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Harlow Reichert

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The weekend had passed by in a blur. Harlow Reichert could hardly remember what she had done, truth be told. It had literally gone by that quickly. The busy weekend had been a welcome reprieve though because as Harlow cracked open her eyes on Monday morning, the first signs of nervousness reared their ugly head. One of Harlow’s professional goals for 2019 was to win a championship, and on Thursday night’s edition of Empire, Harlow was being given a chance to take one step closer towards that goal. She would be facing off against the former Specialists Champion, Tyler Wolfe, and Constance Blevins. The winner would go on to the Iconic Cup to face The Visual Prophet for the EAW New Breed Championship. Since returning from injury, the redhead had been on a roll. Harlow had never felt better or more confident inside the ring. She was gaining more knowledge with every match and training session. Xavier Williams had cleaned up her rough edges, and was teaching her about in-ring psychology. The only flaw Harlow had at this point was a lack of experience. Her only wrestling matches had come in an EAW ring, and they hadn’t always been pretty. In fact, some of them had been downright ugly. But she was learning and more importantly, she was growing. Harlow was getting there, and she was on the cusp of being able to put it all together and truly break out. Harlow had faith in herself and the people she’d surrounded herself with believed in her.

To win the New Breed Championship would be a big deal. For months, Raven Roberts had defended that belt proudly and with honor. She had elevated the championship to new heights and having been injured by Raven previously, Harlow knew how deadly the Bird of Prey could be. No one had been able to pin Raven’s shoulders down at King of Elite. The Visual Prophet had pinned Damon Diesel to earn the title. That spoke volumes about how good Raven was at being a champion. She had done the title justice. Harlow knew that if she emerged victorious on Thursday, she was going to have one hell of a fight coming up against The Visual Prophet. He wasn’t going to be an easy champion to dethrone, but Harlow was smart. She wouldn’t get ahead of herself and she would focus on the task at hand. As she sat up in bed and ground the sleep from her eyes, she took a deep breath to try and settle her stomach. The New Breed contendership match was days away and she didn’t need to sweat it now. She needed to mentally prepare herself for Tyler Wolfe and Constance Blevins.

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It was after lunch and Harlow was at Combat Church. Xavier Williams was still out of town, so Harlow was still working with her brother, Aron. They were sitting down in one of the training rings, talking about the match. Aron was dressed in a pair of workout shorts, Combat Church t-shirt, and Nikes. Harlow was wearing navy blue leggings, a matching workout top, and bright pink adidas shoes. She was picking at her black fingernail polish. “I am nervous,” Harlow finally said, a sigh escaping her lips. A few minutes prior, Aron had posed a question to his sister about her actual feelings regarding Thursday.

“You set some serious goals for yourself this year,” Aron replied.

Harlow nodded. “I did, and it’s only February. I didn’t expect this type of opportunity to find me so quickly. To fight for the New Breed Championship at the Iconic Cup would be absolutely incredible. That’s a big time match and that’s what I want. If I make it to the Iconic Cup to face The Visual Prophet, it would mean that I defeated a former Specialists Champion to get there, and someone who’s known as a rising star. Constance and I started in EAW around the same time, and I feel extra pressure to defeat her so I can prove that once again, I’m better than her. Tyler will be tough enough competition on her own, but what Constance is able to bring to the table brings this match to another level for me.”

“That’s fair,” Aron agreed. “Constance has had a few more opportunities than you to compete for championships, but you do have a win over her. You’ve also pinned Tyler in a 2 out of 3 falls match before, and that gives you a small edge as well. You know what both of them bring to the table and what you need to do in order to defeat them. Tyler isn’t as invincible as she makes herself out to be. She might be a smart tactician and gifted professional wrestler, but so are most of the women on the EAW roster. EAW isn’t a joke. The best of the best compete there. I bet if you had more experience under your belt when you did face her for the Specialists Championship, that match could have easily gone the other way. You were her equal in that ring, if not better in some aspects. You just weren’t ready for the occasion. You can definitely win on Thursday. Honestly Lo, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a huge star in EAW. I believe that’s what you want, and I know for a fact that’s what Xavier is grooming you for. But you have to believe that you’re at that level. Despite your lack of experience, you are a complete wrestler. You have the best training in the world. You have one hell of a mentor who can help you in ways that I could never. The last person Xavier invested his time in was Rex McAllister.”

