MATCH PROMO The Master Blacksmith - GTG II

Jamie O'Hara

Well-known member
EAW Hall of Famer
Grand Rampage Winner
Plucked from a crowd.

Chosen by one.

Selected and crafted into something through intent, not accident.

Yes you are right. Someone once decided to look down on me, pick me out from the darkness where I was surrounded by men like you and gave me the tools, gave me the direction to become the success I am today. And we’re all like that. Myself, Impact, Mr. DEDEDE, Diamond Cage so on and so forth. We’re selected and molded into almost perfect beings to be cast upon the world as leaders, as statues carved out of impeccable stone to hold up the platform for the rest to perform upon. Once upon a time, I was deemed to be one of them, one of their…”guys”. But it wasn’t the decision of a man in a suit, not a temporary authoritative figure but rather it was fate itself. It’s destiny all written in the stars, something that dances across cosmos, something intangible that ultimately blessed me with the fame and fortune, the successful career I’ve built. Even then I still owe it to myself; nothing is ever handed to anyone without work and commitment. Not something divine, not something almighty moving the strings and making me dance like a marionette on a grand stage before an audience. No strings bind me, no strings control me. Perhaps the sweetest aspect of this life...this the men who grow green and sickly with absolute envy. Even that envy is misplaced. Ultimately the difference between someone like you and I is not the success nor the skill, it isn’t the fame and the fortune - the polar opposites of the scale we sit at - but rather what we make of the inches we’ve been given. I turned inches into miles. I turned miles into a career that wraps around the earth and shoots off beyond the solar systems - again, I dance upon the cosmos. And what have you done with the meager, insignificant inches that have fallen your way? Simply nothing. Time and time again, weak and lowly men like you are given opportunity after opportunity to make something of yourselves and time and time again you blow it. You don’t learn though, instead you piss your pants and swim in your own self-pity blaming the entire fucking world for everything that you don’t have. Because that’s easy. It’s easy to take the same megaphone everyone else has access to and simply air your baseless reasons to justify your stagnation. All in an effort to not actually be simply good at this, but rather hoping that someone will be there to hand you success, to hand you more and more chances to make a name for yourself. No, people like myself, Impact, DDD, Cage etc, we had the same inch you had before our own eyes and we seized it. We? We actually bust our fucking asses in every aspect and earn every single thing that comes our way. We don’t blame someone in a suit, believing they press their thumb down upon us and keep us stagnated. We’re picked up, we’re given the tools but we use those tools to build a goddamn fucking LEGACY. We are the master blacksmiths whose craft is undeniable, untouchable, immeasurable; mastery is not merely showing up, it is perfecting every possible aspect of our work, of our art. Mastery is ensuring you are inch perfect in every move, aware of every inch made by a foe. Mastery is dedicating yourself to learning and identifying what amounts to success and refusing to do anything less regardless of the physical or mental, personal or professional cost.


You can’t even hammer a sole nail into a piece of wood.

Make no mistake, we are the only craftsman behind the monuments. Nobody made me into the cornerstone I am but rather I constructed myself into such a position. Likewise, nobody made you into the grout between the tiles are - walked over time and time again, forgotten and ultimately stained far more. Because nobody admires it, they admire the fancy, decorative and beautiful tiles. Our results are not dependent on anything else but our own commitment, our own dedication. Everyone can turn that inch they’re handed into a mile. Every mile can become a light year. It always seems to be a common trend among the weak and the truly irrelevant that the world stops them from achieving all their lofty dreams. As much as they might suppress it when they talk, those aspirations linger at the back of their mind and rather consume it every other second. I saw it when I was champion. I saw it when I had the World Heavyweight Championship that most who fell defeated blamed me, blamed “management”, blamed just about everyone else but themselves. Nothing is too different here now is it? It’s expectations and it’s perhaps why so many have failed to make the most of the inches they’re given; they have expectations that by grasping it for just a second, everything will change instead the slow, progressive reality that exists. That expectation withers away any reasonable hope of ever actually seizing it. Likewise, your expectation here is wildly unrealistic. A man who has survived having his bones broken weeks before a title defense and still defended World Championships inside steel structures with the cast still on. A man who has been beaten pillar to post and yet been the one left standing more times than he cares to remember. There is nothing about you that strikes fear in my heart nor anyone else’s. Webster defines ‘Logic’ as “a science that deals with the principles and criteria of validity of inference and demonstration”, in other words, something that makes sense and reasonable. But I guess such a simple concept flies over the head of such simple minds. Fact is - the logical reality - for the overwhelming experiences I’ve had, the many faces that have become increasingly more blurred as I strayed further and further and further from the last moment of contact, I’ve learned to care so little - if at all - for what happens. Because it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve called someone I cared so little about for a match, nor the first time I’ve expended more than a precious ounce of my time, thought or energy.

