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It was time for a change.

I am tired of being held back, tired of being sided, by idiots and weaklings. Tired of seeing how this great brand is turning into. It's time for a change, time for some chaos.


Wrestling Name: Ryan Wilson
Picture Base: TJ Perkins
Current Nicknames: President of the Wilson Nation. Canadian Studmuffin, The Real Ryan Wilson, The Agent of Chaos
Height: 6’, 1’’
Weight: 200 lbs
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Disposition/Alignment: Prizefighter Heel
Gimmick: ''When I first started, I was a Cosplayer fighting to have a good time and entertain the fans but mostly myself. Then, I grew to become a fighter against Injustice and Tyranny. Now, I am fighting for myself in the name of chaos and fairness.''

Professional debut. 'June 2015'


Main Theme Music: 'My Way' by Limp Bizkit
Secondary Theme Song: 'Chaos' by Skold
Tertiary Theme Song: 'Psyched Out' by The Supersuckers


Every match Ryan has done in EAW can be found here.
Work in progress as I do not have the results for every match.
But I will write every card I was part of.


My Way by Limp Bizkit plays loudly over the PA system as Ryan Wilson steps through the curtain leading up to the stage right under the titantron carrying a hockey stick which rests on his left right shoulder. He is followed by Sylvain Primeau and the towering Brujah St-Michel, cracking his knuckles with a bestial smirk on his face who walks behind the Canadian Studmuffin. Wilson takes lead walking slowly towards the ring looking at the crowd frowning at some of them until he makes his way inside the ring and goes to one of the turnbuckles climbing with ability up top and raises his hockey stick high above his head and yells. Doing this on another turnbuckle he then tosses the stick to Sylvain and stands in the middle of the ring.

What are your character’s motivations for competing?

Recently I was fighting again unjust injust and the corrupt. Now? I'm fighting for myself and I decided to fight in the name of chaos and fairness. My current motivations are simple: I seek to conquer the soul of Dynasty in order to bring change upon the brand.

The tendency to Cheat: If Needed, I won't hesitate to do what I have to in order to win.

Wrestling Debut: June 2015, Sanctuary of Wrestling
Favorite Match Types: Hardcore, No-Holds-Barred, Cage, Thunderdome.
Least Favorite Match type: Whatever-On-A-Pole match
Favorite Weapon: Hockey Stick
In-Ring Achievements: There is a section for that down there scroll down.


Every match Ryan has done in EAW can be found here.
Work in progress as I do not have the results for every match.
But I will write every card I was part of.


Powerful Snap Suplex -
Calf Kick -
Suplex Double Knee Backbreaker -
Flashing Elbow -
Grapevine STF -
Italian Mafia Kick -
John Cena's STF -
Fisherman Buster -
Tornado DDT of DEATH -
Rope Hung Front Kick -
Crippler Crossface -
Super Release German Suplex -
Inverted Headlock Backbreaker -
Northern Lariat -
Lethal Injection -
Scorpion Crosslock -
Swanton Bomb - Un classique!!
Guillotine Legdrop -
Swinging Neckbreaker -
Lionsault -


1. Lou Thez Press
2. Superman Punch
3. Surprise!


1. 'Mic Drop' Small Package Driver
2. 'Fourth Wall Break' Jericho's Wall of Jericho.

3. Chaos Theory ( Surprise! )
Ultra Finisher. 'Game Over' Stunner


Sanctuary of Wrestling (SoW)
Winner of the SoW Next Big Thing Invitational 2015
World Champion x 1 (Self Proclaimed)
WildSide Champion x 2 (Once Self Proclaimed)

CUW Universe (CUW)
Tag Team Championship (with Brujah St-Michel) x 1
Tag Team of the Year Award 2016 (Shock Duo: Ryan Wilson / Brujah St-Michel)
Hardcore Champion x 1
World Champion x 1

Federation de la Grosse Baston (FGB)
Tag Team Champion (with Brujah St-Michel) x 1
Bloody Champion x 1

Squared Circle Alliance
World Champion x 1

Elite Answers Wrestling
Most Valuable Elitist #146 (August 7th)


Ian Ternivsky aka ''Ian Turn'' aka ''The Intern''

Ryan hired him when he first made it to EAW because Ian's name was funny, the poor guy won't ever get past intern status with a name like that. He's well intentioned though, and Ryan does treat him well.

March 2019 - Ian Ternivsky has been released from his contract with Ryan Wilson after Ides of March.

Sylvain Primeau

Formerly using the shadow name of Mister Fortwahl during Wilson's debuts in EAW, Sylvain is now Ryan's enforcer as part of the newly formed Family group following the disbanding of The Score.

The former soccer player turned wrestler is the eldest son of Sebastien 'Prime' Primeau the man who first introduced Ryan to pro wrestling. Sylvain made history back at Sanctuary of Wrestling by breaking several records, winning championships and establishing himself as the promotion's fastest rising star. Since the death of his father, he has been traveling with Ryan training him.

Tony ''Brujah'' St-Michel

Longtime tag team partner and ally of Prime and trainer of Ryan on the hardcore and extreme side of things, Tony St-Michel is an MMA brawler who fought his way from the streets up to wrestling superstardom by utilizing his strength and power to his advantage in brutal ways. One example was a match with Prime where he threw him from the first balcony of the Bell Centre forcing him into retirement after having betrayed his once best friend.

Tony is known on the independent scene for his violence and bestial-like savagery in the ring and out. He excels in tag team and extreme matches having won hardcore and tag team championships on several occasions with Prime and also with Ryan Wilson. He now follows Wilson as his enforcer as a member of The Family and trains him along with Sylvain.

Sebastien ''Prime'' Primeau

The man who allowed Ryan Wilson to have a crack at professional wrestling, a Legend of pro wrestling in Montreal along with the Rougeau's with 42 titles to his name including 11 World Titles. Unfortunately, death claimed this man in a criminal fire during a Sanctuary of Wrestling Pay-Per-View which caused the end of the company. Ryan paid his respect to his mentor by using the man's theme song ''Psyched Out'' until Ides of March and still uses his iconic finisher the Game Over Stunner.



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