MATCH PROMO Planning is Everything // Voltage 01 // 12.01.2019


Il Principe
Providence, Rhode Island
Ezio is seen working out in the gym. He’s sweating profusely as he does the last reps of the set, dropping the barbell he was using for deadlifts hard on the ground. He stretches like it’s muscle memory, feeling the blood circulate through his torn tissue. He catches is breath finally, looking a little dazed but feeling completely in control.

EZIO of my career so far. I’m not taking this moment...phew...for granted. I know I’ve had a shaky start here. I’m just a rookie, after all. But I know, for certain, I’m one of the hardest working folks in that room. On Voltage. In this organization.

Ezio shakes out his arms, centers himself and his breath, and moves on to the next piece of equipment. He heads over to the weight rack for squats. He settles underneath, shaking his ass a little extra and letting out just the tiniest wink at the camera as he starts his set.

I mean, first, you have Shawn Sturgis. A guy I’ve admired since I got here. Someone who’s both seen things and done things. He walks the walk, so to speak. But, make no mistake, I’m facing him as part of this match for a reason. I’ve started to prove my worth here. I’ve begun paying my dues. Carrying the water. And now, it’s my time to show everyone, including Shawn, that I’m a force to be reckoned with.

Ezio leaves the rack momentarily and adds some weight for his next set while he takes a brief rest. He settles back underneath, slightly distracted by some of the beauty and brawn in the gym around him. He can’t help it. He likes bodies at work. Settling back underneath for another set, he squats.

Now, Matthew King. I don’t really know what you have to offer yet. And that makes you dangerous. I wouldn’t dare underestimate someone new here. I wouldn’t dare because I am you, Matthew. I’m new here and I have a lot to prove and a lot of skill to show. So, I won’t make the mistake of underestimating you. I will find a way to figure you out. I’ll build a playbook in my brain with the little information I have. Just like any old Sunday on the field like I used to.

Ezio stands after his final rep and locks his knees and the weight in place. He rests his arms on top of the weight, scanning the room for someone to potentially sneak away with after he’s done working out. Work has to be balanced with fun, right? He finds an eye and makes a wink. The deal is done. He’s got the night planned all in an instant. He looks back at the camera.

And my final thoughts. Komatsu Ogawa. You scare me. Legitimately. And that’s a tall order for me. I commend you on doing so. It’s not everyday I do a double-take that doesn’t later involve removal of clothes. But fear is just a feeling. And I know how to regulate my feelings. Very well. I put my emotions aside when I’m on the field...I the ring. I let my plan and my body guide me. My brain plays a role, don’t get me wrong. But by the time we meet in the ring, Komatsu… I promise you that you’ll wish you were facing someone...anyone else here. I’m ready for all three of you. I’ve prepared my body and my mind in ways you can’t even imagine. And come tomorrow night...I’ll show you exactly why they call me The Prince of Providence.



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