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Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Site: Mercedes Benz Stadium
Date: June 15th

Time: 2:05 P.M.

The last couple of weeks had been quite the whirlwind for Minerva and The Lioness, Constance Blevins. From being all but completely written off, to unceremoniously being stripped of their aura from a figurative standpoint when Veena Adams arrived at Empire. She'd made it clear in so many words that she was happy, ecstatic even that she could be the one to put the final nail in the coffin for the near three year old brand that had more than made it's mark through many of the determined, fierce, and strong women that comprised of it. Things went wrong and broke down in the renegotiation stages with Fox. It was considered bittersweet for Heavenly Hell, a band of two very strong and resilient women who had finally broke through after so much time of being largely overlooked by the old regime that had been headed by Flannery McCoy and Stephon Hunter. Minerva and Constance incidentally found themselves placed together purely by happenstance at first. Soon thereafter, following several run-ins with former Queen's Court, the newly at the time Heavenly Hell would shock the World by becoming the Empire Tag Team Champions.

Since that time the two women of broadly different spectrums have picked up quite their share of momentum, and in the process have found common ground on many fronts that had helped them stay evenkeel on the same page when it counted most. On the last episode Voltage Minerva fought her heart out and had earned them a place in the triple threat match with three of today's top men's ranked tag teams that of course included the Unified Tag Team Champions where the titles that Heavenly Hell had earned would be up for grabs just as those of The Wildcards would be, effectively making this a unification match with winner becoming the Undisputed Tag Team Champions. The stage was now set, and now it was time for Heavenly Hell to step out on to that stage and leave their mark. They knew they were undoubtedly the underdogs in this affair, but they new no matter the odds they had still stood with all the momentum in the world. They still stood as one of the teams to beat, and they were determined to keep it that way for the unforeseeable future. All they needed to do was beat the odds just one more time.


Heavenly Hell is here.....

We're here, and with us we bring the last bit of representation from our brand that there is in the Empire Tag Team Championships. These titles are an extension of who we are and the success that we've had since we came together. Darkness and Light together to compliment one another. None of these are intrinsically bad or good. Just as electricity doesn't exist without both a negative and positive charge, both darkness and light are necessary for us to engage with the experience of life in this universe. If there were only light, life itself would be suspect and perhaps severely lack in meaning. If there were only one divine being in existence with no diversity, nothing else to interact with, all of you and I would not exist as separate entities to interact with each other. And if all were darkness, we could not see or experience anything either. We would be completely unconscious or not exist. And remember that all the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle. This world needs both light and dark. Were to be if you'd been a photographer, then it would be a common aspect of artistry, because a really good one would tell you that it's the contrast of light and shadows which creates beauty and mystery. It is the interplay of light and darkness and the infinite rainbow of colors and gradations that can be created from the two that give life its richness. Could it be that life is most harmonious and joyful when we welcome both light and darkness and find a harmonious balance between the two? Could it be that when we learn to transcend duality, to dance in the cracks between and beyond light and darkness, we can have more fun?

Perhaps had the results been different up to now, then our very presence in this affair would be more up for debate.

I think it goes without saying that Minerva did her part and more than held her own against one half each of the other teams that will be competing against the two of us to try and end the momentum that we've managed to put together over the last two months. For that, this Lioness will do everything in her power to ensure that it's our side that not only keeps this gold that we've attained, but also helps in adding more. Even though Veena Adams never wanted us in this match. Even though neither of us will ever get the proper respect from you until we've achieved something outside of Empire, there's just one thought that lingers that I've not quite been able to put my finger on. What have any of the rest of you really proved in the grand scheme of things to be seen as that much more deserving than Heavenly Hell? It seems as though the easiest thing to do in any of this when it comes Minerva and myself joining the fray a bit late is to pretend as though we're nothing more than throw-ins to make things more interesting. That we're merely the hopeless fodder that's here to make the rest of you look like a million bucks. Like you should be treated like the greatest things since sliced bread, and that we should just butter you up and have it seem as though we should just be happy to be here and nothing more while we put up the best possible fight of our lives with this idea that we never really had a chance in the first place. But that just takes me back a moment, because once more when I look at the six of you I see an opportunity to show how much hype, words...everything but action makes very little of a difference in all of this. We've all been here, we've all taken in our surroundings here, and to a large extent we all understand that the only place any of this can be decided beyond all that is in the den. From the very moment Minerva and myself came together after Grand Rampage, both darkness and light have proven that it doesn't matter what 'competition' our competition has defeated, because when we've got something at stake, whether we combine our efforts or not, darkness and light have shown they are ever most prevalent to the other and even more of a threat to everyone else anytime they've been combined, but ultimately overlooked. Not taken seriously enough. This was already proven on Voltage when 'The Gypsy Moth', Minerva, not 'The Missle' Joshua Nicholls, not 'Radd Thadd', and not the other champion Xander affectionately known as the 'Paynekiller', showed how much of a threat she can be when she's fighting toward something. Something tells this Lioness these are a few of the arguments you may try to make against us anyhow, but the reality is we're now here as I've said and we're not about to give up something we've both earned the rights to. We've all earned the right to be here.

