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The scene begins as we see The Visual Prophet roaming inside a local gym in Baltimore, Maryland. A few hours away from College Park, the location for this week's Sunday Night Voltage, The Sovereign hopped off of a treadmill after running for 6 miles straight. A light sweat appeared over his face as his hair was patted down by Nina with a towel she was seen holding. Prophet wore a pair of purple short shorts, a muscle shirt with sweat over this chest, a pair of Air Jordan 1's in the original black and red variation, and his treasure around his waist. Viz was sashaying around a bit, his New Breed championship around his waist as everyone trying to get their reps in kept staring and peeking at him. Nina Dobrev, his assistant, twirled around as Viz exposed a smug expression to rival all the people watching him work out.

"Bae, everybody is staring at you, Bae! Ever since you win da New Breeed ChaympiunCHIP, everybody keeps looking at you! You are star, Bae! Big star, Bae!" said Nina as Viz leaned up against a vending machine. Prophet tapped on the machine and tilted his head towards it. This prompted Nina to scramble in to her purse and grab change and feed the machine so that Prophet could buy a bottle of water.

The Visual Prophet: "Of course, sweetheart. They see the essence and the glow! The aura of a star, the body that society makes sculptures to replicate, and this championship belt around my waist...of course they will stare!"

Nina D: "Does it not bother you, bae?"

The Visual Prophet: "Never could being the main attraction bother me, Nina! This belt, this title allows me to spread my influence and achieve every goal I set out to accomplish. I beat three of EAW's most unique but more likable talents. I stopped the three guys this company would rather see wear this title and now I am prepared to lift this title to a new level. People still look at my opponents and my co-workers in EAW as just wrestlers. Some transition and become more but none will be bigger than..."


Attention was grabbed as over strolled a short woman in a suit as Viz and Nina turned to see her approach them both.

The Visual Prophet: "...That is my name..."

"That is your name. My name is Myra Rosenhaus! I am the daughter of Drew Rosenhaus and I am the premier sports agent in the USA!"

The Visual Prophet: "...That is nice to know...what do you want, baby?"

Myra Rosenhaus: "I want you, baby!"

The Visual Prophet: "Everybody wants me, baby! You want it Raw?"

Myra Rosenhaus: "Huh?"

The Visual Prophet: "Can I keep the belt on?"

Myra Rosenhaus: "Wait now that's not wh-"

Nina D: "Bae, can I watch?"

Myra Rosenhaus: "Woah, hold the phone, stop the presses, and calm your horses!"

Myra raised her hands up, pausing the conversation as Viz and Nina shrugged their shoulders.

Myra Rosenhaus: "First things first, congratulations on winning that New Breed title. I for one was rooting for you heavily!"

The Visual Prophet: "Word?"

Myra Rosenhaus: "Yes, in fact...I want to root for you when you are in the ring and out. I want to help you become the biggest star in not just wrestling but also all of sports and entertainment! Bigger than Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Lebron James, Rihanna..."

The Visual Prophet: "...Noah Reigner?"

Myra Rosenhaus: "Of course! I already see you as a bigger star than guys like Noah. He has a face made for radio and you can be in any movie, endorsement, publication and beyond with the right representation! You have IT and I know you want to be the brightest star in this business. Let me help you. Join me!"

The Visual Prophet: "Is that so? Join you? I've already been in ESPN on my own merits. I've done Nardwuar, I'm the New Breed champion. My goal is to fix EAW, make professional wrestling more beautiful and to reign supreme over all as the Sovereign. Mika, Myra Drew...whatever your name is...I don't know if I need a manager trying to pry a percentage of my money to do something that will come naturally the longer I hold this title and after I win more matches. I have Noah Reigner to contend with this Sunday night on Voltage, a win over that man will be bigger than anything I've done since I've been in EAW. World champ vs New Breed champ, arguably the biggest match in Voltage history in the main event. What can you do to make me, THE VISUAL PROPHET, more prominent?"

Myra Rosenhaus: "Thing is, Viz...can I call you Viz?"

Prophet turned to Nina who had a confused look on her face before shrugging his shoulders as Myra.

Myra Rosenhaus: "You are the best wrestler in this company. Maybe the world, you're easily my favorite ever! But, to most of the're just a wrestler! There have been some big names before but, in order to be the biggest and need me to help guide your career and truly fight to make sure you aren't seen as just some talented wrestler like the Noah Reigner or the MarrKade types. Guys that can wrestle, but are no where in the ball park as charismatic or inspiring as you!'"

Myra reached in to her suit pocket, as Nina cracked her knuckles.

