The Dragon Slayers



Scene opens with Michael Shaw and Sam Steele standing in front of the camera with smirks on their faces. The EAW Universe let out a roar of cheers as the Slayers shook their heads back and forth as Shaw looked back into the camera.

MICHAEL SHAW: “You see this is how we know we’d be treated by coming to Elite Answers Wrestling.. The fans know that the Dragon Slayers are the best damn tag team around their world, but it seems as if management just can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls, that the Dragon Slayers ARE and forever will be the best tag team walking this earth and we’ll continue to call ourselves that until we want to stop!”

Steele shook his head back and forth with a look of frustration on his face. The EAW Universe let out a roar of cheers.

SAM STEELE: “But Mike, we’ve been given Unified Tag Team Championship opportunities everything we could get them and still management don’t want two men that has made this tag team division all over the world, the Dragon’s Division. But I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to call THIS division in EAW our Division, because management are afraid of us being THIS fucking division, they’re afraid that WE will take this division and make it MORE OURS! Which personally maybe there right man.. Maybe we will take this division and make it something that MarrKade or even Generation Genesis will NEVER be able to do as much as they try to make it something, there is only ONE team in this company that can actually feast and make the tag team division to the cosmos and beyond!”

Steele smirked arrogantly, looking up at the ceiling as if he was looking into the stars. The EAW Universe roared in cheers as Shaw patted his partner on the shoulder.

MICHAEL SHAW: “Like we’ve said before, Sammy.. This will ALWAYS be our division, rather we have the Unified Tag Team Championships or rather we constantly get fucked out of those straps.. THIS is OUR division and tonight in great Detroit, Michigan; Jack Haze and Johnny Walker will find out first hand the new Mission of the Dragon Slayers and they will be beaten and battered by OUR hands, they’ll be welcomed into the Dragon’s Lair and punished for everything they’ve done wrong by stepping inside those ropes with the greatest!”

Steele nodded with a smirk on his face. The EAW Universe continued to roar with cheers as Shaw looked over at Steele.

SAM STEELE: “Jake What and Johnny Who? Where the fuck do they bring these people in from?” [he shook his head back and forth with an angry look on his face]
“Look Jake.. Johnny there's only three thing I will say and that’s tonight in that very ring, one of you two will be the unlucky one to TAP.. SNAP or have your career ended at the hands of a Hard Knox LIFE!”

His eyes narrowed on the camera, a devious smirk formed on his face as the EAW Universe erupted into a roar of cheers before Sam Steele stepped out of the camera frame. Michael Shaw nodded with a smirk, watching Steele punch the wall before leaving the room. Shaw winced in pain before looking back into the camera with an arrogant smile.

MICHAEL SHAW: “New Mission or not, my friends on this night the world will witness a bloodbath to remember, but it won’t be the Prodigy’s blood spilt throughout the Little Caesars Arena, LIVE right here in Detroit, Michigan, BAYBAY!”
[he smirked arrogantly, listening to the EAW Universe erupt into cheer, before looking back into the camera]
“No.. no, ya see it’s gonna be your BLOOD that is split throughout this building tonight at the hands of the Dragon Slayers, because ya see the EAW Universe wants to see red.. They wanna see fucking blood and the Slayers are going to give them just that the blood of your sins will FILL that ring and those people are going to be roaring and chanting “WE WANT MORE!” over and over again and the Dragons will get them what they want.. MORE BLOOD!”

The EAW Universe chants echoed through the Little Caesars Arena;


The EAW Universe’s chants continued to blow the roof off the Little Caesars Arena, putting an arrogant smile the face of the Prodigy.

MICHAEL SHAW: “I hope the two of you are ready to have your bones shattered, because tonight the Dragon Slayers will welcome you to the Layer of the Dragons and when it’s all over and done, the two of you will remain in the Dragon’s DUNGEON! WELCOME TO DRAGON”S HELL!”

The Prodigy smirked arrogantly as the chant broke out through the arena as Shaw stepped out of the camera frame, the chant continued to echo through the building as the scene faded to black.

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