MATCH PROMO "The Civilized Ominvore" WG RP 2

Dr. Bethany Blue

The Doctor Is In
Interwire Champion
Miami, FL.

Anaheim, CA.

The city where Disneyland makes its home, a place that is supposed to be happy. The good Doctor loves Southern California and after what had occurred the week prior on Voltage where Terry Chambers faked a Heart Attack and then decided to slam both the Dr. Bethany Blue and Nurse Ranaanah Goldstein through the Spanish Announce Table in Mexico, they were not happy. For the rest of the week, while Dr. Blue was tending to her injuries and using advanced medicine for treatment so she would be at top physical, peak performance for the Wicked Games PPV, while she was not in action to further not add to the multiple ailments and injuries that were mounting, she had been thinking about Terry’s lie day and night. She was put in a position where she started to panic, a lot of that had to do with what she had said to him earlier about having a Heart Attack and dying, in many ways out of rage, the Good Doctor didn’t mean to say that, it was the cheeseburger and all the impurities that it released in her body that made her angry…

She even had thoughts of kicking a cat, how bad is that?

So, the Doctor still riddled with guilt and upset about the whole situation especially since the last three weeks, the Interwire Champion had been laid out having become the norm on Voltage, it was time that she instead picked up a little momentum heading into Wicked Games where Chambers was coming strong at her and the title which would be decided in a Stretcher Match. The beautiful Dr. Bethany Blue attacked Terry after his match with Korey Gaines, unfortunately he overpowered her and threw the Doctor on a Stretcher, strapped her down and threw her into a wall where everything on the shelves crumbled and fell on top of her leaving her hopeless, hurt and buried in the rubble. After Terry once again was able to get the better of the Doctor and was walking into the PPV with ALL the momentum, the Interwire Champion laid strapped down, covered in debris.

Nurse Goldstein had gone out to get them both some coffee, as she walked back, she could hear moaning and groaning coming from the Medical Trainer’s room. The gorgeous Amazon wearing her white nurses outfit peaks in and sees the stretcher covered in debris, there are a few staff there trying to remove things when she hears, “Mmmppphhhhmmmmm….”, realizing Dr. Blue is under there, quickly dropping the cups of coffee to the floor, she runs and pushes the other members away…

“Leave her alone!”, she screamed as they backed off without hesitation. Nurse Goldstein removed the rest of the debris, Dr. Blue’s eyes were closed, she didn’t know if the Doctor was unconscious or annoyed. “Dr. Blue talk to me!?”, as Nurse Goldstein was about to pound her chest, the Good Doctor flashes her baby brown eyes wide open and yells, “Stop!”, The Nurse, a bit startled, stops in her tracks….

“Get me off this stretcher, now Nurse Goldstein.”, she spoke with purpose. Nurse Goldstein nodded and unstrapped Bethany. Taking her hand, the Nurse helps her back up. “What the hell happened?”, the Nurse inquired. The Doctor gingerly stood up, holding her chest, a bit bruised, her face too, she looked dejected, upset, ready to unravel at the seams. Nurse Goldstein again asked her, but she had a feeling what the answer was going to be. “Dr. Blue, what happened here while I was gone?”, this time Bethany responded, What do you think it was, Nurse Goldstein? It was Terry Chambers yet AGAIN putting me down, it was Terry Chambers yet AGAIN making me look like a complete ass! This time he strapped me to the stretcher that will be used in our match and basically… he won! That is right, he won! He overpowered me on to that stretcher and he won! That is, it, that is it! I have tried to help these people, Nurse Goldstein, I have bled and stuck out my nose for them and I get what in return!? I am a Doctor, damn it not a crash test dummy! I can’t win, I can’t! What the heck was I thinking!? What was I dreaming when I came to the EAW and…? Where is my Interwire Championship?”, Dr. Blue asks in mid-sentence. “It is in safe keeping, do not worry about that Doctor, I made sure that it was well out of his hands. Maybe we need to just get out of here, I can take you to Disneyland, it is right up the street, that would make you extremely happy!”, The Nurse chimed, trying to cheer up the Doctor who was upset and rightfully so. Tilting her head, and arching an eyebrow, the Doctor turned to face her. “Disneyland? DO I look like Mickey Mouse would cheer me up!? What am I, NINE!? How can I do my work when I am constantly being beaten up like a riot victim!? When did this become the Congo and warlords are chopping people’s heads off!? That is how I feel right now! He needs to be stopped, Nurse Goldstein and I am feeling like I don’t think I can! This is not about medicine anymore this is about survival and Terry Chambers has become my Old Yeller!”, she screamed loudly. Nurse Goldstein contemplated for a second before she glanced over and nodded. “We can’t do it here, gun laws are too strict, Dr. Blue, once we get out of California, I will purchase the shotgun.”, Dr. Blue’s eyes widen….

