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Here's a list from my profile:

- Lucian lives by the Bushido Code hence the tattoo on his back

- Lucian introduced the New Breed Championship

- EAW Hall of Famer Alexander Da Vinci was in a tag team with Lucian known as "Revolution 5.5"

- Lucian's first ever marquee event was Pain For Pride 2

- Hall of Famer Captain Charisma was one of Lucian's trainers

- Lucian has pinned the likes of Mr. DEDEDE, Extreme Enigma, Heart Break Boy, Heart Break Gal, Y2Impact, Mister K, among others

- It took Lucian about seven years to win his first World Championship in EAW

- Lucian competed in the first ever Answers World Championship Match

- In the 2016 Grand Rampage Match Lucian was one of the last two remaining men

- Lucian was the first elitist in history to hold both New Breed and National Elite
Championships at the same time

- Lucian made his EAW debut at 24 years old on the disappeared brand of Turbo against Nik-E-G

- Lucian has won matches such as the Extreme Elimination Chamber Match at Road to Redemption. In 2015 by doing so he removed Zack Crash from his position as EAW chairman

- Before leaving EAW in 2017, Lucian was a part of "TERMINVS" , a secret society, and the leader of a group within its ranks called "The Children of Nox". He deserted them shortly after his departure from the company

Remi Skyfire

The Enemy
Somerset, Kentucky
Here are a few:

-Remi's favorite animal is the squirrel

-Her nickname for her wife, Lys, is Norwegian for "light"

-She can play guitar, piano, and saxophone

-Remi's favorite song is "I'm no Angel" by Gregg Allman

-She once learned a bit of Serbian so she could insult an opponent in their own language.


so, I just copy this from older forum lol

- Her real name is Haruna Sakazaki. She used this ring name because Zakkii is what her high school friends always call her.

- Haruna came from a distinguished family of Sakazaki. Her father is a legendary Aikido athlete, and her mother is the famous Geiko in her time. Her brother was a wrestler but he had to take an early retirement because of his severe back injury and lastly, her little sister is a part of Idol Group called Flynn Dell Girls

- Even she lived in Akihabara, the place known as "Land of Otakus", Haruna is actually not a big fan of anime. But she loves animes from Studio Ghibli Production. Her favorites are "Totoro, My Neighbor", "Spirited Away" and the latest anime "When Marnie Was There"; whose that anime is adapted from her favorite book with the same title.

- Haruna is a big fan of sports, especially Japanese Baseball and Football. Her favorite teams are Hanshin Tigers and Gamba Osaka of the respective sports.

- Haruna is a Shinto.

- Haruna is known as an innocent but fearless lady..... but she has one thing to fear. She fears of clowns.

- Haruna has an admiration for Japanese popular actress, Maki Horikita and she is a best friend of an American-Korean singer, Priscilla Ahn.

- When she was 15, she participated in an audition for AKB48 idol group but she failed to enter the idol group.

- As you know, Haruna attempted to commit suicide but that attempt is actually not her first time. it was her third time.

- Haruna has a dog pet named Petra-chan, but she's keeping Petra-chan with Jade in Japan, They said that Petra-chan is their "daughter".

- Haruna loves to travel, and the dream destination to visit but not yet achieved is going to Iceland.

- Haruna rather having a rivalry with her friend than making them a tag team. She said that she loves to fight her friends inside the ring because the chemistry between them will be stronger than having a feud with someone Haruna barely known.

- Even she often caught drinking, Haruna is actually an anti-smoking person. Haruna became an Anti-Smoking Ambassador from 2012 to 2014.

- Haruna is a black belt in Aikido

- Haruna is a Godan (5th dan) grade kendo athlete. She's an expert wielder of Samurai sword.

- Haruna is the one of a very few EAW personnel that is not following American superheroes update.

- Haruna is well known as her versatility and her flexibility while fighting in the ring. Haruna said that she get that flexibility through a dance training.

- Haruna has an extreme anxiety attack.

- When she was a teenager, Haruna hates fighting.

- Haruna went from the all-girls high school was a school president during her school time.

- Most of EAW women wrestler from Japan, Haruna is the only one who is not a JET Alumni

- Haruna actually wants to adopt a British grappler style from her partner, Avery Knight but she gave up because, for some reason, that style doesn't suit her.

- Haruna has a red-colored Ducati Panigale in her house in Kyoto but she rarely uses it because she's enjoying public transportation more.

