MATCH PROMO "Queen Camille." — Dynasty I

Ms. Extreme

The Red Queen. 👑
Dynasty — Moscow, Russia — January 11, 2019:

A wave of emotion rushed through Camille Ava. She could not process what just happened. She was the PURE Champion. She was moving on to the Dynasty bracket finals to determine who will represent Dynasty at King of Elite. Earlier in the week, she was informed that Camille would not be a substitution for Cameron in this championship match, but Camille was being inserted as a participant for this tournament. As much as it sucked that Cameron had to be pulled from the tournament, Camille believe it would be best for Cameron to heal up rather than ending up in a similar situation she was in for the past three months. In a sense, this was a blessing Camille. A month ago, she could never imagine herself being in a position as huge as this one. Hell, she could not imagine herself being cleared and the thought that she was going back to do what she loved doing and that was wrestling made her heart warm. It made her cry tears of joy as she looked down at the PURE Championship resting on her lap. As soon as she walked backstage, she slide her back against the wall and admired the championship on her lap. At that moment, nothing else mattered. Sure, she had the thought of Devan Dubian connecting with a Bleeding Edge in the back of her mind, but that wasn’t going to ruin this moment. It was not going to make her story of going through setback after setback any worse. Camille felt on top of the world. She felt like she had her life back and no one was ever going to take it away from her.

Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel — Moscow, Russia — Same Day:

After she was done admiring the PURE Championship, Camille went to pack her belongings and get out of the arena. She had a flight in the morning and figured it was best to get back to the hotel and get as much sleep as she could. However, just like the past few nights, Camille had so much on her mind; now, she feels like she is not going back to sleep until King of Elite was done or if there is a scenario that her opponent on Dynasty manages to defeat her.

Cameron Ella Ava: Camille Jane Ava, I am always surprised by you.

Cameron was currently in Melbourne, Australia as she was recovering from the injuries that she had sustained on Dynasty two weeks ago. Normally, Cameron is as stubborn as Camille and refuses anytime off the recover. However, this was doctor’s orders and Camille was on the doctor’s side when it came to this situation. However, Camille knew how it felt to wrestle through injuries and reach a point where she questioned where her career was going to be headed if she did not recover. It took three months for Camille to find the one doctor to clear her and she wasn’t going to allow the same thing to happen with Cameron.

Plus, with Jamie O’Hara playing the role of nurse, Cameron wasn’t going to pass up on that opportunity.

Camille Jane Ava: I surprised myself as well. It seems like a dream and it’s my first championship in five, six years, I am blown away that I managed to win a title in EAW. Not only that, but my first match.

Cameron Ella Ava: Now, you have the shot of winning King of Elite. I’m bummed that I wasn’t cleared to compete for the rest of the tournament, but you are the best person to take my place in the tournament. I am rooting for you to win that crown and show the world that Camille Ava is back and she’s taking no prisoners.

Camille Jane Ava: I’ve been back. It’s just now official. I am not only the first female to win the PURE Championship, but I am going to be the first female to take part of the King of Elite finals. It is all so much in such a little period of time, but I wouldn’t wish for anything else.

Cameron Ella Ava: Are you going straight to Germany? I wish I could be there. I wanted to revisit the place Jamie and I got married over the summer.

Camille Jane Ava: Not exactly, I’m taking a little detour to Empire’s location this week before going to Berlin for Dynasty.

Cameron Ella Ava: Oh, you’re going there…

Silence filled the air between the two sisters. Copenhagen, Denmark didn’t specifically bring bad memories to Cameron, but she knew that Jamie had a bad experience with the country. King of Elite 2017. Jamie was in a scenario that Camille has an opportunity to and was representing Dynasty in the finals. Jamie was a huge favorite in winning the entire tournament, but Xavier Williams made sure that Jamie didn’t leave Denmark as King of Elite. To be honest, there are quite a few locations that brought bad memories. One of those locations happened to be Russia. St. Petersburg specifically, but Denmark and especially, Copenhagen, was a place that Cameron nor Jamie liked to talk about. For Cameron, it was because she didn’t want to remind Jamie of one of the very few giant failures Jamie faced in his EAW career. But, Cameron believed that Jamie grew out of that and became better than ever.

