SZN 15: Xander Payne "The Paynekiller"

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Xander Payne

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World Heavyweight Champion

Nicknames: Paynekiller (main), Wrestling Genius, World Heavyweight God, Big Brain Payne, Industry Titan, Lifeline
PURE God, Tag Team God, Wildcard, New Breed God, Xanarchist, The Unsainted One, World Heavyweight God
Picture Base: Kevin Owens (current)
Wrestling Name: Xander Payne
Government Name: Kodiak Alexander Payne
Weight: 253 lbs.
Height: 6'0"
Date of Birth: October 19, 1988— 33 years old
made wrestling debut in summer '03
Place Of Birth (also billed): Toronto, Ontario, Canada
born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada
currently residing in New Jersey
Theme Song: "It Follows" by Cane Hill

Disposition/Alignment: he is a heel boo this man he absolutely sucks (women love his physique ofc)

Wrestling Training:
01. Clavicus Payne (his father) w/ William Payne
02. Brody Sparks (partially a mentor)

01. Soon To Be Recognized As or Still To Be Recognized As...
02. Payne For Pride 1.. 2... 3... 4...

Motivations: For SZN 15, Xander Payne's motivation is solely fuelled by providing for his family, further legitimizing the "Payne" wrestling legacy, and ensuring toxicity is eradicated from the Elite Answers Wrestling environment. As the reigning EAW World Heavyweight Champion, his goal is to keep the championship warm and legitimate until a proper heir to the throne is within his sights.

Tendency To Cheat: Often. He will resort to these questionable methods to either outsmart his opponents like the "Wrestling Genius" he is, if his opponent does it first, if he is provoked, or if it a last resort in a high pressure contest.

Previous Weaponry:
01. Barbed Wire Bowling Ball
02. Louisville Slugger
03. Ball Of Quarters
04. Reverse Bear Trap

01. CONCENTRATION - Xander Payne can get easily distracted from an outside factor in a match.
02. IMPULSIVITY - When mentioning his family or adoption, it takes his aggression up a notch which could lead him to making impulsive decisions.
03. SELF-DESTRUCTION - This branches off the second weakness, where his emotions will urge him to go to extremely dangerous lengths that could end his career.
04. DOWN BAD. - After a career-defining loss (such as losing a championship) Xander Payne has a huge possibility of being depressed for a long duration afterwards. ex: Xander Payne after losing the EAW Pure Championship

01. THE WILDCARD FACTOR - Opponents are prone to underestimating his athletic ability due to this weight. Xander Payne has the ability to execute maneuvers that shouldn't be possible for professional wrestlers in his weight class, therefore his unpredictability is his biggest strength.
02. A MASTERMIND - He is the self-proclaimed Wrestling Genius for a reason; he is a cerebral psychopath who can effortlessly chop down his opponents on the microphone and dissect them in the mental department during a match.

Championships: 2018-now
New Breed Championship
- Defeated The Revenant at Pain For Pride 2018. Lost the championship to Raven Roberts at Territorial Invasion 2018.

Unified Tag Team Championships
- w/ Myles. Won at Grand Rampage 2019 by defeating The Jaded Hearts at Grand Rampage 2019. Dropped the championships at Pain For Pride 2019 to Heavenly Hell.

(non-canon) RW Championship
- won at Volume 2 and continues to hold it at Render Wrestling.

PURE Championship
- Defeated Jake Smith at Pain For Pride 2020 and dropped it to Dray Fontana at Operation: Doomsday.

World Heavyweight Championship
- Defeated Lethal Consequences at Reckless Wiring 2021 and dropped it to The Visual Prophet at House Of Glass 2021; 202 days.