Myra Rosenhaus: "Look, Vizzy! Hey, I know you are busy today and have a big match with Noah Reigner to attend to. A lot of preparation and focus needs to be on beating the World Champ and shocking everybody like you did at King of Elite. I get it, no rush! But, take my card! Call me! I'm available at anytime, I will answer the call before the fourth ring. Think about it. I am the daughter of one of the greatest sports agents that ever lived and I want to ride with you to the future you see fit for all of us wrestling fans! I'll be around, don't be a stranger!'"

Myra handed the card to Viz, until Nina snatched it away with the quickness. Myra raised her hands and backed away slowly before winking at Nina who's confused looked turned to a bit of anger.

Nina D: "Bae, can we trust her?"

The Visual Prophet: "...we will see..."

Viz gave a head nod, as he handed his New Breed championship to Nina and began to situate himself on a bench before finishing his workout as the scene ended.

#####-LATER ON THAT DAY-#####


“This just looks right, don’t it? Champion vs Champion, it’s a moment some think may be wasted on a weekly show? The momentum we share is so beautiful, don’t you agree?”

Viz said as he stared at the camera lens. We open to see Prophet in a dark room as purple smoke appeared behind him. Viz was wearing a solid black turtle neck, his hair wrapped in a golden scarf, and his infamous three lens shades over his eyes. His New Breed title was over his left shoulder as he continued to speak.​


Ashanti's "Rain on me" bellowed from Viz's mouth. It was not rain, however, he was singing about. It was actually Reign as in Noah Reigner, his opponent for sunday night Voltage's main event.​


Vizzy licked his lips seductively as he stared deeply in to the camera as what looked to be small drops of rain began to pour on to him.

The Visual Prophet: “This pain...painting pictures prolific, the most gifted, sovereignty solidified as this is lifted. Let me slow it down, ugh. Dont won't to lose you guys just yet, ugh. It is me!”

Prophet then raised his New Breed title in to the camera's lens. The rain began to stop as he lowered his newly won title and continued to speak.

The Visual Prophet: “The icon of Voltage! The changing of the guard is here and it meets you this Sunday, Noah Reigner! A New Breed meets a World Champion! This match on any other night would stop the presses. Regardless of the outcome, we both get to continue on as champions. To the optics, you are the supreme ruler of Voltage. To the viewers, Noah Reigner reigns over more than just his house. He reigns over most of EAW as the champion everybody on Voltage wants to topple. You did your deed, babe! You took that hoodlum, that THUG Sosa and buried him to get back what you earned. Mr. Cash in the Vault then shocked the world when he took Impact’s newly won World Heavyweight championship and secured it for himself. Bravo, babe!”

The Visual Prophet: “I watched that all go down and was amazed but I have a question, sweetheart...did you watch me? if you did, did you watch me closely?”

The Visual Prophet: “Did you watch THE VISUAL PROPHET do everything he said he would do? Did you see me devour three of EAW’s brightest talents? Did you, like these idiots that will pay hard money to watch Lethal Consequences blow another title match, watch the first night of King of Elite expecting something different? Or did you all casually expect the wonderful run of Raven Roberts to continue? Or maybe Crosby Carter and his deplorable wife would win out? Maybe it was finally Damon Diesel’s time to stop choking and prove himself? Nope! Roberts was halted and exalted as champ. Carsyn Carter can suck a chicken nugget through a crazy straw but she couldn’t help her boo succeed. Damon Diesel blew yet another New Breed title shot. The shocking victory was mine and only mine. THE VISUAL PROPHET...New Breed Champion, huzzah!”

Prophet raised his title once again as the smoke died down and a strickingly purple light engulfed him briefly before settling and leaving glow around him as he spoke on.

The Visual Prophet: “I Bet you had a lot on your plate that night, champ! Having to fight a thief for your own property and then wait until the very last night of King of Elite to make your move. To seize your moment. I saw it, a bit more cowardly then I would have done it. But, congratulations are in order. You did it, you became world champ as everyone expected you to eventually be! You earned your way in to EAW, you became Cash in the Vault’s wielder and you booked your ticket to legendary status on your own terms. But that was King of Elite...this is back to the grind, babe! To these people you are the best! To these future opponents, you’re just a guy with the belt everyone wants on Voltage. We have similar seating since we both hold treasures that many people want to take from us. Except, I have any and every eligible man or woman across all EAW brands as potential enemies whilst you face whoever Voltage thinks is worthy. It’s a fun, new experience for us both in EAW.”

The Visual Prophet: “But this week isn’t about our gold, it’s about our goals. Your goal should be to survive whilst mine is to continue winning and shutting up the doubters. Our two massive egos, and you do have a massive ego, squaring off in a battle of behemoths. You may reflect on your past brawl with the old man that was The Visual Prophet. But you know this isn’t the same catastrophe that you have to deal with. You have to face me! The calamity of chaos, the icon, the most beautiful, built like a Greek statue, most jaw dropping wrestler to ever breath in EAW. A beacon of hope, a ray of purple greatness will shine all over you, NOAH! This isn’t a rematch this is a spectacle. Not just because it’s champ vs champ, silly goose. This is House of Reigner vs The Sovereign Savior. The Assault Rifle Against Vizzy Hendrixxx...Noah and THY VISUAL PROPHET!”