Camille Jane Ava: I am. I know, you’re not a big fan of the place since there are memories you don’t like bring up to Jamie, but I’ve been wanting to go to the lakes and reflect on a few things.

Cameron Ella Ava: I’m not going to stop you. If it helps you get in the mindset, then go for it.

Camille Jane Ava: I will.

The Lakes— Copenhagen, Denmark — January, 13, 2019:

The Lakes. There are three sections for the lakes — Sortedam, Sankt Jørgens and the one Camille was focusing on, Peblinge. From the pamphlet she found at the airport, Camille saw that the Lakes were a perfect destination for strollers, bikers and runners. Camille had been running for the past hour before she stopped and admired the view. Her long, red hair was tied up in a pony tail. She had a black sports bra paired with some tight fitting workout pants. Camille dropped down on the grass as she was a few inches away from the lake. Still, her eyes could not be taken away from that beautiful scenery. Camille was never the woman, who reflected on everything. She was never a woman who cared about looking at how far she got in life. Ever since being in EAW, her whole perspective changed. She begin to look closely to her journey and see that she was no longer the angry woman, who possessed her body for those years ago. She was nothing more than a woman on a mission to be the better version of herself and going to the King of Elite finals would be a step in the right direction.

❝It seems like I am not the only person in the King of Elite Tournament, who has managed to conquer the odds. The two people facing in the finals of the Dynasty bracket are none other than a man and woman no one thought would be here in this position. Obviously, people suspected for Cam to be in the finals. Anyone who didn’t believe so are idiots, but no one believed that it would be Camille. Hell, no one ever thought that they would see the day, where I get medically cleared. No one ever thought that I would take Cameron’s place in the King of Elite Tournament. No one ever thought that I would dethrone Erebus Jennings and capture the PURE Championship. I have to be honest — I surprised myself on Dynasty. I surprised the world and I’m planning to do so once again. I have this wave of momentum going for me. I haven’t been back five minutes and I managed to take one out of the two championships on Dynasty and take it back to the Ava clan. You think that Dynasty is in chaos with Mr. DEDEDirtbag’s Task Force running a muck? Nah, there is going to be a shit storm the moment Camille Ava wins this fucking bracket and goes to Johannesburg, South Africa to become Queen of Elite. You all wanted a Cam representing Dynasty? You’re fucking going to get it. You’re going to get the woman, who has had the reputation of putting herself on the line in a constant basis and exceeding any expectation thrown at her. I am a woman, who is hellbent on making as much of an impact in her short period of time than the precious REVOLT darlings on Empire, who think that they hold a candle in the ring against me? Fuck out of here with those claims because it took me one fucking night in 2019 to get championship gold on my waist. It took me FOUR matches to get a championship around my waist and call myself one of the best on the Dynasty brand. The masses deserve a representative they can be a proud of. Theron Nikolas deserves a representative that makes him want to shit his pants and coward at the fact that an Ava is going to be that much closer to dropping him on his head and taking that Answers World Championship for herself. At Dynasty, Theron’s worst nightmare comes to life as he is going to live with the fact that if Jamie O’Hara doesn’t take that title away from him, Camille will be more than happy to get that job done.❞

