MATCH PROMO The Cutthroat Politics Ruin Everything – Fight Grid Live III

Eric Havoc

Eric Havoc, wearing glasses, sat on the couch in living room of his house. He rubbed the top of his head in a tension-freeing manner, he once more took some deep breaths and counted down to one before he began to speak to the camera.

Windgate, you clearly aren’t aware of the magnitude of what I have at stake here, while you’re right, being Number One Contender alone is a sign of opening new doorways, but I know you want to do so too, we both want to end the so-called ‘rebirth of Lethal Consequences’, he has poisoned the National Elite Championship with his victory. he’s no longer in touch with reality of everything, he keeps thinking this is the early 2000s and Extreme Answers Wrestling, he’s no longer the legend he once was, and instead is using his latest pet to keep that title around his waist, The World Title is in good hands with Impact for now, he at least brings it in the ring, but LC is a cancer for the belt he holds. I’ve made it a mission to make sure it’s out of his hands and restore power to that title.

Eric bent to his right to grab the EAW Contract that remained unsigned. He removed his glasses to reveal small bags under his eyes.

You see, Windgate, re-signing with EAW is not going to guarantee anything but more playing politics in the back, ever since I started in EAW, I was fighting LESS in the ring than when I was playing politician just to get on TV, I was playing politics to get something major, but due to the fact I was the ‘New Guy’ I had very little say, My big break was promised to me by Showdown GM Hurricane Hawk about a match for Pain For Pride, only for the politics of the cutthroat establishment to screw me out of that match and was thrown into the Battle Royal that nobody cared about, I practically phoned it in when that show came on, there was no motivation for me to do that match, sure the opportunity for a title match was the prize, but my mind just wasn't into it that night. That’s one of the reasons I was gone for two weeks, besides taking a vacation with my grandma to visit the rest of the family. I needed a break from all of it because I was taking work home and becoming real depressed, I was getting depressed all the time; I hated being in the locker room, I would walk into it, and it would feel like being surrounded by a pit of snakes ready to bite you down with their venomous fangs.

Windgate, you getting the credit wasn’t the problem for me, but the fact any credentials I earned in that match was thrown out and the politics grew worse. When I was watching EAW, I was thinking how cool and fun being a pro wrestler was, and how it be awesome it be to perform in the ring, but the cutthroat mentality with the politics have forever scarred that belief in me, and it’s been draining my passion being here. Answer me, who WOULDN’T get sick of the politics that the wrestlers have to do just to get to TV, I’ve seen a train of young talent come in and leave within a matter of days due to all the BS going on behind the curtains. Being in EAW hasn’t been fun for me since I got here, and I’m sure it hasn’t been for other talent that come through the door. That’s one of the reasons the T.R.U.E Initiative was set up, and that quickly fell apart when Ronan and Mike left. So I’m back to square one with everything.

Eric began rubbing his eyes, before looking at the camera with his head slightly titled, he resumed to speak to the camera, addressing Windgate.

Windgate, you left once a upon a time, and that’s something you really shouldn’t regret, you lost the passion and needed to find it again, you were once The National Elite Champion, and I’ll say, you’ll be champion again, but this time, it needs to be my moment, your moment can wait when I’m done with it, because if I somehow can’t win, then it’s over for me. Despite my current mental state, I’ve tearing my body down and building it back up preparing for this match, even re-watched some of your matches during your last run in EAW. I’m currently analyzing every range of the square circle in my personal training facility, even got some of the best trainers to help me out with this. I need to go through hell and back to win this match, I need to win, or else everything I do in EAW from then on, is absolutely meaningless.

But…there would be only one thing that would convince me to come back, and it won’t be a title shot, no, it would simply be My Moment…I can only guess what you think that moment I’ll go and create is, but lets leave that up for fate to decide. Hell, if the cutthroat politics weren’t such a problem in the company, I generally do think we could’ve been friends, but the sharks come in and shred such a concept up before it could take form.

Eric moved up, not bothering to turn the camera off and headed out, the sound of footsteps leaving the room and the door ultimately closing. The Video feed would automatically turn off within a minute later.

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