Shortfuse PAKA

Shortfuse PAKA

The Wrecking Ball

Shortfuse PAKA Contract


Wrestling Name: PAKA
Picture Base: Tomohiro Ishii
Current Nicknames: Shortfuse, The Wrecking Ball
Height: 5’, 7’’
Weight: 225 lbs
Birthplace : Mie Province, Japan
Reside : The Arm Bar, France
Nationality : France


Disposition/Alignment: Choose from these options:

PAKA is Japanese by birth, but has now the French nationality after his tenure in the French Foreign Legion. Shortfuse PAKA is a grumpy bowling ball in human form. Man of direct and rude words, he is rough and crazy, a past life in the foreign legion can do that to people. In the ring, this though as nails brawler is quite easy to anger, hence the Shortfuse nickname, and can explode in a ball of rage very quickly. He arrives in wrestling with the goal of finding and beating up worthy opponents while purging EAW of the rest of the "punks" and "boys", has he call them. He doesn’t want competitive dream matches, he wants good old fights. Oh, and he is also the brother-in-law of one of EAW resident jobber : Provençal, and he try to improve him, as a sidequest.

Theme Music:
'Breankin' Outta Hell by AIrbourne

What are your character’s motivations for competing?

- Fighting everyone and enjoying it
- Purging EAW of the unworthy fighters
- Transforming his brother-in-law into a real fighter

Tendency to Cheat: Choose from these options: Never (better yet, he never uses closed fists)

Wrestling Debut [Optional]:
Favorite Match Types : Handicap Matches where he is in the outnumbered side (the greater the odds against him, the happier he is).
Least Favorite Match Types : Battle Royals
Favorite Weapon : Turnbuckles and barricades

Common Moves:
1. Palm Strikes (PAKA never uses punches)
2. Falling Headbutt
3. Belly to Belly Throw when an opponent charges him
4. Lou Thesz Press followed by Palm Strikes
5. Running Lariat
6. Running Hip Attack to an opponent seated in a corner
7. Shotgun Dropkick
8. Penalty Kick to a seated opponent
9. Knife Edge Chops aimed at the throat
10. German Suplex
11. Vertical Suplex
12. Dragon Suplex
13. Powerbomb
14. Fisherman Superplex
15. DDT
16. Spinebuster

Signature Moves:
1. 'Shortfuse Lock' Modified Boston Crab

2. 'Wrecking ball plancha' When the opponent is out of the ring, PAKA shouts "hey Merde", runs and do an Headbutt Suicide Dive

3. 'Knockout Headbutt' A simple but very effective Headbutt to a standing opponent.

4. 'WreckingBomb' : Liger Bomb

Finishing Moves:
1. ‘Compact Driver’ : Running Death Valley driver onto the turnbuckles or the barricades, walls, stairs etc.

UF. 'Infinite CD : Multiple "The Compact Driver" in a row

PAKA never uses punches in matches, he prefers palm strikes or forearm smashes

PAKA has a manager serving as his mouthpiece and accompanying him to the ring : One of EAW young lions


Name : Hajime Kawano
Pic base : Hiromu Takahashi
Height : 5 ft 10
Weight : 201 lbs
Age : 17
From : Iga, Japan

Finisher (can use it on other managers or valet) :

1. 'Chaos Theory' : O'Connor Roll German Suplex

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