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Team Name: The Grand Athletes
Team Members: Mark Macias and Limmy Monaghan
Picture Base of Each Member: Mark Macias - The Miz. Limmy Monaghan - Noam Dar
Combined Weight: 402 lbs

Team Disposition/Alignment: Tweener

Team Gimmick: After Pain for Pride, Mark and Limmy swore to rebound from their crushing loss and aim to be better as a team, wrestlers and people. They continue to believe that winning the tag team championships are their destiny, and to complete that goal they look to train harder than ever before. Limmy's attitude towards the fans and viewers has completely changed, practically considering them the main reason he still wants to go on as a wrestler. As for Mark, well..he doesn't exactly feel the same way. He questions why Limmy wants to respect the crowd in hopes to be cheered. But, for the most part, they agree on everything.

Ahead of their flaming ladders match at Territorial Invasion, Limmy and Mark have begun to show a slight mean side. Nothing disrespectful toward the crowd, but certainly to their opponents. In order to make the division the best they can, they want to take on every challenge. The first challenge is different to others. To prepare themselves for hell, they want to put others through that same hell. Both a statement, and preparation.

Theme Music: 'Princes of the Universe' - Queen

Mark and Limmy usually just enter together doing their singles poses side by side. In Limmy's case, kissing his wrist, in Mark's case pointing to the crowd. Just a combination of their usual entrances.

In-Ring Attires
Both wear matching trunks, in Limmy's case tights, kneepads and kickpads. Same design as each other, along with matching colors. Practically Miz's attires with the logos replaced with "GA" or something.

Entrance Attires
Mark Macias: Mark has a bunch of expensive looking jackets, whether it be actual clothing or a jacket made for his wrestling attires. Usually it's a long jacket that goes from his upper body to his feet, that matches his in-ring attire.

Limmy Monaghan: Limmy Monaghan too wears a jacket, but it isn't as fancy. It's mainly just a bomber jacket that goes along with his wrestling attire.

Segment Attires
Mark Macias: Mark often wears a suit in segments, most of the time a different color from the last. His favorite design on the suits is a checkered pattern, sometimes stripes going down. He also likes to wear a plain white shirt and denim jeans.

Limmy Monaghan: Different to Mark, Limmy just prefers to wear his casual clothes. One day he might be wearing a wrestling T-Shirt and jeans, the next a My Hero Academia T-Shirt with tracksuit bottoms. It's never too fancy, just something he likes on the shirt, along with the first pair of pants he finds in his wardrobe.

FPV Attire(s)
When the time is right-when on a big enough stage/match-Limmy and Mark will come out in a Batman and Nightwing inspired attire. Mark's gear will have the color scheme of Batman along with Batman inspired logos, and Limmy's will have Nightwing inspired colors and logos. More details will be added later.

Tendency to Cheat: When needed

Motivations: What are your character’s motivations for competing? Delete all options that do not apply:

Financial Gain – they want to get rich through competing
Passion – they just want to wrestle and don’t care about anything else
Glory – they just want to win and don’t care about anything else (Specifically Limmy)
Gold – they want to win as many championships and achievements as they can
Platform – they want fame and influence

Wrestling Training: Limmy was trained by a former wrestler named Chris Roberts, who retired in 2019. However, Mark Macias was trained by a stunt choreographer who just so happened to be trained as a professional wrestler.

Wrestling Debut: They will debut as a team at: 5th of April 2020

Strengths: Mark and Limmy have great chemistry and, most of the time, understand what each other are looking for. They do practically everything together; Eat, train, watch knock-off movies, shower...Wait not that last one.

Weaknesses: They argue quite a lot. They do follow each other’s demands, but sometimes after slip ups they will tend to argue, along with their lack of wrestling experience.

Promotions: N/A

1x Rising Star of the week (MVE #232)
1x EAW Unified Tag Team Champions (current)

Common Moves
- Drop Toe Hold (Macias) Standing Moonsault (Limmy) Combo
- Double Corner Dropkick
- Double Jumping Neckbreaker
- Awesome Clothesline (Macias) Apron Enzuigiri (Limmy) Combo to a cornered opponent
- Running Double Axehandle (Macias) Pele Kick Combo (Limmy)
- German Suplex (Limmy) Dropkick (Macias) Combo. (Macias dropkicks the opponent whilst Limmy has their waist in hand. Limmy then delivers the suplex.)
- Headlock (Macias) Double Foot Stomp to the back (Limmy) Combo - Double Powerbomb
- Slingblade (Limmy) School Boy Roll Up (Macias) Combo
- Figure Four Leg Lock (Macias) Diving Splash (Limmy) Combo

Signature Moves
- "STOP!" Enzuigiri (Limmy) Knee Plus (Macias) Combo. (Limmy delivers the STOP Enzuigiri as Macias delivers the running single leg knee strike)

- Disney World (Limmy's World, the alley oop facebuster, into a double knee gut buster by Macias)

- The 'Mark and Monaghan' kicks (The 'Mark Kicks' but Limmy joins in, as he kicks the opponents back)

- The 'End Scene of Limmy's Show' (It's just a double end scene, the knee to the head followed by a swinging neckbreaker)

- Pop and Squeeze (Bicycle Knee Strike performed by Limmy at the same time as Mark delivers a running big boot)

Finishing Moves
- The 'Oscar Award' (Macias does the 'Credits Roll' Full Nelson Facebuster, just as Limmy does the 'Rocketman' Springboard Tornado DDT to the same opponent'

- The ‘Death on Two Legs’ (Reverse Wheelbarrow Rolling Cutter. Limmy Monaghan hits the opponent with a rolling cutter/Cross Rhodes as Mark has the opponent in a reverse wheelbarrow position. Both spin in the same direction at the same time to make the cutter faster and stronger than usual.)

Mark and Limmy aren't a borderline comedy act anymore. They'll still act stupid and idiotic, but they've just cut down on most of the comedic stuff they do.
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Limmy Monaghan

Bleach Phase
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Updated theme, gimmick, alignment and added an extra pound to their weight.


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