MATCH PROMO Showdown #3 Daryl Kinkade Vs CAmeron Ella Ava: What?

Daryl Kinkade

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Seriously, what?

If someone could explain to me what the hell went on on Saturday I would be truly grateful, because frankly, that was one of the weirdest hours of my life and I still have no idea what exactly happened.

One minute, I'm sat in the locker room with a bag of skittles, preparing myself for what I was envisaging as a fractious and awkward tag match at best, then sixty minutes later my whole world seems to have flipped upside down.

First off, me and Shane worked as a tag team, not just worked, worked well. The tags were smooth, there was no arguing and we even managed a double team move. I wouldn't say we've worked through any issues we have, but I have to give credit where credit is due and say Shane, well played lad, you might not like me, but you proved you can put any issues you have to one side if it benefits the greater good. Then after that there's a bit of, well, afters. I was fully expecting that, after all, I think its fair to say none of us four really like each other. What I wasn't expecting and I don't think anyone in attendance was expecting, was to see me and Charlie boy working as a team and then me, Shane and Charlie celebrating in the middle of the ring. At this point I thought Id' entered the twilight zone and had sworn off skittles before matches as clearly the sugar was playing tricks on me. Either that or I was concussed and this was all some weird, fevered dream. Finally, back in the relative sanity of the Showdown locker room and I'm running through what just happened in my head and I get approached by Rex McAllister of all people. My first thought is that he's entered the wrong locker room, the second is that I've been chosen as a sacrificial lamb for him to make an example of. The last thing on my mind was that he was going to offer to help me try and progress my career here. Completely and utterly bamboozled I start to pack my shit up and decide that I have definitely taken a whack to the head and the best thing for me to do is head back to the hotel for a little lie down. At the point, the creepy backstage intern runs up to me and tells me I'm booked against Cameron Ella Ava next week. Naturally I laugh in his face, make my way back to my room and pass out.

Now, imagine my utter surprise the next morning when I wake up to discover that actually I did get on with Charlie and Shane, Rex did offer to take me under his wing and I do have a match against Cameron. I looked not unlike Macauly Culkin in Home Alone when he tries his dads after shave. Somehow, in the space of little over a month I've gone from tormenting Shane Gates for shits and giggles and happily floating along trying to find my place in EAW to facing the number one contender for the World Title while the current world champion is offering me advice, so again I find myself saying...what?!?!


So, now if you'll excuse me, for once in my life I'm going to have to take a match seriously. I'm going to have to prepare, to study tapes of Cameron, to strategise. This isn't how I'd normally prepare for a match, in fact it's completely unnatural for me to be thinking this way, but I've got the World champ willing to help me. I've got the top guy in the business right now offering his advice, free of charge. I can't just piss about eating pizza and drinking sugary drinks...well not as much as usual anyway. I'm going to be stepping foot in the ring with one of EAW's greatest, with the current number one guy seemingly in my corner. The cynical among you may be thinking that Rex is just using me to weaken his opponent and that thought has crossed my mind. But so what if he is? This is still a massive opportunity and I really can not afford to pass this up.

So, serious face on. Rex, I'm all ears. Cameron, I'll all business. And everyone else, normal service will no doubt be resumed shortly as there is a pizza on it's way to my room as we speak.

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