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✪ Wrestling Name: SKA / Erik de Koning
✪ Picture Base: Killer (Karrion) Kross
✪ Height: 6',2'
✪ Weight: 269lbs
✪ Hometown: Rotterdam, Netherlands (Born in Vantaa, FInland)

↳"Pain for Penance" (MAIN)
↳"Tomahawk" (as a prefix)
↳"King of Respecc Style"
↳"The Nordic Sanctus"
↳"The Man of The Millennia"
↳"The Anomaly"
↳"S-K-Motherfucking-A" (INACTIVE)
↳"2020 Vision" (INACTIVE)
↳"The Dutiful" (as a prefix)

Disposition/Alignment: TWEENER


This is not the SKA you know and remember. Once upon a time, a
carefree business tycoon who fought in the spirit of competition and
earning himself a place with the greats- He uses the same money that he
used to support his home country amid the COVID pandemic.

Since returning, SKA's temper has waned and has fallen back in love with
pro wrestling. He has become less focused on what's going on outside and
more on perfecting his craft. He is grateful to be back in the fold at
EAW but is still as volatile on the mic as ever. SKA is different to others on
EAW where he does not feel the need to 'shoot' on his opponents immediately and is
crafting a style that champions his strengths rather than scrutinize
the opposition's weaknesses. His honor dictates him to continually work
on himself and compete purely but show the utmost respect to his opponents.
In a company where even the purest of babyfaces
are armed with insults, SKA looks to change the game and bring respect
back to professional wrestling.

Each passing week has seen his passion for professional wrestling increase
to the point of the sport being seen as a religion to him. Leading to Pain for Pride,
SKA has sought clarity - affirmation from legends of this business - and this led
to meeting Hurricane Hawk - a narcissist who epitomizes doing business for himself.
SKA's blind faith has seen him appeal to Hurricane Hawk's nature by showing great

respect and worship towards the once-Showslayer. How far will SKA's worship take him?
Has he made a deal with the devil by honoring his confidante by rechristening himself as
Tomahawk - an approved nod from the Hall of Fame Hurricane.
Ever since SKA adopted the moniker "Tomahawk", he's had an unhealthy balance that challenges his morality. On one hand, SKA is the epitome of honorable wrestling and lives for his craft and worships those before him
On the other hand, the one Divine that SKA reached out to was once "The Legend Killa" and this makes SKA question himself and wrestle his faith.

Born in Finland but raised in France. Erik is a successful businessman in an unknown profession who has taken his work elsewhere to be in wrestling and now is a charismatic prizefighter who is in love with making more money. "When you're poor, you need money... but when you have money, such is where you need more to cover the expenses you have incurred." Sex, money, drugs - It is Erik's nature. He has the appearance to take women. He has the money to make women.
Erik has come to appreciate the art of professional wrestling since debuting and has developed a facetious personality where he implements his traditional values to look good. He does genuinely respect his opponents but loves to irritate them just as much.

While Erik is cocky and abrupt, he does his best to honor his presence in the ring and never backs down from a fight.

SKA had become disenfranchised with his colleagues
adhering to their normal schedules whilst he had to
take leave from EAW to look after his family
amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
This motivation however evolved into a willingness
to compete and soon afterwards, SKA let go
of the bitterness and honed in on
building the reputation he has created in EAW.

Tendency to Cheat:
Always | Often | Sometimes | Rarely | Never | If Needed

Quotes & Key Terminology
  • Our Sanctum / EAW (and professional wrestling as a whole).
  • Sanctus / A believer in the cause.
  • Sancti / Collective believers in Sanctum

  • The Predecessors (The Divines less frequently) / Hall of Famers - SKA's theology reference for worship

  • Purgatory / SKA's determination for people who may not have creative plans
  • The Four Pillars / The four key references to SKA's ideology (Renew. Repent. Rejoice. Rebuild.)
  • Renew / Revisiting an element of the past.
  • Repent / SKA will put his body through perils to appease the Divines to compensate for his lowliness.
  • Rejoice / This basically covers SKA's code of honor
  • Rebuild / The extremity of SKA's theology. SKA believes in the prospect of burning EAW down (figuratively of course) so that the company can start from scratch and extend its legacy instead of depending on Legends.