“What? No! We are not going to shoot him like Old Yeller, I…. oh, never mind! I will figure something out because I will be Gosh Darned Damn if that swine takes my Championship at Wicked Games! I need a drink…”, Nurse Goldstein looked shock. “A drink?”, the nurse asked.

“Yes, a drink, I am going to be evil to my liver tonight!”, she claimed before Dr. Blue slowly stormed out of the room, trying to push the door open but it was too difficult, so the Nurse pushed it open for her. She cleared her throat, nose in the air, the Doctor walked out.



The Good Doctor knows that she is in the fight of her life, defending the title for the first time since winning it at Territorial Invasion and since then, Terry Chambers has had her number. Dr. Bethany Blue is trying to piece the broken parts back together again, watching Chambers come on TV and make fun of her Doctrine, her medical license, the insufferable verbiage that seems to be on repeat tends to continue echoing in her ears by Terry Chambers to the point, she is sick of it. Unlike their first encounter, Bethany wanted to help Terry, she kidnapped him and put the Barbaric Carnivore in Medical Confinement to both study and make him better. There was nothing more at the time that Bethany wanted to do than to make sure he had the proper medical attention. He took offense, called it disrespectful and after the doctor vowed to take the Interwire Championship from him, that is when all hell had broken loose. Even through all the ridicule, beatings and humility, the Doctor still is Champion until Terry Chambers beats her but right now she is ready to not only deny him the victory but prove one more time why she is one of the hottest young stars and the future of Medicine and Wrestling. Finally arriving in San Francisco. Dr. Bethany Blue is at St. Francis hospital in the cardiac ward. She wanted for terry to see that lying about something very serious and mocking her as a Doctor is playing with fire. Wearing her Doctor’s coat, black slacks and ankle boots, pink blouse with her nails polished black and long sandy blonde hair hanging down. Nurse Goldstein is in the background in her nurse’s outfit, she is with an overweight young man, writing down a few things on her chart next to a treadmill.

The Doctor focuses on the camera while it records. Choosing her words carefully before speaking, tired of Terry discrediting her….


Dr. Bethany Blue clears her throat, tasking a moment to think before she speaks in her confident and sexy voice, the title wrapped around her waist…

“I stand here in the Cardiac Unit from one of the premiere hospitals in the West Coast, St. Francis. I came here for two reasons, first education, second reasoning. Terry Chambers wants to talk about not playing games, yet he impersonates a Doctor which in turn, he is right, that is a felony and if I wanted to press charges, I could though I will not for that would negate my victory at Wicked Games and end this once and for all. For a man that is ready to get down to business and NOT play these little tricks, he sure as heck is having a good time making a butt hole out of himself. What is the point of Terry doing this?

To insult me? No.

Get in my head? No.

Put himself over as a stand-up comedian when there are so many of them malnutrition and out of work? No.

Terry Chambers mocks me because he is afraid.

