MATCH PROMO The Flawless Flo Doesn't Lose [Dynasty I]

Crosby Carter

The White Trash Carters


Last week didn’t exactly go as planned for the FloBros. They lost to Raven Roberts and Jael. For many Elitists in EAW, this would be a crushing defeat. But the FloBros went into that ring hoping to make a name for themselves. Hoping to prove that they were a grade A tag team. And they did just that. They stood toe to toe with one half of the current reigning Empire tag team champions and the former Empire Tag Team Champions. Maybe they didn’t get the win. But they proved that they belonged. They took the Crowe’s to their limit and forced them to use a few underhanded tactics in a match they thought would be easy. And that’s all that they wanted. Crosby Carter had joked about being undefeated on Dynasty, which he still is, but his record honestly didn’t mean shit to him. He got to travel the world and live his dream with his wife and his best friend by his side. Nothing could put a damper on that. And he was fighting some of the best wrestlers in the world. Every once in a while, he was going to taste defeat. It was part of the game. As long as he went into that ring and gave the world a performance that he was proud of, he could live to see another day. And that’s what the FloBros did on Thursday Night. They persevered and they demonstrated that they are a threat of a tag team. Maybe they didn’t get the Crowe’s this time. But that won’t be their last mixup.

Crosby and Carysn were standing in front of a plain black backdrop. Huge stage lights lit up the area. Crosby Carter was dressed in his paint-splatter ring gear with a StarrStan t-shirt and a grey zip-up hoodie that was open. His long wavy locks were damp and flowing around his shoulders. Carsyn stood slightly in front of him, her arms folded across her extra-large chest. The gorgeous blonde was wearing a pair of high-waisted white jeans that were shredded down the front and a Jaded Wolfe Hearts t-shirt that was cut up to show her mid-drift and perfect chest. Her blonde locks were stick straight around her shoulders and the look was complete with a pair of black, thigh-high suede boots. Crosby’s wife smiled into the camera.

“Last week the bros suffered their first loss against the Crowe’s Nest. But we’re not sweating it. One loss doesn’t shape a competitor. Every single person on this roster has faced a loss. But the end results aren’t what matter. That cunt Chelsea Crowe trying to smash my face off because I’m prettier than her doesn’t matter. What matters is that Crosby and Thadd stood on their own two feet on Empire and they delivered. They faced a true tag team and one half of the tag team champions and they forced them to cheat in order to get a win. Because the FloBros are that good. And regardless of what the end was on Empire, the FloBros WILL be the EAW Tag Team Champions. I bet my fucking life on it. They have done nothing but succeed since coming to EAW. Every single opponent has stuck their nose up at them. The Crowe’s acted like facing them was some master fucking ploy against them, since they wanna be the Jaded Hearts so damn bad. But the backyard boys have flourished just like I knew they would. Because they have something that none of you can quantify. They have the heart and the passion to succeed in this business. Fuck their lack of traditional training. Fuck their lack of traditional experience. Fuck your bullshit ideas about backyarders. The FloBros are the real deal. And every time Crosby and Thadd step into the ring they prove it. And this week Crosby is going to step into the ring with fucking Don Corleon and show him why he is the future of EAW and Dynasty.”

Carsyn unfolds her arms, placing her hand on her husbands shoulder. Crosby looks into the camera with a half-smile on his face.

“We in the mafia now, bro. Right? Oh wait, we’re not. Listen, bruh. I get it, you’re out here trying to live your dream and change your career path and that’s cool and all. I respect that shit. But standing around and telling me I should be scared because you were in prison? Because you’re a problem solver? Because you came up on the streets? Bro that shit doesn’t matter. Unless you plan on whacking me in that fuckin’ ring, it doesn’t come into play. Knowing you spent five years as some dude named Bubba’s bitch doesn’t strike fear into me. Knowing you operated as some bitch boy in your little mafia world doesn’t mean shit to me. You’re no Don. You’re no Consigliere. You’re just a low-level soldier, homie. And now you’re nothing. Your mob ties don’t mean shit. If your plan is to come into this business and try to intimidate your opponents with your scary background, it’s not going to work. No one gives a fuck around here, especially not me. If anyone here is a fake tough guy, it’s you. You know what the mob is, right? It’s just a fucking gan. You just answered to someone else your whole life. You just let some dude kick you around and give you orders because he had a fancy suit and a sweet accent. Bro, being in the mob ain’t cool. Haven’t you seen those mobster movies? Everyone dies and gets treated like shit by their Don. I’m not about that life. I’m about doing whatever the fuck I want and answering to no one, except my boss ass wife, of course.”

The bro winks at his wife who smiles affectionately at him.

“Here’s what it comes down to, homie. I’ve been dreaming about this my whole damn life. I’ve been working towards this my whole damn life. I would never stand around and say watching wrestling was embarrassing or pathetic. Bruh. You don’t respect this sport. You don’t love this sport. Your daddy just bought you some training and you’re trying something new. I’ve been slaving away for years to get where I am. I don’t need to put on a tough guy act and throw a toothpick in my mouth to look cool. I don’t need to tell you about the bodies I buried in the Atlantic Ocean so my opponents will be scared. It’s not that deep, bro. This is wrestling. This isn’t life or death shit. You aren’t going to kill me out there. Man, you were probably just the guy who made a fuckin’ phone call and got someone whacked. Didn’t lift a fucking finger yourself. Because if you had, you’da spent a helluva lot more time in prison. But the point is, this is my life. This is who I am and this is my dream. You don’t respect this business like I do and that’s how I know you’ll fail. If you don’t give it your all, you’ll never make it. Me? Last week Jael had the gall to question my passion. Like bitch what? This is what I’ve been pushing myself to my whole life. This is why I was bleeding out in barns and throwing myself off roofs. This is it for me. It’s all I wanna do. And you? You’re just dipping your toes in. You’re seeing if the water is warm and I’ve already jumped in.”