“And you gone love it!”

The Visual Prophet: “In a few days, you will get quite a full plate. Accurate punches that puncture precise proponents and perfectly placed suplexes as you get stretched- let me slow it down! We have all week to build to our climax, sunshine! I wanna take this time to craft the narrative as I always do! First things first, no mind games from my side, I SWEAR! I’ve toyed with opponents since the New Years came and I’m going to step that down for this encounter. I’ve taken the mentally edge of the likes of Lethal Consequences, Crosby Carter, and Korey Gaines since 2019 started. I’ve also smacked around the likes of Damon Diesel, Darling Daryl Kinkade, and even Raven Roberts as well. I have not been submitted since joining EAW and the only pin-fall over me this year came when Kinkade snuck one over an idiotic referee who didn’t see his shoulders flat on the canvas as well. I am undefeated and I plan to remain undefeated but you won’t let me do that without a fight, am I right?”

The Visual Prophet: “I mean, you’re great and all...but you ain’t no Sovereign! You not no Icon, a self made headliner...the optics say one thing but my vision shows me the truth. Yes, Veena Adams and I are aligned in synchronized form but I am my own man. Yes, I have an associate named Nina who I saved from a life of destitute in Russia and have brought along with me as I make EAW beautiful, but I still fight my own battles alone. I am the peak of humanity wrapped in mocha colored skin and purple drapery. I look like what greatness and artistry should look like yet...they put your insignificant face and scrawnier frame on posters and banners for all to stare at. That’s offensive but I get it.”

The Visual Prophet: “They have invested so much time and money behind their lil’ Assault Rifle and now that you’re champ, they want to turn you in to a real cash cow. But, once I pin you and shut down this behavior, maybe I can change all that!”

Laughter emerged but was stifled as Viz covered his mouth with his hand. Almost as if it wasn't intentional. Prophet paused, gathered his thoughts, and began to speak again.

The Visual Prophet: “I’m a star, Noah. I am also the best wrestler in the EAW and despite explanation after explanation, you guys still think I’m just a fluke. Just a myth that appeared from the admit the mist. POOF, voila...VIZ! Thing is, I'm not a myth or fluke or just some lucky kid. I am without a doubt better than every man and woman in professional wrestling. I stand here and the peak of this sport! Only difference is, people treat your belt as if it means you are better than me. I have my own title, and until I roll over and die and lose it, I will reign as a better champion than you can ever be! You guys all keep doubting until its your turn to get elbowed in the jaw and left sleeping on the mat! Mistakes made by many men and women before you have got me to the promise land I occupy currently. It has got me to this New Breed championship and this main event this Sunday Night Voltage. I have been near perfect since the second I arrived and beating you will be a milestone I will use to remind you all that I am that good in that ring! A shocking turn of events is what everyone will claim win I manage to pin you, sweetie! To me, it’s just another Sunday. Just another night of showcasing why I am such an icon. Why I had Nardwuar flying to Africa to interview me. Why I have ESPN flying to Paris to write stories about moi on my off week. Why I was the one to clip Raven Roberts wings and send her dragging off to figure out her next career trajectory.“

The Visual Prophet: “I’m winning convincingly, I’m changing people’s careers, and I’m the most dominate force this company has ever seen. Y’all just want to keep thinking it’s all background noise. That it’s all just a hot streak or luck or whatever excuse everyone has used to define my decadent destruction. News flash, I’m that good!”

The Visual Prophet: “Noah, you will say my name and you will love every minute of it. The match,’ll be upset and so will these fans lining up to see us brawl. But, eventually you all will get it. Soon enough the doubters will turn their expectations around and realize that I am the blue chipper people thought you were. Nah, I’m not about to claim I’m the new ace, new GAWD, the GOAT, or any of those stupid unoriginal nicknames. I’m just THE VISUAL PROPHET...and I’m going to bend you over my knee, Noah Reigner. It will be lovely! Lovelier than those grocery store bought flowers you planned on giving your little boo thang this Thursday! Hey, Tyler...if you want a real evening of adventure and want a break from sitting in the house and watching as Noah Reigner frantically scouts each and every person on the roster like the nerdy dweeb he is; I can send you a key to my hotel and we can make Valentine’s Day beautiful!“

Though he claimed he wouldn't try to play mind games, Viz's shot at Noah's girlfriend could be a seedy invitation or just a shot to piss of the World Heavyweight champion. The only person who could know if this act of perversion was genuine or a ploy was Viz himself.

“After I knock down her walls, I’ll bust down the walls of House Reigner with these elbows of mine. Xoxo”


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