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Wrestling Name: One
Picture Base: Luke Harper
Current Nicknames: "The Evil Genius", "The Loner"
Height: 6“3
Weight: 216 pounds
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Disposition/Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: One is an evil and destructive man with a brilliant mind. He can plot and plan his opponents downfall and likes to get into his opponents head. His promos are dark and let us have a glimpse into his destructive and evil mind. He likes nothing more than to beat his opponents and cause them as much physical harm as possible.


Theme Music:

Entrance: He comes out with the lights off in the arena with the light on him and walks to the ring staring at his opponent every step he takes until he gets in the ring.

What are your character’s motivations for competing? His motivations for competing are beating people up so he can feel in control of a situation and winning titles to make his little sister and Jonathan Hayes proud of him.
Tendency to Cheat: Often

Favorite Match Types: Cage Match
Favorite Weapon Kendo Stick
Trained by: Jonathan Hayes
Common Moves: Vertical Suplex, Pumphandle Suplex, European Uppercut, Elbow Drop, Lariat, DDT, Powerbomb, Michinoku Driver, Superkick, Headbutt
Signature: Big Boot
Finisher: Discus Lariat (Standing) - Torture Crab (Submission)

His parents thought he didn’t need a name. He is the first born, “one” is all he was ever named. His brother and sister were “two” and “three” after him, eventually due to the parents liking of his brother and sister there names where changed to Zoey and Lewis, but still his name remained the same, his parents hated him. His childhood was dark and awful. He was abused and treated so badly to the point the only escape he had was beating people up, hurting people like his father had done to him. It was the only way he could feel in control. Due to his erratic behaviour and violence, from the young age of 11 he was put into a mental asylum and in there with only his thoughts to himself. He developed a great mind, but this mind was evil, this mind was damaged. Everything and everyone he looked at he wanted to see how he could hurt and how much damage he could cause.

During his late teens when he got out the mental asylum, someone hurt his sister, his little sister is all he cared about. His brother was just like his dad, but no, his little sister she was sweet and innocent. He went out to fight the man that hurt her and was surrounded by a group of men much older than him and he fought them off, he hurt all of them and this is where the wrestling comes in, a man called Jonathan Hayes, saw him fighting off all these men and told him to come to his wrestling school, where he could take out his frustrations and anger, legally.

At this wrestling school his skills were honed and crafted, One was someone who crushed his opponents, dismantled them and beat them up, every single one of them but with great technique he had developed through the teachings of Jonathan Hayes, he had saw the potential in One and fine tuned his technique and ability.

Jonathan Hayes is the only man One looks up to and the only person along with his sister he would never cause harm upon, he is like a father figure to One and is the only person who can control him. They have developed a great bond and have a great relationship and One has shared some of his darkest secrets with Hayes. Hayes believes there is a good person inside One but deep down he knows One is an evil minded person, who likes to hurt people and has bad intentions, and one day he feels as if One will turn on him.

Yet even with Jonathan Hayes help, One was still doing evil things, he was still hurting people, he was crafting plans to make peoples lives around him hell, and he loved every second of it. One knows he is an evil person and he accepts that he is, the only two lights in his life are his sister and Jonathan Hayes, and these are the only two people who could possibly ever change him.​
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