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Team Name: The Crowe’s Nest
Team Members:
Chelsea Crowe, Jael Arcana-Rosario, Raven Roberts, Braxton DeVil
Former Team Members: April Song
Picture Base of Each Member: Dahlia Black (Crowe) | Kay Lee Ray (Rosario) | Billie Kay (Roberts) | TK Cooper (DeVil)
Combined Weight: 403 lbs

Theme Music: 'Glory and Gore' by Lorde

Entrance: The lights go down, and the sound of "Glory and Gore" by Lorde fills the area. Red and white strobe lights flash as the beat kicks in. As the song builds up, Chelsea Crowe emerges with a spotlight focused on her. She gives the crowd a condescending look as two more spotlights shine down on either side of her. Jael Arcana-Rosario and Raven Roberts stand by Chelsea, ignoring the crowd. As the trio makes their way down the ramp, we can see Braxton DeVil mocking and taunting a few crowd members. Whilst in the ring, Raven and Jael each scale the turnbuckles to look out at the crowd, and Chelsea remains in the center, soaking in the moment. As the music dies down, they remain in their corner, discussing tactics and preparing for the match.

Team Disposition/Alignment: Heel

Motivations: Each member came into the group with different motivations, but together their motivations align into completing one goal: elevating one another into a position of dominance. Controlling Empire is clichéd – the Crowe's Nest are here to elevate themselves first, and stomp down on Empire later. Their individual motives vary: from Chelsea's lust for money and fame; Raven’s to reach the top of the industry and establish herself as an all time great; and Jael's selfish path of self-discovery. But when they fight together, they're united in their conceit.

Tendency to Cheat: If needed; often through their own means or with the help of Braxton DeVil

Reason for Teaming: The original purpose of the team was seemingly as a loose association of allies started by Chelsea Crowe to counteract the group known as the Axis. With the leader of the Axis’ departure and Azumi Goto and Zakkii deciding to venture off in their own pursuits on Empire, the group remained intact anyway not only to protect and elevate each other but to destroy any emerging threat on Empire to their dominance with cold-hearted ruthlessness. Each member has their own individual motivations for joining/forming the group, but when forced into action, the group puts whatever agenda they have on hold for the collective benefit.

However, business will remain strictly that. Once former member April Song proved to be too blinded by her own rage, she was left to fend for her own, and was ejected from the group. After keeping a close eye on her, the remaining members of the Nest approached Raven Roberts with an offer she could not refuse: financial stability, a promising future, and a second chance at glory.

Strengths: Together, the Crowe’s Nest has over nineteen years of combined wrestling experience. Chelsea leads the team with knowing what’s best for business, with an offense based on calculated risks and quick wit. Raven is best known for her background in martial arts, making her a gifted technician with a mind wired on pure strategy. Jael asserts her dominance through her strength, grit, and ferocious nature that makes her a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

Common Moves:
Double knee drop armbreaker
- Catapult and spear combination (usually Raven and Jael act as the catapult)
- Jael holds the opponent in a modified Indian deathlock, whilst Chelsea stomps on the opponent’s back repeatedly, ending with a final soccer kick to the head
- Chelsea locks in a sleeper hold whilst Jael or Raven do a kneebar on the same opponent at the same time
- Raven executes a kata guruma throw, and Chelsea follows up with a basement running mushroom stomp to the grounded opponent

Double-Team Signature Moves:
Aided knee bulldog

- Unholy Union (Chelsea delivers a roundhouse-feinted superkick, where the opponent lands on the middle rope; Jael finishes off the attack with a knee strike to the stunned opponent)

- Song of Crows (Raven holds the opponent up in an Alabama Slam position and Jael hits a DDT with the opponent hung from Raven’s shoulders)

Double-Team Finishing Moves:
- Chelsea Grin (Raven or Jael holds the opponent in an octopus hold, and Chelsea runs in with the knee drop facebuster)

- Final Flight (Raven lifts the opponent for her Lost Beauty Brainbuster and Chelsea or Jael jump off the top rope and grab the opponent’s feet on the way down for a vertical spike)

- Dreamcatcher (Raven holds the opponent in position for a rear naked choke; Chelsea proceeds to land with a double footstomp moonsault, before the opponent can tap out)

Triple-Team Signature Move:
- Crucifixion (Raven and Chelsea hold an opponent up with standing armbars while Jael hits a running knee to their face)

Triple-Team Finishing Move:
- The Murder Cry (Triple crucifix powerbomb)

Championships and Accomplishments:
- EAW Specialists Championship (2 times) – Song (1), Crowe (1)
- Specialist Rampage winner (2018) Crowe
- EAW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Rosario and Roberts (1)

Most Valuable Elitist:
- Woman of the Week (#103) – Song
- Most Valuable Elitist (#103) – Song
- Beef of the Week (#117) vs Aria Jaxon on November 9, 2017 – Crowe
- Most Valuable Elitist (#130) with Carlos Rosso – Crowe
- Promoer of the Week (#130) – Crowe
- Promoer of the Week ( #132) – Crowe
- Champion of the Week (#132) – Crowe
- Promoer of the Week (#134) with everyone in the Four Corners tag team match – Song and Rosario
- Most Valuable Elitist (#134)
- Beef of the Week (#136) vs Madison Kaline on May 17, 2018 – Crowe
- Match of the Week (#136) vs Madison Kaline on May 17, 2018 – Crowe
- Most Valuable Elitist (#136) – Crowe
- Rising Star of the Week (#137) – Roberts
- Promoer of the Week (#140) with everyone involved in the Cash in the Vault match – Roberts
- Rising Star of the Week (#141) – Roberts

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Jael Arcana-Rosario

The False Prophet
Tempe, Arizona
We had to do it to 'em. Cleared out most of our info, but expect bits and pieces to remain the same. Changes to come with the addition of Raven Roberts, so we shall update this once we all work out some new moves and motivations for teaming, etc. #CrowesNestBetter

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