- Speaking of public transportation, Haruna enjoys taking a train rather than taxi when she's going around New York.

- Haruna living in the same apartment in Astoria, NY for almost 6 years.

- Haruna is good at fighting video games, Her favorite video game is Dead or Alive. She also said that she wants to be included in that game.

- Haruna makes more money in her gravure photoshoot than wrestling in America, which is why Haruna often going back to Japan if she doesn't have anything to do.

- even though Haruna looks really modest and simple looking girl, She actually comes from the rich family. Her mom has a traditional inn that runs since 1889 and is one of the oldest inns in Kyoto and run by five generations. if Haruna goes retiring from either wrestling or entertainment world, she will be the next heiress to run the inn.

- Her dad is also running the biggest martial arts dojo in Kyoto and also an investor in lots of micro companies, that includes Azumi's dad's fishing company where he invested 25% of the assets.

- Haruna turned down every single offer of appearances in EAW Network shows due to the language barrier. "I embarrassed myself with my broken English every time I walk into that ring and that will be just enough. I can change my mind, however" she stated.

Layla Lockhart

The Princess of EAW
Decided to do a bit more detailed:

- Layla is mostly oblivious to people being attracted by her, as well as people disliking her; she tends to assume she is automatically on good terms with everyone until they spell it out that they aren't.

- Has lived on the streets before with her sister Malice, as a result she regularly does charity work to raise money for homeless shelters

- Would identify as pansexual if she knew what that term meant

- Knows how to ride a motorcycle but prefers driving in cars most of the time

- Has a beach front apartment in Florida where she resides when not on the road and spends a great deal of her spare time scuba diving or snorkeling off the Florida coast.

- Layla did not attend college due to not being able to afford the tuition and not managing to secure a scholarship. Despite this she tested fairly well in school and was found to be above average in most subjects with the exception of science.

- Has been asked to do... risque photo shoots before but attempts to approach her with such offers were always shut down by Malice. Layla herself was never aware of the exact nature of what she was being proposed to do.

- Originally used a Superkick as a finishing move while she was training to become a wrestler; switched finishers due to seeing how widespread the move had become and realising many would be able to see it coming

- While she enjoys competing and naturally winning, the other benefits from the job such as getting to meet and greet with the fans and do charity work are just as if not more fulfilling for Layla. She would not trade the job for anything else no matter how much or little success she has in the ring.

Malcolm Jones

The One True King
EAW World Champion
Malcolm Jones is an alumni of the now defunct Rice High School where he led the basketball team to a state championship

Malcolm Jones sponsors the NYC AAU youth basketball team Gauchos

Malcolm Jones was a first generation college student in his family

Malcolm Jones has a sneaker collection worth more than the salaries of the average EAW developmental talent

Malcolm Jones takes a vacation to Dominican Republic every year to "recharge"

Malcolm Jones listens to the first verse of "Dipset Anthem" before every match

Noah Reigner

The Assault Rifle | HOUSE REIGNER
Noah started out in San Diego based So Cal Ultraviolent where he was a part of a faction called "Los Renegados" with So Cal owner, Julian Cortez.

Frequently teams with Rumble Reyes as "The Firing Squad". This team started during their time together in Los Renegados and eventually branched out on their own.

Noah is also currently a part of a faction called "The Dogs of War" that spans over several federations all over the globe (think of it as an efed Bullet Club)

Stephanie Matsuda

Well-known member
So much backstory...for now I'll discuss her past.
  • Cloud was originally trained by Michael Hunter aka "Black Scorpio" (2 Cold Scorpio picbase). Later, she was trained in lucha libre by 187 (Homicide), and Miss Manami in strong style. Hence her fighting style, Lucharesu.
  • Cloud's alma mater is Brooklyn College, where she has a degree in Psychology.
  • Cloud's big break came when she was signed to Joshi Extreme Takeover by Miss Manami, where she won the JET World Championship. She still holds the record for 2nd longest reign (9 months behind Nina Sanada).
  • Cloud is the senpai (senior) of Azumi Goto and Sakuya Goto, fellow JET alumni.
  • Cloud is a Kanto regional Volleyball Champion w/ her high school.
  • While Cloud is dating a woman, she's actually bisexual :eyes: . Her ex-fiance killed her mentor in the ring so she's feeling a certain way about dudes...

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