I know how this goes.

Better than you. Better than anyone on this roster. Better than most in EAW as a whole.

Again, the results of nearly five years of being nothing short of the best has led me to this conclusion and seeing this truth. I could tell you, minute by minute, how Gateway to Glory is going to unfold. I can tell you how it ends. I can tell you how Dynasty begins and ends not just next week, but every week until Pain For Pride. Why? Because this very position I’m in isn’t a new phenomena. You’re a faceless and nameless man to me because I’ve been right here before; killing time with someone who never went on to be anything in this business than a footnote - not even in the body - in whatever chapter of my career it was. But maybe this is all just a good example of what happens when two people at opposite ends of the success spectrum meet. One who has seen it all, knows what matters and what doesn’t and one who hasn’t seen anything less than mediocrity, less than relevance, where everything that is said or done matters. Reality is nothing is new to me anymore. No war, no motives behind an opponent’s actions, no criticism, no rebuttal, no lack of comprehension. Question is, what makes you different? You want to hear me, but you wouldn't be the first. Men have always lunged for my throat, tried to put me on the shelf permanently, to kill my career and yet here I stand, no? After five years of having my health threatened by every foe who opposed me, one would think this entire delusional aspiration would die but here we are. Tell me, what makes you more of a threat, more likely to ‘hurt’ me, when World Champions, Hall of Famers and legends have fallen short of such a goal? When you have achieved nothing, your words fail to mean anything at all. When you have achieved nothing, you lack the venom in your spite to be taken seriously. And this isn’t a matter of veteran experience either but pure logic. Thing is, I can say anything I please. I could sit here and tell you that I will break your fucking neck and why would you doubt me? I’ve done it before. I could sit here and tell you that I’ll beat you within an inch of your life to the point where I drive you out of EAW and why would you doubt me? I’ve done it before. I could sit here and tell you that I’ll send your career in a downward spiral to the point where you’re nothing more than a shell of your former self before fading away. Because I’ve done it before. And if you’ve failed to even win a single, meaningful match, let alone any sort of feud? Then every hope you have of injuring me, of hurting me is nothing more than a laughable dream based purely in fantasy - far from reality.

But all you do is live in a fantasy; fantasy is all you have left. Fantasies of success, fantasies of doing anything memorable. You most certainly are looking for a moral victory because the fact is nobody is going to give a flying fuck about anything you might do to me. If it is only you yourself who cares about some perception of victory then it isn’t anything more than a moral one; nothing more than something you can only cling to. Even without trying, I am once again the harsh reality. Once again, I am the reality that stops someone like yourself from achieving anything. Just like I was when I was the reality some weren’t fit to be World Champions. Spare yourself the overly emotional investment. It will do nothing but lead to immense misery and disappointment when the world moves past you once again; when you’re nothing more than another name in a meaningless Battle Royal which nobody really pays attention to.

Because, my friend, this is not the end; it is just another step in yet another chapter of my illustrious career.

Can you say the same?

Remotely close?

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