MATCH PROMO Something Smells "Rotten" on Voltage (Voltage 1)

Donovan Duke

The last two weeks I have been in the ring with some of the greatest competitors Voltage has to offer. Those same two weeks I have come up on the losing end of the poker table. Doesn’t matter what level of opponent I face because it sucks busting out just the same. I know that people are hardly surprised that Donovan Duke lost again, but what is catching people by surprise is how well I have been bringing the fight to my opponents. Drake King might be a little delusional and Myles might be an outright asshole, but they helped bring the best out of me and put the thought in fans’ minds that I mean business. Hell, I’m man enough to admit that I know I have made a few mistakes during my short time in EAW and I know damn well that my lack of success has made me an easy target for cheap shots and comments from the other Elitists. Oh please! Some of those people don’t have the brain power to clean the mud off my shitkickers. I might be rough around the edges right now in my career, but after more matches and gaining more experience, I will no doubt be a huge threat in EAW. I’m constantly making sure that eyes are on me when I compete. This Sunday, I restart my climb and ascension up the Voltage ranks and wipe away any doubt that people may have that I am one of the hottest and hardest working rookies in EAW.

I’m trying to work my ass off to get noticed and I’m apparently on the hitlist of my former tag partner. What can I even say about what Mr. Jacobs told me about Azrael? That shit completely blows my mind. Buddy, I don’t know what’s going on in your head, but I think something in that brain of yours is short circuiting more than usual. Maybe your brother should skip the tasers and go straight for an ice pick lobotomy. He comes to me last week and says that I’m your next “victim”. What the hell is your deal? Are you still frustrated with Territorial Invasion? Dude, we did the best we could, but unfortunately it didn’t work out for us. It’s time to move on. I’ve put Territorial Invasion behind me, I learned from it, and I’m looking towards the future. Why don’t you do the same, Azreal? Whatever the case may be, you better not be blaming me for anything that has happened. You better get that thought out of your head very quickly because if that’s what you’re thinking then that is complete cow manure. Azrael, I trusted you. I had complete faith in you, but you were the one who couldn’t hold it together for one match. You were close to destroying Hannah…even though she kinda deserved it…and then you struck me and almost put me through a table. To top all that shit, you go and beat the crap out of Lisa Wren last week. Lisa and I haven’t really got along, but she didn’t deserve that. What were you trying to do? Try to send a message to me? Trying to scare me? NEWSFLASH!! Your intimidation skills are lacking substance and I don’t scare that easy. Don’t you realize that I don’t back away from a fight. If you wanna get at me that badly, you don’t have to try that hard. You know where to find me. You won’t have to attack me from behind like you did Lisa. I’ll get right in your face and bring the fight right back to you.

I spoke earlier about my climbing back up the ranks in EAW. It looks like Ben Roth will be my first stop on my journey. What exactly can someone say about him? Ben seems like he can certainly handle himself in the ring, but out of all the things he chooses to call himself, why in the world does he choose Rotten? Whatever. You do you. I do have one question for you, Benny boy. Are you going to say anything to me at all? Are you going to come up to the Gentleman’s table and make me work for the pot or am I going to be playing a game of solitaire? Come on! Give me something to work with other than you being a former convict. Did EAW become some type of halfway house for jailbirds to relieve stress or something? I already I have one former convict who isn’t giving me the time of day and another one who weirdly considers me public enemy number one. It honestly doesn’t matter to me what background Ben Roth has because he is my opponent and my number one goal is to make sure that I beat him. You have been wrestling for 12 years and THIS is the level of competition that you are bringing? Bless your heart, Ben. It’s kind of pathetic if you ask me. You have all the makings of being a hell of a wrestler in EAW with everything you can bring to the table, but your rise on Voltage ain’t starting against me. You might be six foot eight, but it looks like it’ll be a breeze to cut you down to size so you can look me in the eyes and see that I am very serious in what I do. At this rate, I can deal the cards blindfolded and I’ll still win. Looks like the rotten one will be taking a few lessons from this cowboy.

Good god!! Something smells really rotten here in the state of New Jersey and it looks like it’s coming from Ben’s chances of winning this match. Mr. Roth, your defeat is written all over the cards. Sunday night will not be your night, good sir. Not only will you be my opponent, you will be used as an example of what could happen to Azrael if he wants to continue pursuing me. I really hope that you make some attempt at a last-ditch effort to put up a fight. If not, I don’t plan on working by the hour to defeat you. Please don't waste this cowboy's time.

As the gentleman I am and was raised to be, I want you to know that the pleasure is all mine.

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