“It’s weird to say this - but I have more experience than you. EAW is my home and I’ve been running the game here for a month or so now and I’ve been killing it. You won’t be my stepping stone? Bruh you’re the one who needs a stepping stone. I been stepped up. I am undefeated on Dynasty. I’ve never been pinned. I’ve shown the world that this trashy Jersey kid is the real deal and the people, they love me. Starr Stan is my bro and my spot on Dynasty and on this roster is secured. You’re the one looking to make waves. Judge the fans and the fact that I want to make them happy all you want. I don’t care. This is what I do. And I love the people that let me live my dream. Without them, you have no one but yourself to blame when you fall. Without the fans rooting for you, you better show up in that ring. If you don’t put on the show of your damn life, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself when the bro is standing tall inside that ring. This is your chance to show the world that you can step up to a Dynasty STAR and perform.”

“Here’s the thing Gio, you want to come in here like you just walked off the set of the Sopranos? By my guest. I thought that whole era where wrestling was just exaggerated stereotypes was over but do you, boo. You wanna be every fucking ridiculous stereotype alive? Be my guest. Or fuhgetaboutit, capeesh? This isn’t the streets. No one is looking at you with fear. Like bro you are basically the same height and weight as Crosby. Who the fuck was scared of you, like ever? I’m sure I could whoop your ass. You spent time in prison? Cool. Again, it doesn’t matter. Just like what Crosby wears to the ring or daily doesn’t matter. You think pink is girly? You think pink makes him lame? Bro, the toxic masculinity is strong with this one.”

Crosby turns towards his wife, giving her a confused look. She laughs softly.

“Sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Tyler Wolfe videos.”
The blonde turns back to the camera. “Anyways! It. Doesn’t. Matter! What matter is what happens inside that ring and what Crosby has done in undeniable. He defeated Kevin Hunter in his debut match live on Dynasty. The next week he pinned Lucas Johnson with his bro by side - a man that is currently main-eventing Dynasty and getting the chance to face the EAW World Champion, Noah Reigner. You think that shit makes him a fake tough guy? Bye. After that, Crosby Carter was HAND-PICKED by Starr Stan, aka your boss, to represent Dynasty in the New Breed Championship match at the King of Elite. The man was here for literally two weeks and he was given a title shot on one of the biggest stages. Starr Stan didn’t give that chance out lightly. He wanted that New Breed Title back on Dynasty and he knew that Crosby was the best chance for that to happen. He saw his potential. Yes, he lost. I’m not refuting that. But he went out there and he cemented his place on this roster and he did Dynasty proud. He brought out all the stops and he couldn’t be pinned in this match. The New Breed Champion tried it and couldn’t put him away. Then he went on to face and defeat Bowie Grey in a singles match, a man who had qualified for a Pure Championship match at King of Elite. Honestly, he could have won that belt he wasn’t a fucking mental case. But Cros beat him. After that, him and Thadd defeated the Legion, a seasoned tag team in the Dynasty ring. They were on fucking fire.”

“And so our bro Starr traded them over to Empire at my request to give them a true challenge. And again, yes they didn’t win. But they showed up and they made their presence known in the tag division. And if that little lesbo Jael didn’t cheat, who knows what would have happened. Maybe the bros would have come out victorious. But it doesn’t matter. Because all that proves is that Crosby Carter is a wrestler through and through. He has stood toe to toe with pure technicians and brawlers alike. He has fought in bloody disasters like at King of Elite, in tag team matches in your standard singles match. And he has come out on top every single time. He has never been pinned. So do you honestly think you’re going to drag your mob-reject ass into our ring and be the one to put him away? I don’t think so hunty. I think you’re delusional. You’re trying to build yourself up a little too much. You’re the one trying to act tough. Crosby Carter hasn’t tried to be tough a day in his damn life. He is just himself and he is just good at wrestling. There is something about being inside that ring that just clicks for him. He is smart and he is methodical and above all else, this man is fearless. His experience and his ability to throw everything out the window will come into play and it will be the deciding factor this week. Crosby will do anything and everything that he can to win. And if it’s not enough, I will be. Sounds like you’d be the perfect person to distract with the new goodies on my chest. And then Crosby will just have to give you a quick roll up and he’ll continue to be undefeated on Dynasty.”

The beautiful blonde licked her candy pink lips into the camera and shrugged her shoulders. A smirk was painted across her face.

“Bro, wrestling is what I do. And me and this flawless flo,” Crosby literally flipped his flawless locks majestically behind his shoulder. “Will be walking out of Dynasty as the victors this week. This bro doesn’t lose. This is my show and it’s your debut. I truly hope you can live up to your own hype bro. It’s time to show up, bro. You gonna bark all day little doggy, or are ya gonna bite?”

The daredevil let out a laugh. Him and his wife exchanged smiles before they headed out of frame.


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