"Radd" Thadd Blazevich

Thadd Blazevich

Deathmatch Trash

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Birth Name: Thaddeus Ian McClellan
Wrestling Name: Thadd Blazevich
Picture Base: Matt Riddle
Current Nicknames: "Thadd 2 Badd", "Radd Thadd", Brobi Wan Kenobi, FloBro 2; haters sometimes refer to him as Deathmatch Trash
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
DOB: August 15th, 1994
Place of Birth: Greenwich, Connecticut
Now Resides: Woodbridge, New Jersey

Disposition/Alignment: Chill
Personality: Thadd is just your typical, laid-back, chill bro. He is loyal to his friends and family - would literally take a bullet for them - and has no problem going above and beyond for anyone who comes in contact with him that leaves a positive impression. He got a harsh reality check awhile back when a stunt he was trying went horribly wrong. He ended up shattering his hip, and nearly ruining his career. Despite the fact he fucked his whole world up doing something reckless, Thadd continues to do stupid things. He is a backyard wrestler. He is a deathmatch specialist. And he is a pure athlete, with a big heart and a lot of fucking passion for performing.

Theme Music: “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio
Entrance: [Optional] The character’s regular entrance. Write it exactly how you want it to be posted, preferably in present tense to fit the show format. If you don’t want to fill this out, the writers will come up with their own short entrance based on given information.
In-Ring Attire: A pair of small shorts. No shoes.
Entrance Attire: Thadd will walk out to the ring wearing some type of SnapBack, a t-shirt, his small shorts, and flip flops.
Segment Attire: Literally the same as his entrance attire except add a hoodie and sweatpants
Tendency to Cheat: To be fair, Thadd comes from a world where there are no rules. He will always use shortcuts because it’s been ingrained in his brain to do whatever it takes to hurt your opponent.

● Passion – they just want to wrestle and don’t care about anything else
● Gold – they want to win as many championships and achievements as they can

Wrestling Training: Thadd is primarily an ultraviolent, hardcore type of wrestler, but he has natural technical ability that is just begging to be shaped and molded. He's an athlete pure and simple, powerful, and very gifted. What he’s able to do he’s mostly learned on the fly, and he’s taken a few seminars here and there.
Wrestling Debut: EAW will he Thadd’s first actual wrestling company. However, he’s been a backyard wrestler since he was like 15-years old in good the good fed the Jerzey Wrasslin' Alliance. He's also made sporadic appearances in other places.
Favorite Weapon: Thadd's lethal kicks and chops are weapons in their own right, but truthfully he'll grab whatever is handy to use. More often than not, he will get the crowd involved and has used everything from a cement block in a handbag to someone's toddler as a weapon.

1. Thadd is powerful and athletic. He could have played football at a collegiate level but his passion for backyard wrestling and stupid stunts caused him to turn down scholarships to USC, LSU, OSU, and Florida State.
2. Thadd might not seem like it, but he's extremely intelligent. He knows how to use his environment to his advantage, and will always be able to outsmart his opponent.
3. If all else fails, Thadd will always have back-up. Crosby and Carsyn are his ride-or-dies and won't hesitate to even the odds for Thadd or give him an advantage over someone who might be beating him.

1. About two years ago, Thadd attempted to do a shooting star press off of his roof and into a swimming pool. He missed the pool and completely shattered his left hip. It put him out of commission for a long time and is just now healed enough for him to compete.
2. Thadd's lack of experience is also a huge weakness. Random weekend seminars don't really count as professional training, and Thadd doesn't really know how to harness his God-given technical ability and properly use it.
3. Thadd is also easily distracted. He actually lives for crowd reactions and praise. He won't hesitate to show-off and this can sometimes cost him at the worst possible time.

● Jerzey Wrasslin Alliance (picture the shittiest, trashiest, and most ridiculous backyard promotion and you have JWA in a nutshell.)
● The Factory (it was a small Indy promotion that held their shows in an abandoned bar)
● Spectacular Championship Wrestling (Thadd and his bro Crosby were part of a tag team gauntlet type of tournament a few months ago)

EAW In-Ring Achievements:
● Teamed with The ACE, Hall of Famer, and overall cool Bro, Jamie O’Hara, on the May 3rd, 2019 episode of Dynasty and won! The duo defeated Theron Nikolas and Mark Michaels.

Other EAW Achievements:
● MVE #166 -- Rising Star of the Week

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
● Multiple Kick Variations (Most Notable: Enziguri, Springboard Drop, Super)
● Double Knee Backbreaker
● Running Double Knee Strike to Cornered Opponent
● Death Valley Driver (often onto a weapon I.E. chair or trash can)
● Running Forearm Smash to bent over opponent
● Sitout Powerbomb
● Belly-to-Belly Suplex
● Rolling Thunder-style Roll, into jumping Cutter.

● Gator Roll
● Shining Wizard Enzuigiri
● Kneeling DDT
● Jumping Double Stomp
● Repeated Elbow Drops in Quick Succession

● Senton Splash
● Diving Dropkick
● Super-Swinging Neckbreaker
● Blockbuster
● Diving Crossbody

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of six (6)
1. “Dude, It’s A Spear" (spear; done inside or outside of the ring)
2. “The Brotein Shake” (quick release dragon suplex [the opponent lands hard on their neck])
3.) “Dude, I Think You’re Dead" (piledriver onto the ring apron)
4.) “Jersey Trash 2000” (the bitter end)
5.) “My Girlfriend Taught Me This” (dragon sleeper)
6.) “F’Yeah BroKick” (tiger feint kick [Sometimes with weapon assist, around ringpost, etc.])

Finishing Moves: Maximum four (4)
1. “The FloBro 420” (shooting star press; and he’s still ridiculous enough to try it off of anything)
2. “The Brotato Chip“ (Inverted crucifix transitioned into a sitout side powerslam[Marty Scurll’s Bird of Prey])

SNZ 13 Competitive Record
● Coming Soon!

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