“Sex Alabaster.”

“Now is not really the time,” Aron gently replied. Harlow couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “You are so ridiculously smart inside the ring, and out of it. There are very few people who can learn at the pace you do. When you’re focused, you are damn near untouchable. Your smarts and staying focused will be your two biggest weapons on Thursday. From what I can recall, Tyler and Constance both have losing records in multi-man matches. I don’t think either of them have ever won one. In my opinion, that makes the three of you pretty even going into this. Tyler can rely on the fact she has a championship pedigree, but she did lose the title inside the elimination chamber. She didn’t even factor into the final outcome because Clara Lovelace of all people just seemed to have her number. Tyler is beatable, and guess what? So is the Lioness. Constance also squandered her opportunity inside that same chamber.”

“Right, but I won’t assume I’m some kind of favorite in this match. Tyler is the favorite. She’s come up short before in these situations, but eventually something’s got to give, right? She will put it all together and figure it out. It could be this week because honestly, Tyler has more reasons to compete now than anyone else on Empire. She’s been lost in limbo since losing the Specialists belt, and to me, that makes her very dangerous. She has nothing to lose, because everything has already been taken from her. There’s only so much a single human being can take, and Tyler is one more setback from shattering completely. She had a match stolen from her last week. We don’t know how Tyler Wolfe versus Cleopatra could have ended because a funky referee made a bad decision. It was the most peculiar of circumstances and probably the final straw for the so-called ‘Walking Weapon.’ She’s surrounded herself with people who are draped in championship gold and I would definitely assume that somehow this makes Tyler Wolfe feel inferior. People who have inferiority complexes are often suspect to aggressive behavior. The ‘Walking Weapon’ is basically a ticking time bomb right now. That’s going to make her insanely difficult to deal with because like I’ve already said, Tyler has nothing to lose. This New Breed Championship match is all Tyler has right now. She’s going to place all her eggs in this basket, and basically say ‘fuck it.’ She will fight hard, and she will refuse to die. Taking care of Constance and myself is the only option Tyler has right now. If Tyler fails to put away the two of us, then what? Sure, she could go on to compete for the Iconic Cup itself. In the grand scheme of things, that is a much larger prize. The holder of that cup all but guarantees themselves a world championship. But in order to even get to that match, Tyler would have to qualify. She would have to find a way to win that match. If she does qualify, well that puts Tyler right back at square one. She will find herself facing off against a multitude of other opponents inside a steel cage type of structure. It’s de ja vu all over for Tyler. This New Breed Championship is it for Tyler. If she can’t pin Constance or myself, who can she pin? I mean, we both know our worth, but does Tyler? I’m very weary of her this time around. Desperate people do desperate things when their backs are against the wall, and we’ve already seen the cracks start to form. Tyler’s behaviour cost Clara the Young Lioness Cup, and then eventually took her out. She’s injured Daisy, and we don’t know if we will ever see her inside the ring again. Then last week, Tyler snapped. She put her hands on an EAW official and completely destroyed her. After what happened last week with Cleo, Tyler is going to be looking to end someone. Some people might think that’s a weakness for Tyler. She could try to overcompensate and leave herself vulnerable to attacks or a sneaky pinfall, but that’s where her experience comes into play. She’s always had ‘winning is the only option’ drilled into her head. All of these factors make her extremely threatening, more so now than ever. This isn’t the same woman I faced a few months ago. This is not the same Tyler I was able to pin.”

Harlow raked a hand through her messy hair and folded her legs underneath of her.