But what separates us from you?

What is it that should tell all of you that we've got every bit as much of a chance to change the complexion of tag team title scene in the gender equality filled EAW the way we did on Empire, just as you believe you can? It's not because of our outward appearances. It's not because of the way we approach the back and forth chit-chat on a weekly basis. Really what it boils down to is the fact that we don't take anyone lightly. We don't overlook you. We don't dismiss the threats that you are. We won't take a single moment for granted once that bell rings. Imagine, this being our first title defense. A Unification Title match. A match with titles on the line and plenty enough pride to go around. Could the stakes be higher than they are now with all our respective seasons boiling down to this one match for one right, and that being able to walk away as the Undisputed Tag Team Champions? I believe that's a question that answers itself. The competition couldn't be stiffer which means there should be no excuses once this is over from any of the sides. When we receive ample opportunities to stamp our tickets and place ourselves in a position to earn more respect in this business, and then actually break through? It's an exciting feeling, and it's one that you want to make last for as long as you can. I know that's a feeling The Revolution would love nothing more than to bask in. They've had plenty of time to be a cohesive unit, and have had enough success over time to garner the respect necessary to be in this affair. However, opportunities don't grow on trees. These kinds of doors won't always be open for you to step through. There's only a real small window of time in which you have to try and impress upon those who have a say in how your respective careers evolve decide that you don't have those same opportunities any longer. This Lioness has been there, and she'll tell you. You don't want to not walk away from this experience without having that great sense of fulfillment where everything you were working toward had meaning to it. When you both end this season right along with the rest of us you want to be able to say that you were able to seize an opportunity like this. Without having done so your respective paths will become unknown and mired with many questions, the most notable being "should we continue chasing something that seems to be out of our reach?"....things that none of the rest of us will have to ask because we've all had and shown that we're capable of succeeding on our own. Though one look at the these Empire Tag Team Championships that Heavenly Hell holds should tell you that we only needed one opportunity to grasp on to something that for months you two have been pining after, and now here you are again. Another opportunity. Another chance for your actions to finally make your words stand up.

But will this be your moment to shine?

That's something that the Flo Bros don't have to wonder about, perhaps, because for as long as they've known each other and had this business running through their veins, winning tag team championship gold was marked down as one of the many goals they've had since day one. To aspire to do things in the one life we're given means not giving up on our dreams, and sometimes that means having to go through a bit of adversity, experiencing trials...falling a few times before finally rising back up to take hold...finally grasping that which was always there for us to take, but ultimately tests that were posed to us to find out how much those aspirations really meant. While Heavenly Hell may have came together under different circumstances from yourselves, where we're different lies in those very trials that have manifested themselves through tragedy and triumphs that played out in our lives, each having led us down a path where we had to find ourselves after believing for a time that all was lost. We may have made different decisions that has drawn out different paths to travel on, but regardless of how they were drawn up for us they were always meant for us to come together when we did. All you've known is success since you've been here. It's not been hard for the two of you. Heavenly Hell will look to change that, of course. Thadd, your emotions seem to echo that of this Lioness in many ways. Weeks back when Heavenly Hell were able to earn these titles this Lioness had stated how grateful and humbled she was by this achievement. This is what what near nine years of battling it out, learning the ropes, and constantly being knocked down only to rise back up has led to. So many deserve the credit for where she stands today, and He gets the glory because it was He who was gracious enough to put each and every person that He did in her life to help her grow and evolve. It wasn't always rainbows and pots of gold before I stepped foot into this company, and there were times where it seemed this wasn't going to be the outcome that all the time, dedication, and devotion that was being put in would lead to. However, it's those chains of events that He orchestrates with His power to show otherwise, and nearly four months ago when Minerva and myself did battle on Empire. That ended up being the turning point and began what can now be known as the genesis of Heavenly Hell, because it was around that time that all the comparisons started to arise, and little by little Minerva and myself kept finding ourselves on the receiving end of different greedy, power hungry entities on separate fronts that tried to stake their claim through entitlement with their superiority complexes to saving grace. The Crowes used to own these Empire Tag Team Championship belts until they decided it would be cute to simply mess with the natural order of things by not only not defending them, but by also trying to rid this place of them altogether so nobody got the opportunity to any longer when they auctioned them off. Finders keepers they tend to say, because that's when Minerva has able to retrieve them to give them life once more. Long story short, and to the point. We earned this right, and this Lioness would not have it any other way.

