MATCH PROMO The Dreadknight Part 60 (Voltage)

Xander Payne

The Wildcards
Unified Tag Team Champion
Vs. Rex McAllister 2

It opens up to Xander Payne grabbing an old man by his collar and hauling him towards a glass box.

Xander Payne: You see this glass box here? I am going to put your old ass into it and you’re going to answer every single question that I ask you because you are my bitch…

???: NO!

Xander Payne: How come everytime The Revenant said something, you would praise his words like if he is a God and he isn’t. You, my friend, are the epitome of ass kissing. You licked Rev’s ass clean… You sucked up to him every single second.. You don’t want to listen to me? Then, listen to this.

Xander releases the old man, takes a few steps back, and charges into the man. He kicks the back of the old man, making him go crashing into the glass box.

Xander Payne: Oh… I’m sorry… There was a fly on your back so I was getting rid of it, I guess I missed… But, now, you’ve found yourself comfortable in that glass box of mine.. So, before I ask you questions, I am going to answer yours. You want to know why I brought you here? Well, I thought that I would bring The Revenant’s little puppet master here on the return of the Dreadknight show. Brings out a bottle of pills and throws it behind him Now, I hope you took your medicine today because I must’ve dropped it while I carefully shoved you into my car.

But, I believe you’re safe and sound... You’re doing okay in that box, so how about you answer my questions? I want you to tell me what everyone wants to hear... The truth... I want the expose that will shatter everything the Revenant has worked for into pieces… We all know, Michael Bishop... THe man behind The Revenant, he has deep, twisted secrets and you have to know them. I mean, you and him must have been close as hell. That’s why we call you the sugar daddy of Elite Answers Wrestling. Your clients aren’t just clients, they’re your sex slaves. I mean look at Damon Diesel… look at Shane Gates... Damon Diesel looks like a greasy male prostitute while Shane Gates looks like an anorexic stick. You don’t make your talents great, you drive their career into the ground. The NEO Syndicates? More like the NEO failures... I mean, we all know what happened to Liam Archer and you were probably the madman behind his downfall. I mean you and him must have been involved in the same kinks that Liam is known for? You want Liam to stand on you, huh? You want The Revenant to lick your toenails clean?

I know you do… But that is not what I brought you here for… So, without a single pay. Without a kinky session in return... I want you to speak the truth about The Revenant. Why did he leave Elite Answers Wrestling all of a sudden? I want the answers... Now…

Bo Maro: You want the truth? The truth is... Rex McAllister will embarrass you this Sunday and that rookie, Myles? He will prove to the world that he is not a rookie by obliterating you…

Xander Payne: Oh, you want to talk about obliteration? How about we talk about how every time you speak, you obliterate our eardrums. How about we talk about that legendary moment at Pain For Pride where I obliterated The Revenant for the New Breed Championship. Now, surely you don’t want to talk about that because those explain how much of a fucking moron you are... All of your former clients, they are nowhere near my level… They don’t even stand a chance against me, and you want proof? Ask Damon Diesel… Ask The Revenant… But I am positive you don’t have the time to when you are busy thotting around with your other clients. I know what you’re going to say... I didn’t take you here without any knowledge of your stupidity...

Bo Maro: The Revenant would never do something stupid like taking an old ma-.

Xander Payne: You think The Revenant doesn’t make stupid decisions? He thought he had a chance against Diamond Cage... He thought that he would shine in his Pain For Pride moment... Guess what! He never succeeded... The only reason he has held championship gold is because of a fluke... Hence why he lost to me at Pain For Pride… Now, answer my question… I want the truth... I want answers...

Bo Maro: He left this company because everyone who works here, he doesn’t like, especially you. He finally decided he has had enough of the many people here in this organization and sought a better working place in another promotion. Now, if you have a problem with that, then you could take that to Mr. Bishop...

Xander Payne: As a matter of fact, I do have a problem… I have a problem with people like you... Always kissing ass... Always sucking dick... Hell, I thought Christy Elite was the biggest dick eater of them all… But you my sir, you take the cake when it comes to dick eating. The Revenant… He is a coward just like you… He decided to pack his bags and get out of EAW because he is scared... He realized that he would never succeed in EAW, and he left... Yet, you still want to defend him? You still want to kiss his ass when he ain’t even here anymore? Your games are over.

