Sienna Jade

Sienna Jade

“The Locker Room Leader”
EAW Hall of Famer
San Diego, California

Birth Name:
Avery Davis
Wrestling Name: Sienna Jade
Picture Base: Peyton Royce
Current Nicknames: 'Unfuckwithable'
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Date of Birth: 03/19/1992
Place of Birth: Calgary Alberta, Canada
Now Resides: San Diego, California

Ruthless Heel

Sienna Jade is a woman who believes that her extensive experience and lengthy career in the wrestling industry has deemed her as someone who cannot be touched. She believes that she has “earned her stripes” and has the right to treat everyone else below her like shit as they are not on her level. She views others as inferior who should be looking up to her for career guidance as she takes credit for creating big stars such as Kassidy Heart and even her arch rival, Serena Bennett. Sienna claims that every person she associates herself with either through a rivalry or partnership, they end up achieving greater things after.

Theme Music:
'Unfuckwithable' by Deez Nuts

Entrance: The lights begin to flash as 'Unfuckwithable' by Deez Nutz begins to blast all throughout the arena. A few moments pass as Sienna Jade emerges with her EAW National Elite Championship in her hand. She poses and raises her title high as the camera focuses on the glistening gold. Sienna then turns around and shows off her leather jacket with the letters, "UNFUCKWITHABLE" attached. She turns and takes the championship and throws it on her shoulder as she begins to strut down the ramp. Sienna slides under the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle as she raises her title above her head with her two hands.

In-Ring Attire:

Entrance Attire: Sienna Jade wears a black leather jacket over her ring attire.

Segment Attire: Sienna typically wears jeans with a tight-fitted t-shirt along with a sleek leather jacket and high heels.

Tendency to Cheat: Sometimes when things aren’t going her way.

Passion – they just want to wrestle and don’t care about anything else
Glory – they just want to win and don’t care about anything else
Gold – they want to win as many championships and achievements as they can
Punishment – they just want to hurt people as much as they can

Wrestling Training:
Sienna has trained in Calgary, Guadalajara and Tokyo with an accumulation of 7 years of experience.

Wrestling Debut: November 8th, 2010

Favorite Weapon: Golden, diamond encrusted mouse-traps often engaged in the fingers of her opponents. This is done in a more humiliating aspect.

Strengths: Leadership, courage, wittiness, strength, intelligence

Weaknesses: Ignorance, unwillingness to be a good sport, impatient, perfectionist

Promotions: During Sienna’s earlier years, she was a part of the independent wrestling circuit of Canada, Mexico and Japan.

In-Ring Achievements: Sienna has accomplished a lot of tournaments in Japan and has also won championships, however, she does not mention them as she does not deem them as bragging worthy.

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
- Stiff kick to the back of her opponent
- Chops
- Different variations of the DDT
- Stiff knees to the midsection
- Headlock
- Shining Wizard
- Running Knee Lift (As she's on the apron)
- Northern Lights Suplex
- Camel Clutch
- Fujiwara Armbar

Signature Moves:
- 'Starstruck' – Moonsault from the top rope

- Back rake (with theatrics including slowly crawling over her opponent before the move)

- 'Clapback' – (Gory Special – Back-to-back backbreaker)

- 'Witches Hammer' – Ripcord Rolling elbow

Finishing Moves:
- 'Raw Sienna' – Springboard Dropkick

- 'RDG' – Bridging Fisherman Suplex

- 'Temptress' –Double Underhook Crossface

Sienna was born in the Calgary Alberta, Canada and lived there up until she was 18 years old. Sienna was born into a wealthy family and she was the only child which caused her parents to pamper her to no end. During childhood years to her teens, she was trained in mixed martial arts and eventually began her wrestling career when she was 16 years old. She trained two years in Calgary then on her 18th birthday she moved to Guadalajara, Mexico to learn the styles and culture of Lucha Libre. Infatuated by the Strong Style movement in Japan, Sienna moved to Tokyo in 2013 in order to further evolve her wrestling skills. At the end of 2016, Sienna returned to the United States and resided in San Diego, California where she performed in the independent circuit… until now.

Sienna is fluent in Japanese and Spanish as she trained in both Japan and Mexico for several years.​
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