❝Before I can think that far into the future, I gotta think of the now. Just one match to go and that spot in the King of Elite finals is mine. I cannot help it, but feel some butterflies going into this match. Standing across from me will be a man, who has conquered some odds of his own? I mean, who was ever betting on the fact that it would be Jason McKormick in the Dynasty finals? Honestly, I was betting my money on Hades the Hellraiser, but I guess, I’ll settle for Jason. Now, Jason is all that bad. I could have sworn that there was some article that told the readers to be on a look out for Jason in 2019. By defeating me and going to the King of Elite finals, it may justify that reasoning because I look at him and I’m not highly convinced that Jason can defeat me. When you put him next to me in the ring, I am untouchable. I am a woman, who has managed to be better than her male counterparts and there are some who cannot accept that fact. I don’t want Jason to look at his future loss against me as anything more than he lost to a female, but he lost to one of the best and there is no shame with that. In fact, he can go back to his little Score buddies and say that he gave it his best shot, but it just wasn’t good enough going up against Ms. Extreme. There are those in the back, aka the One Percent and more specifically, those nuthuggers on the board and especially, the Chairman with no nuts, Mr. DEDEDE, who made things quite tough with The Score these past few months. Jason is not alone in that scenario as I have been through my own personal hell and personally experienced what happens when you define Gawd. You end up like Cameron did. You end up with a huge ass target on your back and Jason doesn’t know the half of what those in power are capable of. With his match against Kevin Hunter two weeks ago, he says that the odds were stacked against him? If I can recall, Shaker Jones and Ryan Wilson were taken out of the building before he was supposed to go out there and compete. In that sense, I found it reasonable and fair. It should always be a fair fight. When going into a tournament as huge as King of Elite, being alone is something that is better because at the end of the day, you are not representing just your group. You are representing a brand. You are the figure that outlasted all of the talented competitors of your brand and you are going into this battle alone. I’m all in for alliances. I am a firm believer that there is a strength in numbers. Going into this match, you have The Score and Mr. DEDEDE’s Task Force ringside. That’s a lot of factors weighing into this match. Plus, you have the thought of Devan Dubian lurking backstage, so I am not going into this match believe I have it in the bag. I have faith in my skills, but I don’t have faith in people staying in line and not crossing it.❞

❝I am not like much people. Does it make me strange that I like the concept of The Score? I don’t think they are much different from Cameron and myself. We both have the common enemy in the One Percent. I mean, what’s to hate about them other than the fact that the so-called leader is nothing more than an annoying pain in the ass? That’s nothing on Jason, but rewatching Dynasty and seeing the interaction between Jason and Theron Nikolas got me thinking — isn’t it strange that only Jason was placed in this tournament over Shaker and Ryan? Isn’t it strange that only one Score guy was in this tournament and it wasn’t the guy who is supposed to be leading the group? There is a reason why Jason McKormick was chosen for this spot and Woatron Nikolas said so himself — they see the most potential with Jason. They see Jason as someone who is improving at the desired pace. They see Jason as someone who could win championship gold in 2019. Jason McKormick defeats me and it makes him a contender for the PURE Championship if he so desires to ever use that as an argument to face me one-on-one. I hope that The Score’s purpose in our match is to make sure that Mr. DEDEDE’s Task Force doesn’t change the flow of the match. I hope it is to even the odds. I hope it is to make sure that our match has a clear winner outside of any bullshit that could be happening. Last week, Jason barely got out of his match with Hades alive. If it wasn’t for Lucas Johnson getting himself involved, would have there been a different winner? Could the outcome be Hades vs. Ms. Extreme rather than Jason McKormick vs. Ms. Extreme? Jason should think his lucky stars that he managed to get far in this tournament. It even surprised me, but unfortunately, this is where his luck runs out. It was a wonderful run, Jason, but there is no getting past me. If you do manage too, all the credit in the world to you. I don’t have any issues with you going into the match. I don’t have some evil vendetta like you claim upper management does with The Score. I don’t even wish any harm for you, Ryan or Shaker. I just have the will to win and the will of getting the entire company to kneel for Queen Camille. ❞

Camille looks back at the lake as she feels optimistic about the view presented right in front of her. She feels good going into her match, but she will be in high alert for sure. It’s all becoming real to her. One half of her is scared, but the other half is ready for her to rise to the challenge.

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