MATCH PROMO "The Forgotten Sister." — Pain For Pride II

Consuela Rose Ava

The Perfectionist.
(Twiddles thumbs.)

I haven’t been impressed.

I thought this would be as competitive. I thought there would be a series of men and women talking amongst each other, just trying to get their words into the conversation. I haven’t seen that at all. Instead, I have only seen a select few— those who I knew were going to bring there A-game from the the strike of midnight on Friday. But at last, I had someone actually get back to me.
I was afraid that Jesse Barlow was taken under custody again. :lupe: I mean, he might as well after committing the same crimes as everyone else. In this case, he has brought up the same arguments that I’ve heard since my first day in this company. I know, there are pros and cons to being the twin sister of someone as established as Cameron Ella Ava. Cam is more successful, established and experienced. I’m not going to erase the fact that Cameron and I are related — I think it is quite difficult to erase it since…well…identical twins and all. Throughout my career, I have heard people saying that Cameron was the only reason I was offered this contract. I mean, if Cameron had that much power to sign her family members, I would have been signed a lot sooner rather than me spending sometime in Spain and Mexico and getting my experience there. That’s not what I wanted too. Nor did I believe that Cameron has that much power. I was someone, who was never supposed to be signed. I never saw myself in this position, yet, here I am. I’m living the dream and accomplishing goals I never believed possible. There’s nothing much to me, Jesse. This isn’t an “innocent” act. I’m not even pulling off a “nice” act. I know, it’s so weird that people like to categorize the Ava sisters as “arrogant” and whatnot, but that’s not the attitude we’re getting across. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I was the only one that gave my dad the benefit of the doubt, when my other sisters wanted to outcast him as a “deadbeat” father. I believe people can change, Jesse. Not just change their name, but how they approach life. Right now, this attitude from you, it’s nothing more than just the element of shock consuming you and you’re taking it out on me. I mean, who are you to state that I don’t have an ounce of respect in me? I’ve earned the respect of those I never expected to earn. People have earned my respect. I have never made it my mission to disrespect people. There have been moments, where I let my frustrations get the best out of me. I have taken my anger out on people I’ve cared about. I never meant any of the negative things I have said to anyone, but I’m not going to say that it didn’t happen. I don’t shy away from things like that.

For example, of course you would reference, Clara Lovelace, Jesse. But, you’re one of the first people, who saw the good that Clara tried to bring to Empire. Cameron had this pretty vision of taking a newcomer underneath her wing — Clara. But, Cameron knew that she wasn’t going to be part of the Empire brand for long, so I was tasked with mentoring Clara. These statements that I was “holding back” Clara are nothing more than ridiculous. It was more like Clara was holding me back. Clara was really, really inexperienced. There were moments, where we saw her shine; however, there were moments where it seemed like Clara’s head wasn’t in the match. During tag team matches, she was the one to eat most of the pins. She was someone, who failed to do research on her opponents and relied on Cameron to do her homework on them. It would have been simple for Clara to watch an episode of Empire on the EAW Network, but Clara wasn’t get that. Sure, you can say that “Clara’s inexperienced! Of course, she needs to be taught these things!”, but Clara was failing at her job to keep up with the rest of the girls. On the other hand, I wasn’t the best example because I kept losing match after match after match. I was beginning to be frustrated for myself. I wasn’t the role model that Clara needed, but I felt obligated to stay in this little alliance with her. Of course, I felt stagnant because Clara was in the way of me finally getting my single’s career back. It wasn’t me that kept Clara’s career stagnant. Without me, she could have grown. I wasn’t holding her back. She only had herself to rely on. It’s kind of funny, the moment I returned, I was able to capture the Specialists Championship…and Clara was no where to be found. When I left for my vacation, I tuned into Empire to see if Clara was able to keep herself together. Poor thing didn’t last a month without me before being brutally attacked by Tyler Wolfe. Clara’s left with a shatter neck. Meanwhile, I have my career back. But, I was holding her back, right? It seems like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for some sort of argument to use against me. It was a great walk down to memory lane, but I would love nothing more than to forget about the Clara chapter of my life. But, you do make a great point— I’ve made mistakes. My biggest mistake was relying on Clara to be the partner that I needed when she wasn’t as experienced as some of the women on the brand. What wasn’t a mistake? Taking my vacation and coming back when I felt necessary to return. It did get me the Specialists Championship. Now, it’s going to led me to winning 24/7.

Am I going to pretend that it doesn’t suck that I managed to get into a title or marquee match? No, it incredible sucks that I went from being Specialists Championship about a month ago to being in this match the month after. But, I’m not trying to look at this match as a slap to my face. During rough times like these, I have done what I have always done. I focus on the positives. I try to make the best in any situation I am. I’m glad that Cameron got her match at Pain for Pride. I’m glad that Camille has a great chance at smacking the crap out of Mark Michaels. I’m happy to be in the Pain for Pride card in general. People may or may not pay much attention to this match. I am guilty to not have paid attention to the match unless it has people I’m friends with in it, but my goal is to make sure that the world pays attention to this specific one. If I can do that, that’s a victory for me; however, I would also like to win the match. I would also liked to eliminate as much men and women as possible. That means you, Jesse. I know, it’s such an ugly world we live in. We put up a nice front, but we’re not afraid to stab each other in the back if it means we succeed in the end. Well, that’s most people in this company. That’s almost everyone in this match. I mean, are you going to pretend that you aren’t one of those people? If so, then you must have the best poker face out of anyone in this match. You’re probably the sneakiest person in this battle royal. I can see you being the one to make an alliance with some person and turn on them in the later point of the match. Don’t worry, Jesse. Just give into the ugly nature of the 24/7 Battle Royal. :troll: It’s not going to be something that you will be able to control. We’re all competitive by heart. I know being competitive is part of the Ava DNA and it’s something that drives us all to be the best that we can be. Even though I’m not as experienced in battle royals, this seems to be an environment I will flourish in and prove that I’m shouldn’t be forgotten. That’s the whole thing that bugs me, Jesse. It seemed like when I lost the Specialists Championship, there was a sense of being forgotten a.k.a. catering. My first match in about a month was just the latest episode of Empire and that bugs me. I am more than just the forgotten sister.

This match seems like it’s all for the forgotten people in the roster. Those that have all the potential to break out and become something of themselves. It may be so simple to tell me to step aside and let someone like you shine, Jesse. That’s not going to happen at all. This is the match I need to remind the world that I’m still in this company. I’m still hungry and I’m going to hold another championship one day. Winning this contract would mean so much to me. It will remind the world that I’m here to stay. It will remind the world that I have not peaked. It will remind the world that Consuela Rose Ava is still a force to be reckon with. Not only in the women’s division, but in EAW.


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