When Veena Adams began throwing her weight around by deciding people's fate, which included Empire along with all the titles affiliated with the brand were just going to die, did everyone really believe that Heavenly Hell was going to lay down and let them? Minerva was the catalyst for forcing Veena's hand to change that decree, and this Lioness feels indebted to her for doing so, but this should've been the ruling from the start. By virtue of holding these belts this should have been a no-brainer of a decision to make by leadership from the start. Minerva may largely praise Kendra Shamez for putting us in the position to succeed, and why not? It could've been any other team that got placed in our position going into Terminus, perhaps. However, once we all knew Empire was closing it's doors it seemed Kendra simply forgot all her moral faculties about her position and wasn't thinking any longer on a professional level, or else she would've used whatever power she had left to declare Heavenly Hell as yet another challenger to the Unified Tag Team Championships. But even that furthers the point that this Lioness originally made, Thadd. As much as you and Crosby Carter may have worked to get the opportunity that you have before you, in order for you two to understand how much more Minerva and myself have had to work by comparison will show up in how hard we hit you in between with each strike that we will lay upon you as we fight on to earn more between those ropes. We've worked well from the beginning and there's no reason to believe we won't be able to once again despite how electric this atmosphere will be. You and Crosby are the 'life longers', the 'wrestling fanatics' that have this in their soul, and want nothing else but to be the success that they've always only dreamed that they could be. We of Heavenly Hell come from different walks of life entirely, and it's because of being different that we are able to combine our efforts to be the potent team that you may or may not have witnessed in recent times. Believe that we'll be looking forward to this more than you'll ever know.

We're here to earn our keep.

The Wildcards are indeed that, but they are the Unified Tag Team Champions for a reason. Like Heavenly Hell they've shown that they are far better than the sum of their individual parts. They're more than just your average tag team despite what differences they may have to one another. However, unlike Heavenly Hell they had to brush off their differences and accept that there was something in it for the both of them if they could show that they were capable of doing so. Minerva and myself didn't shrug our shoulders or roll our eyes at who the other was when it came down to it. We openly accepted who the other was and didn't let what others believed to make us change who we wished to be. Something tells me, Myles, that the only reason you wish to go along with this union you have with Mr. Payne is not because of the success that he's had in his career here, or anywhere really....but because of the matching belts that you both wear....and nothing more. You believe in combat, that fighting is this release from a realm of being unruly when it's anything but. The ostentatious ones, those who can look at things like combat and rape...public forms of organized social violence, to see them as sources of release are not enough to justify why they flourish in a corrupted and sin-filled place such as this. In many other countries youngsters still in their adolescent stages become conscripted for combat, with half of them becoming victims of their own psychological vulnerabilities. Thus making combat a complementary social rites of initiation into the coercive violence at the foundation in almost any society. They then become the paradigmatic forms of trauma for all involved. It should surprise no one that modern day soldiers return home from combat just as conflicted and detached as previous generations. The difference is that in the age of vapid American decadence, their simpler fundamental values are largely irrelevant to the rest of us.

Many will also argue that there is nothing remotely spiritual in combat. Consider this. Mystical or religious experiences have four common components: constant awareness of one's own inevitable death, total focus on the present moment, the valuing of other people's lives above one's own, and being part of a larger religious community such as the Sangha, ummah, or church. All four of these exist in combat. The big difference is that the mystic sees heaven and the warrior sees hell. Whether combat is the dark side of the same version, or only something equivalent in intensity, many will always present an argument for each side. Most of us, including me, would prefer to think of a sacred space as some light-filled wonderous place where we can feel good and find a way to shore up our psyches against death. How about you, Myles? Underneath that hardened exterior must lay an honest soul that understands that regardless of what form he brings to the table that he's not engaging in a battle of wits fairly. In fact it's quite unfair to say the least due to the fact that you have a partner by your side that's there merely out of necessity, and you only keep the his company as you do because of those Unified Tag Team Championship belts that band you together. Myles, you're the athlete. You're the stand out. You're the juggernaut. As you stated, you're the ambitious one. You're partner, he's a hard worker, sure, but he's misrepresenting what you stand for in many ways and the only reason you accept his ways and he the same of yours is because of the gold you both share. It's what you wish to use to elevate your name in this place. I think you know there's a higher calling out there for you, but you're seemingly only willing to ride the wave of momentum you have to the end, which is okay...for now.

Regardless, you can only continue to rise from here...we all have that opportunity to no matter what happens.

The truth is, we're all ambitious in our own way. Not afraid to pursue our goals with such a ferocity that it allows us open up new avenues and possibilities in such a way that it inspires others to do the same. That's what brought Heavenly Hell together, and in part what they stood for while Empire was still alive. But just because Empire has closed its doors does not mean we have to stop. You all present something different as do we, but with Darkness and Light you're getting something new. Something unique. At Pain For Pride, Heavenly Hell will fight. We'll claw for everything, and in the end we'll earn our place amongst the boys.

That's a promise.
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