The Arch Enemies

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The Arch Enemies

Team Name: Arch Enemies
Team Members: Provençal and PAKA
Manager : Hajime Kawano
Picture Base of Each Member: Heath Slater | Tomohiro Ishii (Manager : Hiromu Takahashi)
Combined Weight: 426 lbs.

Team Disposition/Alignment:
Provençal :
PAKA : Anti-Hero

Team Gimmick: Provençal and PAKA may have opposite goals, the first wanting to show he can succeed using his wits and showmanship and the second wanting to fight every worthy opponent he can find, they decided to team up in order to achieve them. By becoming the best and dominating tag-team in EAW, Provençal can achieve his quest for success and PAKA can force the best EAW’s teams and Elitists to try to knock him off.

Theme Music: 'Battle without honor or humanity' by Tomoyasu Hotei

(As ‘Battle without honor or humanity’ by Tomoyasu Hotei blasts threw the arena speakers, Hajime Kawano appears below the titantron with a mic in his hand. The young lion walks on the ramp and announces : )

Hajime : Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome an alliance so improbable it could the first sign of the end of the world, coming to you from their secret dojo in France and with a combined weight of 193 kilos, The Magnificent Bastard Provençal and Shortfuse PAKA ! Together they are…

(Hajime points at the team’s opponents while concluding : )


(Provençal appears first on the ramp, ready to high-five his tag team partner. PAKA arrives second and completely ignores his brother-in-law and storms off into the ring. Fortunately for Provençal, Hajime don’t left him hanging and high fives him. Then, the Magnificent Bastard joins Shortfuse in the ring ready to fight.)

In-Ring Attires: Black tights with the logo of the team.

Segment Attires: Full gear of course (even in the outside segments).

Tendency to Cheat: Choose from these options: Never

Motivations: What are your character’s motivations for competing? Delete all options that do not apply:

- A lot of Passion and a bit of Money for Provençal,

- Fighting and Punishment for PAKA

Wrestling Training: Trifouillis-les-Oies secret dojo (yes, it’s most likely a backyard and a few bars)

Wrestling Debut: 2019

Strengths: Minimum two (2)

- Toughness for PAKA : He is a brawler who got hit by virtually anything (even bullets, cars and pillows). He is not afraid to receive and dish an enormous amount of punishment.

- Wits for Provençal : He isn’t a talented athlete, but he knows how to surprise and trap his opponent using a varieties of strategies and mind games.

- Experience as a team : They decided to unite not long ago, but Provençal and PAKA know each other for more than 16 years, being brothers-in-law can help to become a well oiled machine.

Weaknesses: Minimum two (2)

- Anger issues for PAKA : His nickname his Shortfuse after all.

- Natural Talent for Provençal : He trains a lot, but he is not naturally talented in any classical field of pro-wrestling, not very strong, tough, technically sound or agile.

Promotions: EAW

In-Ring Achievements: Provençal has the record for being the fastest eliminated wrestler at Grand Rampage.

Common Moves: Minimum ten (10)
- Double STO
- Double Knife Edge Chops on a cornered opponent
- Stereo Dropkick
- Double Hip Toss followed by a Stereos Penalty Kicks on a seated opponent
- Double Running Hip Attack
- Back Suplex/Neckbreaker combination
- Provençal’s Drop Toe Hold onto PAKA’s DDT
- Provençal Arm Drags PAKA onto a downed opponent
- Provençal’s Inverted Atomic Drop kick starting a PAKA’s German Suplex
- Double Powerbomb
- Make a wish
- Two Stores German Suplex
- Double Falling Headbutt on a downed opponent

Signature Moves:

- 'Arch Headbutt'Double Headbutt that knocks out an opponent...and Provençal

- 'Double Paquet'Double School boy pin

- 'Brotherly Bomb' A Tower of Doom with PAKA giving an extra boost at a Provençal’s Superplex by Powerbombing his brother-in-law and his opponent

- 'The Shortening'Double Brainbuster

Finishing Moves:

- 'PvP'Double Ankle Lock on the same opponent

- 'Itadakimasu'PAKA’s Running Snake Eyes throwing his opponent straight towards a Provençal’s European Uppercut


PAKA always wants to start matches for his team.
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