MATCH PROMO Speaking from a bloody place (a Wildcard promo)


Daredevil of Chaos
The screen cuts in abruptly from a replay of last week’s Battleground

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The screen then cuts to a shot of Celes walking around somewhere in a pair of black jeans and a short sleeved shirt, some of the ink work that she has on her arms are most evident at this time than ever before as she admires some of the statues surrounding the path...unconcerned about the cold

Celes: I know that I’ve only been wrestling for over a year now but I’m curious as to how someone can try to cut a promo about a match without really understanding what they themselves are saying?

And yes this question is directed at you, Eric Crane. I mean we have a match in less than a day and you’re more concerned about me being boring because I won’t be violent?

Celes raises her head up and while her face is painted as usual, the actual person who is Celeste Dumont as well as the “persona” of Celes both are looking at the camera with a look that is a mixture of confusion and outrage

Celes: First off my last name is DUMONT and I’m not some Mike Judge character or any shit like that, so if you’re trying to mess up my last name on purpose to get me riled up, it didn’t work because that shit is all kinds off fucking tacky...not to mention annoying.

Celes rolls her eyes while shaking her head before she refocuses on the camera

Celes: Now as for me not being “violent”, bitch *PLEASE*! If this was a fucking death match, I would have you gutted like a fish at an Asian street market faster than you can start saying the first two letters of your FUCKING *NAME*!! You are talking to a woman who went through more hardcore matches in the first six WEEKS of her career than you have *AT ALL*!!

You see I know how to be violent without the weapons, Eric, and I know how to put you in submissions that will collapse a lung if I’m not too careful with how I twist certain parts of your little weak and fragile body!!

Celes then points at the camera, her eyes narrowing as she looks even more focused than before

Celes: Now as for you Jason, you are nothing more than an enabler. You want Eric to fuck up in his matches because you know full well that it will work against him and help you get onto say Showdown, Voltage, or Dynasty faster and though you claim that you want to help help focus his destructive impulses as it were...your little games won’t work against me and Denis because unlike the two of you, we’re roughly on the same page.

Denis, it’s good to see your of the like mind with me on this because you and I are of a similar mind on this matter and because of that, my friend, even though this might be a one night thing or the front office might have us do this team again...but we’ll have the advantage on Ryan and Cage because while they are distracted with their own issues, we are two very hungry wolves and they are nothing more than two pieces of fucking *MEAT* laid bare before us.

Celes then uses the hand that was pointing at the camera to push the hood of her hoodie back to give us a better view of the “Dominion’s twisted sister” and how focused she is

You know something, I came here to wrestle against and with some of the greatest in the world like Skyfire, Jones, Diesel, Patera… Matsuda. I came here to prove what I can do in that ring and showcase what *I* can do in the ring and I’ve been trained by some of the toughest bastards that this sport has produced and for people like the two of you, Ryan and Cage, to think so little of me…

Celes reaches behind her as she pulls up a rather wicked looking meat fork and turns it ever so slightly

Celes: You see the people who taught me how to do be violent grew up watching one of the true greats in the form of *THE* Butcher himself...but my cousin Chris, he got his instruction from a certain mad bastard in Japan that showed him that a meat fork can be much more useful in a hardcore match than any kendo stick or barbed wire wrapped chair.

So if at any point in the match the two of you fucks seem to think that I’m not being violent enough, just remember this one simple fact and that is I’m not here to look pretty like say Karina-Ann, but I’m here to make people like you two *BLEED* and to prove myself to the EAW fans that I belong here among the ELITE…

Celes turns to regard the meat fork with a certain malicious smile before turning to regard the camera once again

Celes: Anything....EVERYthing secondary...see you at Wildcard.

The camera then abruptly cuts out

The preceding has been paid for by the Dominion

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