding. "I dunno, perhaps. Just imagine the two of us on the same page. Everything else has been nuts up to this point, so I'm willing to try anything. So yeah, I'm up for it if you are." Alexis says as Bethany beamed and nods at Nurse Goldstein behind her. "Great!" Bethany says back.

"You have a good living environment?" Bethany asks Alexis. Alexis doesn't know how to answer as that wasn't the first thing she expected to hear after agreeing to team. "I'm doin ight." Alexis says. Bethany right away doesn't like the answer. "No, no no! I have a spare room at my place, I think you need to crash there while we figure out the basics of everything." Alexis still looks a bit shocked but still smiles. "Umm, alright, that sounds fine. Thanks."

Bethany looks back at Goldstein before looking back to Alexis. "I could even find a position for you on my staff, I think you would fit right in, I think you would be an amazing Medical Assistant! You just need the right training!" Bethany says. Alexis looks overwhelmed by all of what Bethany is saying but she still has her smile on her face. "Maybe, I always thought I could be a doctor growing up. I'll give it a shot, sure." Alexis says back as Bethany beams. "Awesome! Me and Nurse Goldstein are about to head out, come with us, we have much to discuss! Hey, we also need to work on your excessive cursing!" Bethany says as she grabs Alexis by the shoulders as the three women are heard talking down the hallway, what they're saying is inaudible.


Talk about thing taking an unexpected turn, amirite? I thought going into Pain for Pride, I was gonna put Bethany to rest and move on with my career, but it seems the opposite has happened, we've actually turned into friends and have gotten closer than ever. Why did we kiss? Same reason she gave, heat of the moment I guess, that's literally the only guess why we did what we did. Even though I said some harsh things and we've done some horrible acts to one another, I felt bad for Bethany after the footage played and saw her crying. I said all week that would be hilarious, but for some reason, it wasn't. In all honesty, I wasn't picking on Bethany to leave Jake because I wanted to be with, I was trying to save her in a way from completely losing her mind and throwing away her career. People are gonna come after me and say I was the same way and I take responsibility for dumbass falling for Jake's cheap ass tricks when I know I'm far more intelligent than that. I have no idea how I got that brainwashed, but the most important thing now is I've cut ties with him entirely and with the new season on the horizon, I can truly focus on new goals and picking up the pieces of the sanity I've lost during my time aligning with Jake. I wasn't expecting to be a part of a tag team, much less with the woman I was looking forward to never speaking with again, Dr. Bethany Blue. Yeah, I felt for Bethany despite what she's put my family through. There's nothing worse than giving your virginity up to a dumb cunt. Bottle that up with Jake using me, one thing led to another, and we're kicking the shit out of him. Then more things happened and we're having breakfast, and we're talking about forming an alliance with one another. When we put all the petty shit aside, we thought what it would be like if we were allies. Two strong, independent women who take shit from nobody and together, it will be hard to stop us.

It's safe to say this is all your fault, right Bronson? But you know what, I'm glad you and Jake are two dumb fucking cunts who talk about their devious plans loud and about in a public area. How fucking dumb can you be? Why did you bet Jake that money? Was it because he had some gold and you thought he could pull a few chicks and thought no girl on planet Earth would ever even to as little text you back? Part of me thanks you for not using your brain because you saved me from dragging the dead weight that was Jake Smith by my ankle any longer, but part of me wants to rip those dreads out of your head and shove em down your fucking throat by thinking of me as some type of object in a game, like, how fucking dare you?.I come from a wrestling family and have this shit in my blood, I would run circles around you, you skinny ass crackhead. I know exactly how you're gonna respond, you're gonna throw your New Breed Title in my face and think that automatically gives you any talking rights over me, but think again dipshit. You beat MITSUBACHI and Dray Fontana to get your spot in Pain for Pride, do you want a medal or something? Oh, and you got lucky in a clusterfuck match to win the New Breed Title...I slowly clap for you. All you've done since then is run around and parade like you're the greatest thing since sliced bread, meanwhile the rest of us are taking bets on how long until you drop that title. You wouldn't believe how many people have it at the first defense. When people look at championship material contenders, you're at the very bottom of the list, bro. A champion is supposed to be a leader, a champion is supposed to to be a model citizen, a champion is supposed to be someone people look up to, and nobody is looking up to a stoner who talks out of his ass 95% of the time in his videos.

That's right, I'm slandering your title win because I wasn't a fan of it at all. I fucking cringed in all honesty. You winning a championship is about as equal as Shaker Jones winning a championship that has any relevancy in this company. That's right, I compared you to Shaker Jones, and you ain't gon do shit about it cause you got your hand stuck to your title while you grasp onto Jake Smith's balls with your other. "OMG I BEAT JALYN!" like.....shut the fuck up dude, we all know you couldn't lace that guys boots if it were a one on one match. If it were a one on one match, that hippie woulda fucking exposed you. It's a good thing you won the title in a clusterfuck, because that's the only type of matches where anything bounces your way. I say what I want and do what I want because I'm a queen like that. ::wow: You see the history of title holders with the New Breed Title, the future Hall Of Famers who held the title and elevated it to new heights. You're supposed to see a future great and perhaps a future Hall Of Famer when you see someone with the title....and when you see Bronson fuckin Daniels with the title....:mjlol::mjlol::mjlol: I honestly wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if your New Breed reign goes exactly how Lucas Johnsons' did. Yeah he held that title once believe it or not. Won it with an incredible amount of dominos falling in his favor, and lost it quickly just to disappear into irrelevancy asking Albert Hitchman to help him out of the hole. Albert's great but no miracle worker. You'll be doing the same thing holding onto Jake's leg when you inevitabley lose that championship, for however long Jake stays in the spotlight. You're a terrible champion, a terrible person, and extremely sexist man for how you used me and Bethany as part of some game. This started with you, and I'm coming for blood, and I'm coming for your head. You wanted no part of this, but that's too damn bad. It's a new season and I'm out to show I'm not to be fucked with mixed in with the shit you and Jake pulled, and show I should be on the breakout star list of this season, while also showing why Bronson Daniels being on that list is complete and utter bullshit.

There's a reason you've stayed quiet this entire week. There's a reason you're all over social media saying over and over this has nothing to do with you. You're scared to get on my bad side. Put the weed down and smell the roses and admit to the truth. Your pussy ass don't wanna cross paths with me because you don't want this petite woman to pin you to the mat and hold you by the neck with her foot like I know I can do, and you know it too. I'm a mean bitch, I know, people call me out for it and people are gonna call me out for it on social for the way I'm speaking to a "champion," but the only thing I'm doing is spittin the facts. Nothing about you screams future star, you're just a side show comedy act who lucked into a Pain for Pride moment and ever since then, you're putting too much stock into your name hyping yourself up, only have reality come crashing down on you when you lose that New Breed title within a snap of a finger. You're just a flavor of the month, and I have no idea why you would even be that after what was revealed you did to Bethany and me, you're a fucking sick individual who needs to suffer the consequences. I honestly can't wait until people stop caring about you and you can finally shut the fuck up. Maybe you can do your Crack Stories thing, I'm sure your dozens of viewers who actually keep the TV on during your segment will love what you have to say about your match with Lucas Johnson or Shaker Jones at the bottom of the card. I don't know you, but everything about you makes my blood boil. Your story, your persona, the bet you made with Jake, everything, and I look forward to putting your ass down in the ring. Keep stayin quiet, you know deep down already what I'm gonna show you in the ring...which is you don't fuck with Alexis Chambers.

It's hilarious you bet Jake 12 dollars when your career ain't even worth that.
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