Layla Lockhart

The Princess of EAW
Layla Lockhart appears back in her bright, flower filled garden for the first time in several weeks. The Warrior Princess sits cross legged in the green grass, holding a meditation like position and simply taking in the scents of the flowers, the sound of the chirping birds overhead.

"The little things in life are the ones we need to stop and appreciate more. Especially on Empire where you never know how long a good thing will last these days; fair weather friends and opportunists lurk on our wonderful show and poison the brand, yet still we shine like a beacon to others to show what women's wrestling is all about, heck we show the other brands what wrestling period is all about. See, that's no small thing but me? Small in many senses of the word. I'm not the tallest, I'm certainly not the heaviest and, well, I've got enough pride to admit I'm not exactly a big name in EAW either."

"You know what isn't small about me though? The drive I have to see myself ascend to the top of Empire. That drive, that fire that runs through my veins every waking moment and comes alive when I'm in the ring? That will never, ever run out. For a while I let myself forget that. I slipped, I allowed the callous and the merciless to run rampant because I believed that everyone can be good if you just give them chances to be good, that in the end everything happens for a reason. But see, that wasn't my mistake, not really. Because I still believe everyone can be good, even the worst person is able to change. But they have to want to change."

"These people who pollute Empire, the Crowes Nest and Jaded Hearts of the world, they don't want to change. They need a reason to change for the better. So I tried befriending them, no joy... let's see how they feel about having the Warrior Princess as an enemy, see if they feel like continuing on their path of selfishness and dark desires when I'm done hounding them and taking them down one by one. How many of them will it take to fall to me before they get the hint do you reckon?"

Layla leans back and opens her eyes now, smiling serenely and calmly at the camera.

"But back to appreciating the small things. After everything I've had to face recently, betrayals and those who feel they can break me, on the eve of Pain For Pride I get to steal the show with one of the best wrestlers here, for that I am grateful. Andrea is everything that anyone could ask for in a dream opponent, driven, honorable, tough as nails and has the sense to not underestimate her opponent like so many here; I don't think you would ever deliberately underestimate me Andrea but I think you might not fully understand exactly where I'm coming from when I say that you truly have no idea exactly what I've been through the last several weeks. Oh sure you saw what Raven did to me, trust me I'll never forget it... but that's not the only thing that's been changing Andrea, trust me all those videos from that old husk of a farm? Well I wasn't there for the sights and the comfort, I can promise you that much."

"I'm a new woman these days. I let myself rest on my laurels I didn't even have yet and just assume things would change around me, well it looks to me like things are taking their sweet time to change around here when even my own friends are turning around and putting knives in my back. That contract at Pain For Pride could be the way I finally start to fix things around here, at least show that there's hope. You're right not to underestimate me Andrea, because there is nothing harder to stop than someone who has a goal they're willing to put body and soul on the line for... but then you'd know that all too well because you're the same. You and me are two peas in a pod Andrea and I'm glad we get to meet again just before Pain For Pride, to see just how much has changed."

Layla uncrosses her legs and stands up, taking another look around the bright garden and taking a long inhale of the sweet air.

"The little things... always appreciate the little things on the eve of battle. Pain For Pride is on it's way for both of us Andrea, let's start the spectacle a little early and show the fans why Empire is going to steal the whole damn week. You bring everything you've got, because I'm sure as hell going to do the same."

Layla performs a graceful, elegant spin kick toward the camera before effortlessly backflipping over to land, perfectly balanced, on one hand.

"Our last match stole the show Andrea, all eyes are on us to do it again. Let's do this!"

Layla ends the video with that eager shout before pushing off from the ground and landing back on her feet, blowing a kiss to the camera as the video fades out.

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