MATCH PROMO SHOWDOWN I: "TAP or SNAP, that is the Question.."

The Dragon Slayers


MICHAEL SHAW: “Heart Break Boy is one of the greatest professional wrestling to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, an EAW Hall of Famer and tonight he steps into the ring with THE greatest tag team to not be holding the Unified Tag Team Championships. But the fact is Heart Break Boy’s time on top of EAW is over, nobody gives a damn about what he’s done: Respect, yeah we respect everything that man has done for EAW.. we’ve got respect for his reign as EAW World Heavyweight Champion, it might have been short lived.. But at least, he’s done what not alot of people can do and that is become an EAW World Heavyweight Championship in this company. But now he’s downsized himself to teaming with the Interwire Champion Ahren Fournier..”

Suddenly, Sam Steele stepped into the camera frame with a smirk.

SAM STEELE: “Mikey, do you realize just what could happen if we beat Heart Break Boy and Ahren Fournier in the middle of that ring tonight in Orlando? If we pin Heart Break Boy, that’s a former World Heavyweight Champion, just one of the greatest stars that have been on top of this company.. He’s been to the promise land and then of course the Interwire Champion, if we make him tap out it’ll be the beginning of ARMageddon in EAW, if one of us can pin Ahren Fournier.. We could earn a shot at the Interwire Championship.. A title that has been here since 2007, once known as the AWF Interweb Championship and tonight if one of us can pin him or make him submit.. Not just are the Unified Tag Team Championship within our grasp.. So will that illustrious Interwire Championship!”

Steele smirked arrogantly as the EAW Universe erupted. Shaw nodded, looking into the camera.

MICHAEL SHAW: “Exactly, Sammy.. Not just could the Unified Tag Team Championships be ours.. But so could that Interwire Championship, the greatest superstar in this business: Heart Break Boy and the current reigning Interwire Champion Ahren Fournier are about to get the worst fucking wake up call anyone could get in their lives.” [he paused with a smirk]
“Heart Break Boy, might be a former World Heavyweight Champion.. He might be one of the best wrestlers in EAW, but tonight he’s going to get burned.. Ahren Fournier, you might be the current reigning Interwire Champion, you may have built a great career for yourself in EAW, a current reigning champion.. You’re doing something for yourself, something that WE are still looking to become around EAW.. something that with ONE victory here tonight against one of the greatest and the current Interwire Champion would put us well on that rising point.. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do tonight.. The Amway Center in Orlando, Florida might just become the night of the Dragons rise and your DEMISE!”

Sam Steele smirked arrogantly looking into the camera as EAW Universe continued to roar in cheers.

SAM STEELE: “Exactly man, tonight the former EAW World Heavyweight Champion and Legend in this company and the current reigning Interwire Champion is going to fall to the Dragons a win for us stands for a victory over one of EAW’s greats and making a shot at the Interwire Championship for one of us and if that gets us into a shot at Unified Tag Team Championships than I am ready to break a bone or two” [he smirked arrogantly]
“Heart Break Boy.. Ahren Fournier, I’m gonna make you wish the name Dragon Slayers EVER came out of your mouth.. When I snap your freaking bones… one of you are going to fall to the Dragons FIre and there's not a damn thing any of you are gonna be able to do about it but.. But TAP… the FUCK OUT, like all the rest!”

He smirked dragging his thumb across his throat "TAP or SNAP, boys" before Both Dragon Slayers stepped out of the camera frame as the EAW Universe roared in a earth shattering cheer as the scene faded to black
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