Xander reaches down his pocket to bring out a scrunched up sheet of paper.

How to become an overrated fuckhead like Myle- oops, wrong one...

Again, he reaches down his deep pocket to bring out another sheet of paper.

Xander Payne: This… Is not an ordinary sheet of paper... This is your EAW contract... I am going to tell you this now… Effective immediately, your contract will be terminated, grandpa… Every aspect of your life will be ruined... Why? Because you made a bad mistake... Badmouthing me when I all I did was nicely demand answers... Do everyone a favour and shut your mouth… When this contract is terminated, everything you have will disappear. Your prescription drugs, your health insurance, your weak limbs, and everything else, will be nothing but in your debt. But, moving onto the brighter things… SECURITY!!! Get this old bag of bones out of here!

Security violently grabs Bo Maro and throws him through a wall...

Why the fuck did you have to do that? I still need him!

Security shrugs as they drag Bo Maro down the stairs. Xander then sits on the tanned sofa that reads “Message to the old man who makes the top fives; shut the fuck up”

Xander Payne: Welcome to the sixtieth episode of the coveted Dreadknight show! Now, you may ask? Why does this set look so dull? Well, I figured I would make the set embody the originator of this show... So, why not? This is my show now... Revenant doesn’t work for this company anymore and I am pretty sure that he doesn’t have any rights to this show… So, this is mine, now… Who knows… This could be the finale of the Dreadknight show... This could be the first of many episodes to come… It doesn’t matter… This show was meant to be run into the ground... This show was meant to get bad reviews... I mean, I’ve read through all the scripts and Bishop was basically trying to make this show a runner up for the worst show of the year.

And speaking of shows... You can watch your master of work and learn how to be a successor in an environment like EAW on Voltage. And on whatever TV channel you people can somehow afford, you will be witnesses to me defeating Rex McAllister. It is no secret. Rex has got a win over me before, but I am a changed man. Since then, I have made a few tweaks here and there, but those tweaks have changed my mindset about this company. All my strategies and all my algorithms, they’ve all changed so I can adapt to a constantly changing environment. No, I am not talking about some man who has changed to a more unstable self. This is a Xander Payne who is hungry.. HUNGRY to have a taste of championship gold once again. It has been months since I have held championship gold and I plan to hold it once again. But there are a few stops on the road and one of them is Rex McAllister. It took me one opportunity to win the EAW New Breed Championship, but it didn’t take one opportunity to overcome The Rex Master. But... There is no doubt, that if I receive one opportunity for that shiny, little world championship of yours, I will cash in on it because let’s face it, your championship reign is far overdue. My long losing streak is over and the man who ended it has turned into a madman. It took one loss for Drake King to lash out on the entire crowd in attendance. How many matches have I lost in my losing streak? I have lost way more than him and do you see me saying that it is not ok? Do you see me doing that? No, because I know how to adapt and I keep evolving. Drake King.. well… He failed to do so. Just like how he failed to cash in on two championship opportunities and just like how he failed to defeat me..

And Rex, if I defeat you, that will do wonders for me. If I defeat you, that might as well guarantee my spot in the world championship line up… I should’ve been in the Extreme Elimination Chamber by default, but I know that defeating you is just as equal as the opportunity given in that structure of destruction. I don’t need to step into that house of horrors just to earn opportunities when I have the opportunity standing before me.I have been underlooked for way too long, and I will refuse to let this opportunity slip through my fingers… Season 11 may appear to be a great year for you, Rexy… But there is a man waiting to ruin your day.. There is a man waiting to ruin your momentum coming into 2019 and that man is Xander Payne…. I am not going to stand here, tell you why I am better than you, when your curiosities are going to be answered when you step into the ring with me and finally find out, that I ain’t just that man who had a losing streak. I am the man who ran rampant across the land of Elite and turned that obliteration into ultimate success…

Xander Payne then looks directly at the camera, smirking before the promo video ends.

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