✪ SKA adheres to Respec Style's Code of Honor, this means beginning the match with a handshake.
He would rather lose with honor than cheat to win. Furthermore, he is all about putting his all into his matches (this doesn't necessarily mean always putting offense in, merely that he takes every match as a responsibility and will carry this out to the maximum standard.)
✪ SKA is also a part-time e-fedder for WWEAW with a character called Tobias Nord (picbase of UFC Legend, Dan Severn)
SKA does not approve of EAW's Division structure and the tier system of main event to mid-card to show opener and he finds this caste system to be shambolic. He believes all should have equal opportunities.
✪ SKA has recently grown a defiance against his Divines and is more likely to speak out against his idols (29/07/2020) as he begins to understand that Sanctum is a divinity that is larger than the gods that inhabit it.

An 'alternate' reality called Sanctum that ties with SKA's 'religious beliefs.' The place that identifies with SKA's belief is The Temple. It's a fictitious realm of SKA's beliefs and symbolizes elements of his journey, meaning if SKA records anything within this 'universe' then it's just to be symbolic or draw on origins of SKA's ideologies of wrestling:
  • The Font / This is the bloodbath where SKA rests within. This is mirroring the blood that SKA would sacrifice to realize his path.
  • Purgatory / IMAGERY YET TO BE CONFIRMED. This is the realm SKA 'travels' through when searching for himself or 'similar status' opponents.
Least Favorite Match Types: Unsure. SKA is a fighter and will take on anything.
Favorite Weapon: Unknown, SKA hasn't revealed such as of yet.

Forward Russian leg sweep
Frog splash
IED (Running corner dropkick)
Inverted suplex slam
Japanese arm drag
Neck Snap (Neck snap to the rope hung opponent)
Springboard moonsault
Pendulum Elbow (Pendulum backbreaker hold followed by an elbow drop to the opponent's face)
Rolling fireman's carry slam
Scissored Armbar
Sidewalk slam
Slingshot back elbow to a cornered opponent
Slingshot corkscrew splash
Shin breaker followed by a leg-hook Saito suplex

1. GRYFFINDOR! aka Shining Wizard
2. Finnish Backbreaker aka Argentine Double Knee Backbreaker
3. Mes-Cutt / Twist of Fate
4. Finnish Suplex aka Chaos Theory / Rolling German Suplex
5. Detonator Dropkick aka Corkscrew Dropkick

1. Nähdään taas!; Fireman's carry dropped into a knee lift aka GTS
2. Fallen From Sanctum; Elevated cutter aka Tower of London
UF. Hemorrhage Knee; Flying knee to leaning opponent

✪ Most Valuable Elitist #207 - Rising Star of The Week
✪ Most Valuable Elitist #227 - Beef of The Week / vs Darcy May Morgan
✪ Most Valuable Elitist #231 - Beef of The Week / vs Terry Chambers

✪ Runner Up in 2019 Extreme Enigma Battle Royale - Road to Redemption 2019
✪ Runner Up in 2020 24/7 Contract Battle Royale - Pain for Pride XIII

✪ The transcriber of SKA. NEVER gets involved with the in-ring persona of SKA
and works only in interpretation of his employer's promos, he is noted to do SKA's
'dirty work' by watching ALL of SKA's opponents promo videos to tell The Man of
The Millennia about any developments. He prides himself on being a polyglot despite
using broken English and will take credit for SKA's understanding of the English Language.

✪ A student of SKA's promo school for 5-12 year olds. The Little Show is impressionable
and is known to favor his mentor's opponents much to the displeasure of the sensei.
Despite this, the relationship between 'Timmy' and SKA is a good one and there is a unique


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