He will deny it until he turns blue in the face and chokes on his own spit filled with Ice cream floats and soda pop. What scares Terry is the fact I didn’t bust my bottom for ten years in some rundown crap hole in Detroit, to Bingo Halls and Armories, sleeping in my car and trying to survive every day on the mean streets while trying to wrestle and deal with my “Anger Issues”. I lived in a beautiful home in Boca Raton, Florida and was driving an Audi as my first car in high school. Traveling the mean streets of Linzer Park was a rough life, iPic movie theatres with recliners and full menus to dine while watching to every major restaurant in existence that costs no less than $50 a plate. I didn’t get up every morning and like Rocky Balboa run in the cold weather, dirty snow and sleet, I was in my bikini swimming laps and working on my tan. Not once did I ever pay my proverbial dues or climb the huge ladder of success to earn my spot here and now. No, my journey was Medical School, wrestling school, EAW and now champion. That long ladder you climbed Terry, for the Good Doctor was a step stool. I walked right into this company as a virtual unknown and defeated the man who has claimed to be better than me and everyone else. How dare you belittle great talent like Kai Zolomon, Paul Joshua or Jalyn Garcia, not once did I hear you say Charlie Marr or Raven Roberts, two top wrestlers and champions in this company I DEFEATED. I am a flash in the pan overhyped hack? Then why do I wear this Championship? Why am I the INTERWIRE CHAMPION, Terry? Simple, I outsmarted you. With these ailments you have been suffering from, constantly ignoring them and getting worse, the woman that is a gimmick who will disappear and be nothing is the person you said the same thing about three months ago and look where we are. After the countless mauling and beatings administered to me, I am still here Terry! I have been hurt, obliterated and still, wrestled the best I could thanks to my superior shape and abilities. May not have always worked out, I can accept that considering the circumstances, you cannot, I now pose a question to the Barbaric Carnivore, you lost to this hack, what does it make you, Terry? The guy who screams he is better than me, yet I still am Champion. We can talk about the obvious all night, I refuse to stoop down to your pettiness. No one will see Dr. Bethany Blue act like Terry Chambers, I can’t dance like a baboon, sorry. It doesn’t matter Terry how many times you try to embed this notion that you deserve to be a champion again because of hard work, dedication or I am some joke and you are ready to save the Division? Not only did you impersonate a medical Doctor, you faked a heart attack. Do you like to cry wolf Terry? One day you WILL have a cardia arrest, and no one will help, they will step all over you to get to the train or the bus while gasping for breath, arm numb and the lights are dimming. Terry, you’re no longer my patient, I don’t want to save you anymore.

I made an oath to save lives, but you sir has tested it.”

Dr. Bethany Blue can’t believe that she said that but right now that is the way she feels and there is nothing that will change it. She needs to ready for Terry Chambers but sees that he is taking her lightly. Maybe the attacks have actually helped Bethany, giving Terry too much confidence and putting him in a comfort zone that she can exploit. While Nurse Goldstein is seen still talking to the young man and taking notes, Dr. Blue turns to the camera and speaks….

“Is it outright jealousy Terry to know that people do favor me at Wicked Games after the countless amounts of attacks still? Maybe you are under pressure to succeed which only you are to blame putting your fat back to the wall. There is nothing you hate more than knowing my road to reach the top of the EAW will be lesser than yours. Walking around empty gyms, reminiscing when you should be at the local Malt Shop eating the seven-layer burger named after you is all perception, again by trying to sell the people in your propaganda and LIES, these little tidbits are all a farce. Do you even look at yourself in the mirror, Terry? The severe case of gynecomastia? I’m sorry that is a big word for you, allow me to dummy down so it may be easy relatable, Terry, that is medical terms for “Bitch tits”, excuse my language, I feel dirty now. Or that nose which looks like you head butted a cheese grater then fell face first into a Woodchipper? Do NOT try to sell me on these healthy lies, owning a gym doesn’t excuse the fact you are grossly out of shape and probably a diabetic by now.

Does your hubris prevent a pathetic and vulgar man like yourself to even consider the diagnosis I have given you? Still harping on things that happened months ago, NO this is about the here and the now, look at me closely Terry as I have become weary of your repetitive nonsense and defamation of my character, if anyone is sick, it is the same attention grubbing maniac who rather play Doctor and a very bad and stupid one at that like you do a wrestler! That’s right Terry, for ten plus long years you have gone back and forth in this career that is called a journey? Sorry bucko, you’re lost and wandering looking to be found, because personally whatever happened in 2017 doesn’t concern me, I was in Medical School and who would have thought, while you’re clawing, barely able to stay afloat and wondering if you are going to make it in the business, I ALREADY made it with my REAL Degree. The real reason behind all these attacks is because you know, when I walk out as Interwire Champion, what is next for Terry Chambers? Is Boyz II Men going to sing “End of the Road” in some vignette showcasing the hard fought loss by Terry Chamber and his bid farewell to MY Interwire Championship after I hit every pressure point, I injure ALL vital organs and systematically break you down Terry until you’re a massive, pulsating load of human waste. You have put all your eggs in one basket and all I must do is grab it and smash it all to the ground…. Ending this dream Terry, yet all of this was on some predetermined premise that you are better than me.

I don’t think there is a plan in place when you lose, Terry and then what, hmm?

