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Devan Dubian

EAW Hall of Famer
There is a difference between distinguishing yourself from the norm for a small period and establishing yourself as a legend forever.

There are no facts safeguarding anyone's legacy in this company, everyone is vulnerable to some kind of counterargument, Impact. No matter how much you are able to deliver to the table, there will always be doubters waiting to catch you on your way out the door. It is not because they are blind to your success or anything, it is just that they have made their minds about you and your character. You could go out of your way to solve universal problems with authentic intentions but they will twist the story so much such that it will seem like nothing comparable to what you have done. I am not one of those people, I am not naive enough to ignore how much you have done for this company, Impact. I know you were in a similar battle against another of my former fellows from my time and were belittled to the point of a has-been but I have no such intentions of fighting you on that base level. It is because I am willing to recognize the impact of your career on this company to this day that I feel so comprehensively confident that I can take you. A man who has set on the throne of this company a record multiple times through his own work cannot so easily swallow their pride falling behind others that have not done half the work you have for this company. You are well aware that you have been a world champion, a man who has broken the highlight reel more than he can count and yet you are forcing yourself to fall in line to align yourself to an ideal that would be well beneath you. But then again, I suppose you have never been thoroughly exempt from aligning yourself to factions that grant you some immortal elitist feel good moments. The only difference this time though is that you are not at the forefront of the ideal leading the charge as you admirably would, you are fighting the side battles that are only serving as the catalyst for the real fight that will happen in just a matter of time. We are both men who have fought through many different eras in this company but you simply cannot look at our situations right now and say they are in any way comparable. I have fought myself to a situation where I can compete at the highest level that this company can offer me whilst you are trying to string along some backstage battles to keep yourself amidst in the mix of all this. I went out of my own way to walk out my own brand and come to where you guys reside to challenge you and yet you have never had the upper hand once through this whole process. I have just been setting traps alongside the way and instead of deriving results to maneuver these traps like you would in the past Impact, you are just simply falling through them. And because of that, now you are going to be fighting on the brand that we established many years ago. This endless iconic grin streak just has to stop at some point and it will serve my well to make sure that no generation past the current will ever have to endure it ever again.

There is no reason to make this battle about past endeavors. It does not make sense to allude to matches we had half a decade ago as merit to the match we have this weekend but that does not mean that they are still not resourceful sources to look back at. We matched up a very long time ago as I was falling down the mountain flat face with no apparent hope and you gave me a glimpse of what it took to take a shot at one of the best to do it in the company. I eventually forced you to fight in the best skin of yours before eventually matching up against you once again as I was on my best run to a world championship where we had an even more engrossing encounter. You got to face me in this company as I served my worst and best reigns in this company so you know how I function, Impact. The most interesting part for me is through all that, you never changed once. It did not matter whether it was earlier in my career, the peak of my career or even now because you remained the same throughout. You have had some narrative battles to ride your coattails about but you have never had to revive yourself from any kind of major struggle in this company. You have remained stagnant on the top of the pyramid for so long that you have lost focus on what it means to be truly elite in this company. That is the number one reason you are filing behind the one percent because you think they represent the level where you think you stand but you are nowhere close to that anymore. They are just a figment memory of where you see yourself standing and if it were not for how admirably resonating your name is in inclusion to any faction in this company, I am sure they would have left you behind already. There are a lot of things attributed to your legacy nowadays but you must realize that at this point, you are just dragging everything on. I have known you to always be a smart man but you must realize what is fact know; you are simply stuck in a riddle. A riddle in which you are an ageless wonder who does not like referring to the past yet breathes and lives off of the legacy that he built many, many years ago in the past. You are the one who is coming in every week to reclaim your compensation, the compensation of still being heavily relevant in all things this company. That is just not the case for me anymore because I decided if I want to keep going in this company, I am going to make all of it count. That is the difference between us and that is why this Sunday, I will make sure to prove it to you why my ideal one percent is going to win the war.
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