MATCH PROMO So insulted

Ashton Thomas

You know I really truly do not know what it is about this generation of wrestlers using social media to respond to people..FACEBOOK! that's what he used... he used Facebook, listen, kid, I understand you might be a little upset because I said a few mean words. You might feel the need to even hop on so godforsaken social media I mean that's what all the cool kids are doing now right? I've thought it over and I'll tell you what Jason I am going to allow myself to help you because I can see you are headed down a dark path, one which doesn't end well for you, the path you are headed ends one of three ways, one the most obvious and definite way you losing and getting nothing out of the experience because you are to pig headed to listen because you are ugly swine after all... two with your career being over before it starts and you either work in fast food or are just homeless all together, or three with you dead in a gutter, think fast Jason the ugly is just spreading I mean just look you are already giving out the sub-definitions of words. Saying I'm not educated without knowing my education that's just downright grotesque, you have reached new levels of absurdity I can't even fathom and no just to clarify I'm not talking about the depth of water which a fathom would be six feet, no I'm talking about comprehension, I just really can't you actually think I care that you called me a liar yeah sure I may have called your slanderous statements about me untruthful, I was just protecting my good beautiful name.

I am actually learning about you quite quickly Jason, new things everytime you open that unsightly suckhole you call a mouth, I mean think about all the objectionable things you are saying you have got to be one of the foulest people I have ever been matched up with. Also while we are on the issue of beating this horse if I were to have a crush on a man, I wouldn't choose somebody like you, you have so much wrong with you, me having a crush on something as vile and loathsome as you is just not plausible, inbreds are just not my type I mean I've seen thoroughbred racehorses with less inbreeding than your family tree. The difference between you and thoroughbred racehorses is that they are actually worth something and sometimes they even win. You are revealing a lot about yourself Jason, perhaps a little too much. You run your little redundant polls like I give a fuck what the EAW universe has to say about me like I actually care to know the opinion of all the uncultured swine that pay money to see me be beautiful. While I'll be here thinking of more and more ways to actually get the job done and eliminate one more being that is impeding EAW from becoming what it truly should be and that is BAW... BEAUTIFUL ANSWERS WRESTLING! the only problem with that is I would be the only one qualified to join at the moment.

The best thing is you actually went on to explain your interests like I actually care, and then you bothered a man who clearly wanted nothing to do with your putrid ass I can't understand why was it your breath? Did you smell? a combination of both? or was it just because he got tired of the pain that your grotesque figure brought his eyes, either way, he clearly didn't care about you or the fact you were telling him that somebody made fun of your mommy, I am just surprised he actually had the intelligence to get up and walk away. All these things you did inside that airport makes me wonder did you stop taking your Adderall? Your hyperactive ass definitely needs some, or what did you call them "Happy pills" in "Beautiful" Ashton Thomas' EAW we don't take drugs because in my EAW we're all perfect I mean how could we not all be perfect look at me the model absolutely... beautiful I would even say stunning. I don't care about what's in your blood I don't care who was a wrestler what matters Friday night is what you bring to the table, and that isn't a whole lot to look at nothing that catches the eye at least. You want to bring up my last match and how I apparently cheated why don't you watch the match and look closely I don't know what you think you saw but I was clearly hurt, explain to me how punching somebody hard is cheating, please I have never in my career been accused of such acts I can't believe this... Do you actually think a beautiful savior would cheat? The nerve that somebody would actually even say something like that to his beautifulness...

Stay Beautiful
-"Beautiful" Ashton Thomas

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