For the one thing you’ve made clear, without this title, sir, Terry Chambers is nothing. I tried, all I wanted to do was be your doctor, a friend and most of all someone that would help in changing lifestyles of the healthy variety but no, it was always Dr. Blue is a fake Doctor, Dr. Blue is crazy, Dr. Blue is some gimmick that hasn’t done anything in the EAW and if you TRULY believe that Terry, not only are you daft and dumb, you’re lying to yourself, the fans and this company. This time Terry? I am not here to help you…..

I am here to break you down.

Limb by limb, muscle by muscle, tendon by tendon, organ by organ, nerve by nerve until you lie flat on the stretcher looking up at me helpless. I am no longer your Doctor, Terry….

I am your garroter!

No training, no inspirational speeches or monotonous finger pointing will change the outcome of this match. After the Heck you have put me through? I will deliver it in return tenfold. See, though Terry, this is much more than a match. You have this circle of influence, all wrestlers and celebrities alike deal with it on a daily basis. There are people who look up to you Terry, they worship the ground you walk on, so why not like the Pied Paper, lead them to death, you’re well on the way, why not talk a million people with you!

Not on my watch you fat bass turd.”

Turning away to look over at Nurse Goldstein who nods, Dr. Blue makes her way over to where she is, after she has filled out the paperwork. The overweight young man stands there, Dr. Blue has hooked up his chest with electrocardiogram stickies, monitoring his heart rate. He has a Terry Chambers, “Barbaric Carnivore” t-shirt, the Doctor’s baby brown eyes narrow a bit, scoping out the young man before finally speaking…

“For the record, tell them your name.”

“My name is Ogilvie Jameson.”

“Terry Chambers, this is Ogilvie Jameson, unlike your stupid skits, this young man is NOT an actor, he is one of your fans and agreed to come on here in front of the camera and allow me to give him a stress test, yes we are going to check his heart. See, Ogilvie is one of many victims that have fallen for your misleading advertising.”

The Doctor turns to face Ogilvie….

“Olgivie, your favorite wrestler is Terry Chambers, you have already stated that he is going to “Kick my scrawny and bony ass” and unquote, correct?”

“Yes! Terry is the best!”

“So, enthusiastic, it’s adorable. So, tell me Ogilvie, how does Terry inspire you? Is it his positive words of wisdom? Is it his lies that I bought out his wife to talk about his health issues? Maybe it is the fact your hero attacks a Doctor like me every chance he gets?”

“You made him this way.”

“Of course, I did. Ogilvie, the more I look at you, the more I see Terry.”

“Really!? He is my idol and he’s kicking your ass and putting you on a stretcher!”

She rolls her eyes….

“Anyway, what we have here is a stress test, this will monitor Ogilvie’s heart and see just how much it can take, it will also show us if there is any clogged arteries. Nurse Goldstein here has already set it all up for us. Now Terr… I mean Ogilvie. I need you to take that shirt off, climb up on this tread mill and give me your all for about five minutes, can you do that?”

“Yes, it’s easy!”

“Yes, it is. Climb up.”

The young Terry Chambers fan takes off his shirt and then starts to run on the tread mill, she turns and looks right at Nurse Goldstein who smirks, then turns her attention to the camera….

“As Ogilvie is running on the treadmill and getting his stress test, I want you to know Terry how disappointed I am. This young tike right here worships the ground you walk on but apparently you left a cookie crumb trail consisting of Chili Cheese Fritos that he is following. Look at him and this is ALL your fault for making that poor man obese, unhealthy and he probably couldn’t last a minute in your crappy gym. This Stress Test can determine if you are going to have a heart attack, you know Terry, like the one you faked? Ogilvie? How are you doing?”

“I….uh…..*puff*….. uh…. *Cough*…..I….*huff*…. I…. *puff*…..”

"He’s not doing too good and as a role model, I scream SHAME at you Terry! This Is what you’re leading people down, the wrong path and they need a HEALTHY champion! They need a REAL Role Model! They Need an INSPIRATION! ME! And….”

Before Dr. Blue could finish her sentence, Ogilvie gave out, fell on the tread mill and rolled right into the wall. She turns to Nurse Goldstein who nods and checks on him as the Good Doctor once again turns to the camera….

“I guess he didn’t have the heart to finish.”

Dr. Blue starts to laugh, but stops and stares into the camera…

“Just like I am going to STOP yours, Terry and let’s see you fake that, bucko!

The Doctor WILL See YOU Now.”

As Nurse Goldstein tends to Ogilvie as Dr. Bethany Blue folds her arms, wearing the Interwire Championship proud and grins….





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