Other In-Ring Accomplishments: 2018-now
2019 Extreme Elimination Chamber Competitor
2020 Extreme Elimination Chamber Competitor
2021 King Of Elite Finalist - vs. TLA & Kassidy Heart
2021 Pain For Pride 14 Day 1 Main Event - vs. Impact
2020 Draft - 2nd OVR pick to Dynasty
2021 Draft - 2nd OVR pick to Dynasty
EAW World Heavyweight Champion - 202 days

EAW Awards: 2018-now
2018 Superlative Awards - Best Body Of The Year
2019 Superlative Awards - Most Beautiful Person Of The Year
2020 Awards: Intergender MOTY - Cameron Ella Ava vs. Xander Payne vs. Mr. DEDEDE (Grand Rampage)
(as an assistant writer) 2020 Awards: Feud Of The Year - Ryan Wilson vs Ronan Malosi
Elitist Of The Month - April

Most Valuable Elitist Awards: 2018-now
Most Valuable Elitist #133 - Beef Of The Week
Most Valuable Elitist #150 - Rising Star & Champion Of The Week
Most Valuable Elitist #163 - Rising Star Of The Week
Most Valuable Elitist #182 - Most Valuable Elitist w/ Myles
Most Valuable Elitist #237 - Promoer & Beef Of The Week
Most Valuable Elitist #239 - Promoer Of The Week
Most Valuable Elitist #251 - Match Of The Week
Most Valuable Elitist #256 - Most Valuable Elitist & Promoer Of The Week
Most Valuable Elitist #257 - Most Valuable Eltiist
Most Valuable Elitist #277 - Match Of The Week vs. Drake King
Most Valuable Elitist #280 - Most Valuable Elitist & Beef Of The Week
Most Valuable Elitist #282 - Most Valuable Elitist, Promoer Of The Week, Match/Beef Of The Week w/SOSA


01. Jumping Seated Senton or Vertical Splash [x]
02. Scoop Lift swung into a Exploder Suple [x]
03. Inverted Ushigoroshi [x]
04. Pop-Up Death Valley Driver [x]
05. Back-To-Belly Piledriver [x]
06. Full Nelson Lifted And Spun Into A Reverse Sto [x]
07. Stunner
08. Sit-Out Inverted Double Leg Slam [x]
09. Headbutt
10. Spinning Jackhammer
11. Grounded Top Wrist Lock [x]
12. STO [x]
13. Northern Lights Bomb [x]
14. Dropkick Through The Ropes
15. Running Back Elbow
16. Spinning Double Underhook Neckbreaker [x]
17. Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex[x]
18. European Uppercut To A Trapped Opponent [x]
19. Lifting Hammerlock Cradle Hold Dropped into a Sitout Side Powerslam [x]
20. Missile Dropkick [x]
21. Brainbuster Onto The Top Turnbuckle
22. Frog Splash (off the top rope or apron.)
23. Swanton bomb (off the top rope or apron.)
24. Superkick (sometimes used to mock SOSA Henderson's mentor, HBB)
25. Step-up Enziguri
26. Faked-out Snap DDT
27. Crossface
28. Sharpshooter
29. Second-rope moonsault

COMBOS: please look at the [x]s to get an accurate visual on the combos before using them.
01. Reverse Judo Takedown + Roundhouse Kick
02. Inverted Atomic Drop + Release Exploder Suplex
03. Corner Clothesline + Release German Suplex
04. Hip Toss + Sliding Dropkick
05. Back Elbow + Running Jumping Senton
06. Lifting Side Slam onto another opponent. [x]
07. While in a sleeper hold, running senton onto another opponent. [x]
08. Shotgun dropkick + Jumping senton. [x]
09. Simultaneous fallaway slam + samoan drop [x]
10. Michinoku driver onto another opponent. [x]
11. Kick to the thigh + Dragon Screw

01. OVERDOSE (discus palm strike; only out of nowhere and directed at the nose to cause nosebleeds.)
02. HEAT SEEKER (running knee into seated opponent in the corner; can be through foreign objects/obstacles.)
03. RIPTIDE (twisting brainbuster; sometimes deadlift.) [x]
04. DAWNBREAKER (saito suplex; this move is often set up with a wrist-pull up ala Jordan Devlin) [x] [x]
05. MEMENTO MORI (one-handed electric chair ushigoroshi) [x]
06. HEATWAVE (cannonball; called "Heatwave Cycle" when used consecutively)
07. AFTER HOURS (STO backbreaker followed by a reverse STO; mostly followed up with THE DAWN) [x]
08. THE DAWN (bully choke; used right after AFTER HOURS)
09. TOMBPLEX (tombstone suplex)

