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Like seriously, this guy wants to make the best day of his life so personal. You know Rex, I will accept those words you said and simply say that I forgive you. You throw the consistency thing at me again and that hurt my feelings a little bit. I mean it’s not like everyone hasn’t been constantly sucking my dick about that for years now. When we talk about desire, my desire has never wavered. Please don’t be fooled by the sabbaticals and think that my leaving has changed anything. The only thing me leaving has ever done has opened the doors for guys like you, Chris Elite, Drake King, Visual Prophet to become something in EAW. You’re welcome, while I was here consistently doing my thing, Drake King was belittling himself with catchphrases, Visual Prophet was selling himself to any police officer who didn’t feel like sleeping with their wife and you were in the shadow of Xavier Williams. Had I stayed I’d be that guy who is the old head now, who is constantly reminded that his best years are behind him and he’s taking the spotlight away from others. And even though I left and I’d come back and start from scratch at the very bottom and fight myself to the top once again I still get called the older guy who is here stealing opportunities and preventing people from shattering the glass ceiling. So it doesn’t matter if I stay or go I’m still going to be run down about the things that I do. I find it funny that you find that drinking milk and saying your prayers and taking your vitamins commitment to excellent shtick makes you a better man than me. Because you are consistent and driven that makes you better? Rex, let me remind you that you are approaching this match with the absolute wrong mentality. Approaching it as a reason to make amends for a loss you received from me, I don’t want to break you, you want to break me because you can’t handle losing to someone like me. Why me? Because I’m different? Rex, I need you to know that even with you trying so hard to be a leader of something that was inspired by dickheads like Zack Crash and Robbie V. I’ve done everything you’ve done before I was in the hall of fame before I had world titles. It took you to get a world title for anyone to know who you were. For anyone to give a fuck about what you were doing and then I made your title reign important. Let’s not act like you were always the guy who was a leader. When this company needed someone to fight for it when it was being owned by people who wanted this place to die where were you? I don’t remember seeing Rex McAllister willing to put his career on the line to save this place. Since we are being real let’s talk about how you and that generation that is constantly evolving and changing are profiting off of a company that I’ve constantly had to put on my back and save whenever guys like you weren’t even thought of. Fuck out of here man. I still love you though. I love you a lot and I honestly know that you are going to fight like hell come Fighting Spirit and I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Despite you constantly trying to push me away, you know and I know that with us elevating the Grand Rampage and us having this match. You know that this isn’t the last time you’ll see this ugly mug. You know that this will not be the last time you and I beat the hell out of one another. Look at it this way, before this Rex. You had something I wanted really badly, what do you have now that I want that would require me to pry it away from your cold dead hand? This isn’t personal and if I wanted you to know it I’d have interfered in your match on Voltage to add hype to this match. This match doesn’t need any hype, whether it was ten, twenty, thirty, forty an hour Rex. Any time I get to spend with you I don’t take it for granted because if anyone knows how to get underneath your damn skin. It’s me. If anyone knows how to get the absolute best out of Rex McAllister, it’s me. I consider myself the face of Dynasty for one reason and one reason only, Chris Elite needed me, Rex. I didn’t go looking for Chris, Impact needed me, I didn’t mention impact. See being the face of something is when you don’t need to beat these guys but they come looking for you because they know being in the ring with me puts them on a completely different level. Rex, you confuse me, because we talk about egos and I said I’m the face of just one brand but you want to be the face of the whole damn company but that’s a justifiable ego because it’s you saying it? And you have reason to back that up? You are a selfish ego maniacal stupid son of a bitch. But once again, that’s what makes me love you. You reveal through bits and pieces that you are every bit of the scumbag that I know you to be and from one scumbag to another, that I’m going to take great pleasure in putting some serious punishment on you. Rex, you want to be the source right? The guide to help people? That’s cute. Do you want to be Jaywalker jr? You know you learn the best from failing on your own, you learn the best from being on your own. That’s how I learned, that’s why I got to the Hall of Fame and I did it in spite of people trying to put their two cents into my career. Is that the kind of guy you are revealing to the world that you want to be? You want to be the kind of guy who can take credit for someone succeeding because they had the knowledge of the great Rex McAllister? I’d rather someone be successful in spite of me giving them anything because that shows they can swim in the deep water. Nobody taught me how to swim in the deep end and nobody has taught me how to survive and I’ve survived for nearly a decade while you are recognized for surviving off of coincidence? Rex, even now. More than ever, you HAVE to beat me. You NEED to beat me, and I say that there’s more emphasis on a need for you to win this match because despite me saying that nobody should have to count on you for any advice, people might still look up to Rex. And if you lose it makes you a liar, the one thing I’m trying to really understand is why do you think you know me so much? Questioning me and what I want? And you always revert back to two years ago because that’s D-day in your mind, that’s the day that the one guy you didn’t think belonged in the ring with you put your ass down and reminded you that you aren’t good again. Trying to call me a step behind because of two years ago? Let’s talk about how I was the number one entry in the Grand Rampage and you had a nice time to breathe and prepare when I was immediately thrown into the fire? Rex. With all due respect, my love shut the fuck up. You talk so much and want to make this about you when it’s not about you or me. It’s about us. Together, giving the world what they want to see and I’m all for giving the people what they want to see and they want to see us do what we do best in the middle of that ring. And you are over here with these promos trying to be a psychologist and shit. Rex, if I had the chance which I’ve had plenty of times to behead you. I would have done it, that’s something you need to be afraid of. A guy like me who KNOWS deep down into his very soul that I’ve had you plenty of times in situations where I could have absolutely ended your fucking story right then and there and I didn’t do it. Because as much as you try to avoid it, this is real to me. This is forever, the day you and I locked eyes it was set in stone that we’d fight until we can’t fight anymore against one another. I want you to know that there are not many things that are very important to me anymore but I promise you that this match and you are very important to me. So important that after Dynasty when I drop Kelton on his head, I’m going straight to Omaha. I’ve been called a lot of things, a lunatic, unhinged and I’m proud of it because everyone can say what they think of me but I know what I am, I know what I’m capable and for a guy like you to think you know what to expect when fighting Cage just shows you didn’t learn anything when I left you for dead in the middle of the ring in Las Vegas. You obviously are going to learn that everything you think you know about Cage from just a month ago at Grand Rampage or even a few weeks ago from when I encountered you on Voltage is just not the same man you’ll be inside the ring with. You can use your facts to back up everything of your claim of being the face of EAW. I just want you to know that I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing you try your best to show me how hardcore and edgy you can get. Because I really can’t wait for you to see what I have in store for you. I’m bringing an unholy hardcore trinity of violence to Fighting Spirit. How dare you say Sienna Jade and Impact are in positioning for being the face of Dynasty? First of all, Ew. Serena Bennett? Are you fucking kidding me? Drake King, who was on our dick about our match and now you’re sucking his dick? Rex. Please. I really don’t want to have to dislike you because we are close to our special day and I want this day to be special for both of us. Because as much as you don’t want to play my little game. You have absolutely no choice, I love you man. And I’ll always love you and think of Fighting Spirit as me. Cage, the guy everyone wishes would stay away. Just asking you to come to play.

Come Out And Play, Rex.

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