“As far as Constance goes, what can I really say? She wants her to shine as well. The Pride has mercifully died and that’s probably the best thing that could have ever happened to it. That group was never set up for success, and it’s best all of them go their separate ways and see what they’re capable of. Constance has a lot of talent and a lot of passion, but I won’t pretend to understand her. I can’t listen to her without rolling my eyes 600 times and just click out of her videos. But regardless of how I feel about her words, I know she will be well prepared for Empire. She will want to prove to everyone that going solo was the right decision for The Lioness. Her motivations for needing and wanting to win this match are a little different than Tyler’s, but they’re no less important. Constance wants to win matches and capture championships. She’s hungry for this and the New Breed Championship would give Constance the validation that she’s the brightest and most talented of the new Empire girls. Constance becoming the New Breed Champion could take her to that next level. It did wonders for Raven. Constance is such a game-player. She studies, critiques herself, and figures out her own flaws. She works very hard to get better, and will do what needs to be done to put herself in the right position. You know me, Aron. I’m a non-believer, but if Constance needs to believe that her god compels her and leads her, more power to her. I see why she finds that sort of thing comforting. It’s kind of how I feel about books. I enjoy the security they provide me. It’s a welcome escape from reality. However, books can’t help me win matches, and god won’t help Constance. She’s at the biggest disadvantage in this match and it all boils down to her size. Constance is considerably smaller than Tyler and myself, and we both hit twice as hard as she does. It’s going to take an awful lot of strength and stamina for Constance to wear us both down, and go for the victory. Tyler and I have both proven we can go the distance inside the ring, and I’m fully confident that Constance won’t have the power to take both Tyler AND myself out of the match so she can win. She is going to have to rely on Tyler and myself taking each other out, and wait for her opening to capitalize. It’s entirely possible that scenario can happen, but not very likely. Constance will have to work twice as hard against two bigger, stronger, better conditioned athletes and I don’t think she can find the extra gear she needs in order to do that. Constance is good, but she’s far from great. She will get there, but right now is not her time. It’s my time and I will make sure that I use my physical gifts to keep Constance grounded. Her skill set is very technical. But I find it hard to believe that whatever punch her 120-pound frame can pack is going to be able to keep me down for the long haul. Her strikes will be absolutely nothing compared to mine. I know smaller opponents can rely on speed and agility to take down a bigger wrestler, but I don’t see Constance as the type to go up top and try to throw down a shooting star press or whatever. Her power moves are great for people closer to her weight class, but they won’t be effective against either Tyler or myself. I highly doubt she tries to take any sort of risk either. There’s to much on the line for her to try something out of her comfort zone and for it to not pan out. She will easily lose that way, and Constance is smarter than that.” Harlow paused and gave Aron a thoughtful look. “Empire is going to be interesting. I know The Visual Prophet and his enabler will be around as well.”

Aron nodded. “Have you and Xavier been speaking about this?

She nodded her head. “We have. He finds it pretty amusing.”

Aron cracked a smile. “How has he told you to prepare for this?”

“Well, he basically told me to go out there and assert my dominance. Forget about every single thing that’s happened to me in the past and use Empire to set myself up for the best 2019 possible. Xavier told me treat Tyler like the absolute inferior competitor that she is. I need to out wrestle her and make sure she knows that she will forever be the third wheel when it comes to the Jaded Wolfe Hearts. I need to make sure she knows that getting a chance to become a champion again will never happen at my expense because I’m better than she is. He told me to make sure I beat Constance so bad that she knows not even god can help her out. She needs to be put in her place and reminded that she does not belong in the championship picture. He told me to do whatever I needed to do in order to secure victory for myself because this match is a triple threat. There are no rules and absolutely anything goes.” Harlow’s voice was pretty nonchalant. “He also told me to finish one of them off with a package piledriver and make sure I stare at Veena Adams while I do it.”

Aron allowed his sister’s words to sink in for a moment. “What do you think about what he said?”

Harlow shrugged. “Honestly, it doesn’t really matter what I think. I have a job to do and that’s to go out there and win this match, and secure my spot in a title match. I will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and get myself one step closer to accomplishing my goal. But I will tell you this Aron. I’m realistic. I know that things don’t always go as planned. I will go out there and execute my gameplan to the best of my abilities. If I do that, I should be fine. But if for whatever reason things don’t go my way, I’m going to work harder and just focus on the next opportunity. I know it will come.”

“I’m proud of you, Lo. You’re starting to get it.”

“I care about it,” Harlow replied. “That’s the biggest difference.”

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