MATCH PROMO Shut The Fuck Up [Empire 2-14 #2]

Raven Roberts

The Bird of Prey
Ms. Cash In The Vault
Las Vegas, NV
Ok, listen here, bubblegum Brandi. I know you of all fucking people didn’t just mock me for losing a title that I held for months while you twiddled your thumbs doing literally nothing with your career. I was a historic champion. Undeniably so. You’ve never even won a title so if you wanna call me out for not being a reigning champion, your ass can go and get there before you open your toddler mouth and try to speak on things you’re obviously too mentally handicapped to understand. There is a difference between being a champion and holding a title. A belt is something that is won but being a champion is something you simply are. One way or another, I am a champion. I prove that by how I fight. How I pick my ass back up day in and day out. By how I am goddamn obsessed with being better. Jael is a champion. And even despite her recent setbacks, I recognize that your partner is a champion. So sit your ass down before you try to annoy me with your whiny ass garbage as you literally sit there and tout your partner as the reason you’re going to win. It’s just like the Pride. Stop relying on others and get shit done on your own. Do you think Chelsea and Jael chose me because I’d be good just as a complimentary piece? NO! They chose me because I scratch and claw and dig until I win. Yes we work well together. But none of us are reliant on each other. You are fucking pathetic.

And one more thing before your teacher discovers you escaped the nursery. I never gave a fuck about your career or whether it was ended or not. I put each and every one of you through pain. I made you suffer for what you represented in my eyes. Whether or not it actually ended your careers? I could not have cared less in the grand scheme of things. Because that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to hurt you, the aftermath being whatever it turned out to be. So I beg of you, Layla. Please come into this match so proud of how you’ve only gotten your ass handed to you so many times and survived. Please come so proud of how you survived those injuries and not even thinking about how your petulant idiocy is what got you in those scenarios in the first place. Because then maybe you’ll be there again. And maybe this time it’ll be the last time I have to hear your voice crack with glee as your prepubescent self gets injured yet again.




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