01. PAYNEKILLER (package piledriver; sometimes with a spin.)
02. LAST SEDATION (pop-up powerbomb; can also be a sit-out powerbomb ala Keith Lee.) [x] [x]
03. ILLUMINATION (rings of saturn; tribute to Brody Sparks, used to made Impact pass out at PFP 14)
UF. PAYNEKILLER+: (the original uranage slam; a move of desperation rarely used to show tribute to his father who is the inventor of the original Uranage. ) [x]

2018 Competitive Record: W - 00 // D - 00 // L - 00
2019 Competitive Record: W - 00 // D - 00 // L - 00
W - 05 // D - 00 // L - 00
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. Maxwell - King of Elite Round One (W)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. Donovan Duke - King of Elite Quarter-Finals (W)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. Mitsubachi - King of Elite Semi-Finals (W)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. Lethal Consequences (W)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. Charlie Marr (W)
02.05.2021 Dynasty - vs. Andre Walker (L)
02.13-14.2021 King of Elite - vs. Kassidy Heart and TLA - King of Elite Finals (L)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. OPPONENT (--)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. OPPONENT (--)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. OPPONENT (--)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. OPPONENT (--)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. OPPONENT (--)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. OPPONENT (--)
00.00.2021 Dynasty - vs. OPPONENT (--)
07.02.2021 Dynasty - vs. OPPONENT (--

SZN 15 Competitive Record: W - 8 // D - 00 // L - 04
07.03.2021 EAW Draft - vs. Drake King - Champion vs. Champion (L)
07.16.2021 Dynasty - vs. Jack Ripley - (L)
07.23.2021 Dynasty - w/ SOSA Henderson vs. Jack Ripley & Andre Walker - (W)
07.30.2021 Dynasty - vs. Bronson Daniels - (W)
08.07.2021 Operation: Doomsday - vs. SOSA Henderson - 3rd EAW WHC defence (W)
08.13.2021 Dynasty - w/ Andrea Valentine vs. Andre Walker & Bronson Daniels - (W)
08.20.2021 Dynasty - w/ Andrea Valentine vs. SOSA Henderson & The Visual Prophet - (L)
09.03.2021 Dynasty - vs. Johnny Andrews - (W)
09.10.2021 Dynasty - vs. Andre Walker - (W)
09.18.2021 Territorial Invasion - vs. Andrea Valentine - 4th EAW WHC defence (W)
10.01.2021 Dynasty - vs.Terry Chambers - (W)
10.23.2021 House Of Glass - vs. The Visual Prophet - 5th EAW WHC defence (L)

Xander Payne will always be opposed to unearned opportunities.
When it comes to Drake King, he will forever be on a mission to make him say "Thank You"
He is currently restoring the infrastructure of the Evelyn Convention Center, an abandoned sports recreational venue that was the home of his last independent wrestling match.

01. Shameer Stevenson - Indy Friend
02. Victor Schlatt - Childhood Friend, HBO Chief Director
03. William Payne aka W1LH3LM - Brother (Xander hasn't talked to Wilhelm since being signed to EAW)
05. Clavicus Payne - Father, Main Trainer
06. Victoria Quanturma-Payne - Mother DEAD
07. Peyton Bradshaw-Payne - Wife
08. Historia Love Payne - Daughter
09. Aldrin Jaeger Payne - Son
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Xander Payne

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World Heavyweight Champion

SZN 15 Changes
Match record updates will not be mentioned. Please direct message me if you see any mistakes in the contract itself.
08/15/2021 - Went more in-depth on the tendencies section. I replaced my Amnesia signature with Momento Mori, named the tribunal Uranage move PAYNEKILLER+, and added one note.

08/30/2021 - I made a change to my signatures; adding a combination move into a submission signature. Also changed a couple of signature move names.
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