MATCH PROMO No Pressure (Fighting Spirit 4)

Charlie Marr

Marlon Bando
I created you, Daryl. You know that just as well as I do. Don't play stupid and act like I am being an idiot with that claim. We all know that claim of mine is factual. I am responsible for anything you have ever achieved and everything you achieve in the future. That is if you ever manage to achieve anything else ever again. I have not lost it, Daryl. I have never lost it and I never will. I am not going delirious and letting off delusional rants like you are. I am as sound of mind as you possibly can be. It's a real shame that the same cannot be said about you. You are too stuck in your own head, lost in your own thoughts. Always overthinking every single situation, constantly doubting yourself. You know just as well as I do that you can't do it. You are constantly battling your own thoughts, you simply cannot overcome them. You never will. You are just not as mentally strong as I am and that will hurt your career. It is vitally important to be mentally strong in this business. You can't get too high after the victories or too low after the losses. You don't have that kind of mental control, Daryl. Every time you win, you're the best wrestler on the planet and you're pissed off you're being doubted by others. Everytime you lose, you think it's the end of the world and you want to quit. You're weak. The mental game is a huge part of the wrestling industry and you do not excel in that. You're struggling and you always will. I know you too well, Daryl. I know your mental weaknesses and I will play on those. They are going to come in handy in this match. Remember this, Daryl. No matter what you achieve, you will always have that little voice in the back of your head telling you that you're stuck in Charlie Marr's shadow. Following this match, that voice will no longer be me. I will have escaped from your clutches and will no longer be tormenting you with that statement. It will simply be etched into your brain. The fact that you are stuck in my shadow will haunt you and massively damage your career. I fucking love it. I love that I am going to impact your career long into the future. Even when our paths aren't crossing, I will be driving you insane. You will constantly be thinking about me. Thinking about how I am better, how I emerged from the tag team as the better man. You will forever be the David Davidson. Begrudgingly, I am the Jack Ripley. Just better looking and my family actually loves me. Nobody wants to be the David Davidson though. Sadly somebody has to be. That somebody is you, Daryl.

You've been very quick on the trigger, Daryl. You're just constantly ready to go, firing shots at soon as you can. I think you may need to slow down a little, you're getting ahead of yourself. Attempting to claim that I didn't create you is just laughable. I don't care if you were here before me, you weren't the same Daryl Kinkade that you are now. When you debuted, you were a pathetic little rookie who would've been out this company after a few months if it wasn't for me. I made you into the Daryl Kinkade you are today. I made you into the former tag team champion, the former national elite champion. I am completely responsible for your success. I didn't beg you to be apart of your little group, I was asked to join by Rex because he saw the incredible potential in me. He knew that I would be a star and he wanted me to flourish. I've criticised that man for a lot but he knows how to spot talent. You should consider yourself lucky that I joined the group and saved it. I made the trio what it was and I was the reason it was successful. I made our tag team what it was. I carried that shit for so fucking long. Would it really have hurt you to pull your weight a little? I just don't understand how you think it was you who made my career. I would have been successful without you. I was destined for success the moment I stepped into this company. I am at the talent level where I will be successful no matter what. I am just that fucking good. If I hadn't of teamed with you, I would have been world champion by now. I wouldn't have had you holding me down for so long and stopping me from progressing. You've damaged my career, Daryl. I could have been at the top a long time ago if it wasn't for you. I am glad people have finally realised that you and I are not on the same level. I am the heavy favourite for this match for a reason, you are the underdog yet again. Nobody expects you to win because you will not. You are being counted out yet again. I think it's time to take the hint, people count you out because you are a pathetic elitist.

It infuriates me how you attempt to call me out for being generic. You reel out every single fucking troupe of being an underdog every time you come out here. You go onto some spiel about how you shouldn't be counted out and how you will make your opponents regret counting you out. You talk some bullshit about why you shouldn't be underestimated. You then quote achievements that I am responsible for as reasons to why you are a top tier elitist. You moan and cry every single week about how you're not being given your due for all your hard work. Remember after we split up, you were crying out for a match with me. You walked out into that ring every week without fail and threw a strop like an upset toddler. It was pathetic and showed everyone why you are not main event material. You need to have more composure than that if you want to reach the top. You threw a tantrum because you were not getting the match you wanted, it was embarrassing. I really thought I taught you better than that when we teamed. If you want something, you've got to go out and get it. We did that when we teamed, thanks to me. You haven't carried that same mantra since we parted and that hurts me to see. I am disappointed that you have chosen to not listen to the incredibly important lessons that I taught you. I went out of my way to help you and you've thrown it back in my face. I would love to teach you a lesson in respect Daryl because it's very clear that you have none of it. You should respect your superiors, Daryl. You should realise that I am above you and you should treat me as such. You should be bowing down to me before this match. You should be begging for my forgiveness and pleading with me to show mercy in this match.

I think it's criminal that you would state that I don't adapt or evolve. Are you forgetting the personality switch I had in order to be better? Before we teamed, I was too nice. I was happy to be a charming man and act like a friendly Brit. I then decided to change and it was the greatest thing to ever happen to my career. I changed into the cut throat son of a bitch you know today. I unleashed my anger and let out my evil side. I evolved because I knew I was never going to get anywhere being nice. I knew I had to change. I identified a flaw in my character and a changed it in order to improve and better myself. I would say that is adapting and evolving. What exactly have you done to evolve, Daryl? You're the same old happy go lucky asskisser you've always been. Always keen to get down on your knees to gain fan support. Always keen to play the victim to make yourself look better. You've always been the same. You've stayed true to yourself and you shouldn't have. You have a lot of flaws that you need to hide if you want to be at the top. You haven't adapted once since you came into this company. You're still the exact same Daryl that I battled against on Showdown and then teamed up with. That's one of the reasons I am so confident that I will emerge from this match as the victor. I know you better than you know yourself. I know your very few strengths, all of your weaknesses. I know exactly what moves you are going to make and when you are going to make them. I am ready for everything that you could possibly throw at me. I have every move scouted. You are fucked, Daryl. You don't stand a chance in hell of beating me. I am going to bring shit you've never seen before to this match. You wont know what is going to hit you. This is done and dusted, Daryl.

I am in your head, Daryl. You are panicking every day about how this match is going to go for you. This is the biggest match of your career, it is make or break for you. If you fuck this up, you know that there will be no more Daryl Kinkade in this company. You know that one little error will prove fatal when facing against a monster like Charlie Marr. You know this is the opportunity of a lifetime for you and you cannot afford to waste it. You've got a huge opportunity to bring down a living legend. This is also your chance to finally get revenge on me. You can finally punish me after I viciously attacked you when we split. I know you've been waiting months on end for this opportunity. I know you've wanted to hurt me. This is your chance to bring me down a rung or two. It's your chance to knock me off the ladder and ascend past me. This is your moment.

No pressure.

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