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Kassidy Heart

The Mauler 💜 Queen of the Ultraviolent
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Birth Name: Kassidy Ashlynn Brighton Corvington
Wrestling Name: Kassidy Heart
Picture Base: Mandy Rose
Current Nicknames: "The Mauler", "Queen of the Ultraviolent"
Height: 5’4’’
Weight: 125 lbs.
Date of Birth: 01/26/1995
Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia

Disposition/Alignment: Kassidy is a ruthless, cutthroat competitor which resonates with some fans, especially her diehard ones, and completely turns others off. She does things inside the ring that the EAW Universe doesn't necessarily like, but they can't help but watch Kassidy's every mood and more often than not, they find themselves in awe of her. She's chaotic, doesn't see herself as a good guy or a bad guy, and is unapologetic.

Personality: 'The Mauler' first appeared at Pain for Pride XXII during a deathmatch against Ahren Fournier. The sadistic, deathmatch trash side of Kassidy Heart was on full display and she hasn't looked back. Kassidy is cold and cruel inside the ring, triggered by the sight and smell of blood. She is nothing more than a feral, savage animal and that's even more apparent when her back is against the wall. Thanks to Mr. DEDEDE's coaching and training, 'The Mauler' has become a dark presence and slightly unhinged, and is someone all of her opponents should aspire to put down and kill. The only thing pretty about Kassidy is her face, and more often than not it ends up becoming a crimson mask during her matches. Kassidy is a striker and a fighter, with a ridiculously high pain tolerance, and honestly just enjoys the mutual suffering aspect of this great sport.

Theme Music: 'Monster’ by Kanye West

Entrance: [Optional] The character’s regular entrance. Write it exactly how you want it to be posted, preferably in present tense to fit the show format. If you don’t want to fill this out, the writers will come up with their own short entrance based on given information.

In-Ring Attire: Include description and/or pictures.
Option o1 - Option o2 - Option o3 - Option o4 - Option o5 - Option o6

Entrance Attire: See ring gear options for additional entrance attire. Coat can be worn with any particular gear.

There will be some occassions where Kassidy adds a high fashion, couture style mask to her ring attire, including ones that resemble a fashion version of Hannibal Lecter's iconic mask. Match writer's will be notified when Kassidy has a mask added to her look; she does not wrestle in them.

Segment Attire: Kassidy's look and fashion are two things that are very important to her. She is always the picture of perfection from the top of her head to whatever designer shoes are on her feet. When it comes to her wardrobe, Kassidy's clothing will depend on the season. With it being Autumn, the blonde wears high fashion outfits (with the very rare, occasional exception to the rule; i.e. mod cloth, fashion nova) that suit the weather and represent the season itself. Her fall style is a mix of classy with a hint of sexy.

Tendency to Cheat: Kassidy will not outright cheat to win a match, but due to her overly aggressive and slightly psychotic nature, she will not hesitate to intimidate the officials into letting her bend the rules a bit. This benefits her opponents, who will also get to be more aggressive in the match. Kassidy will always win or lose a match based on her own merit. She doesn't take shortcuts to win because she is not a coward. She just likes inflict pain and feel it.

♥ Passion; there is literally no other word to describe what Kassidy is willing to put herself through except for passion. Since day one, she's been told she doesn't belong in this business. She has been cheated, broken - mentally, physically, and emotionally, injured, destroyed, humiliated, overlooked, under valued, disrespected, and laughed at. Now she fights every day to make sure the people who step into the ring against her feel the same awful things she used to feel.

Wrestling Training: Kassidy comes from humble beginnings. She trained under Andrew Wolfe for a number of years at The Plant, which was a shithole of a wrestling school that trainined wrestlers to compete in deathmatches for So-Cal Ultraviolent. However, Andrew was more than that as a wrestler himself and trainer. He taught Kassidy the art of submission and mat wrestling, and taught her how to combine that with the pure brawling and weapon use you see in deathmatches. Currently, Mr. DEDEDE has taken over Kassidy's training. She continues to sharpen her skills and add moves to her arsenal. Mr. DEDEDE's main goal is to fan the fire that burns inside 'The Mauler', keep her hungry and needy for victory, while making sure the stamina, pain tolerance, and strength continues to grow even greater. In essence, he plans to turn her into 'Gawd's Greatest Creation.'

Wrestling Debut: 2011

Favorite Weapon(s):
♥ Kassidy's bare hands and her teeth are her favorite weapons. She will not hesitate to bite her opponents, sink her teeth into an already open wound, or rip at it with her nails and hands.
♥ Kassidy also enjoys using a cattle prod on her opponents. She will sometimes carry it to the ring with her, because you never know when it might come in handy.

Strengths: Kassidy is well trained, technically skilled, and powerful. She can go toe-to-toe with men and women who are bigger and more powerful, and she's got excellent conditioning. She takes her career very seriously and will put in the work to make sure she's a top athlete. Kassidy is also fearless and has a mean streak that is akin to a serial killer.

Weaknesses: Kassidy's ego has the potential to get in her way more so than anything else. She is so prideful that she would rather pass out, than tap out if she ever finds herself in that situation.

♥ Pro Wrestling Australia
♥ So-Cal Ultraviolent
♥ Elite Answers Wrestling

EAW Championships:
♥ National Elite Champion (Current. Defeated Lethal Consequences at King of Elite 2020.)
♥ Universal Women's Champion (1x. Defeated Serena Bennett at Pain for Pride XII. At Battle of Egypt 2019, Raven Roberts would use the CiTV to cash in on Kassidy and end her championship reign.)
♥ Vixen’s Champion (Last ever. Defeated Cleopatra on the January 10th, 2019 episode of Empire.)
Unified Tag Team Champion (1x w/ Sienna Jade. Won at King of Elite 2019 by defeating MarrKade. Lost the championships at Grand Rampage 2019 to The Wildcards.)
♥ Empire Tag Team Champion (1x w/ Sienna Jade. Won at PFP 11 by defeating The Crowe's Nest. Lost the championships at Bloodletter 2018 in a TLC match.)

Other In-Ring Achievements:
♥ Triple Crown Holder (Kassidy completed the Triple Crown at King of Elite 2020 when she won the National Elite Championship. The Triple Crown includes the Universal Women's Championship, the National Elite Championship, and the Unified Tag Team Championship.)
♥ 2019 Extreme Elimination Chamber Competitor
♥ 2019 Iconic Cup Holder (Defeated Remi Skyfire, Karina-Ann, and Minerva at the Iconic Cup supershow. Kassidy would successfully cash in the cup following the conclusion of the Sienna Jade vs. Serena Bennett match at Pain for Pride XII.)
♥ 2018 Tag Team Grand Prix Winner (w/ Sienna Jade)
♥ 2018 War Games Competitor (teamed with Jaded Wolfe Heart members Sienna Jade & Tyler Wolfe at Territorial Invasion to face the 1%, Rex McAllister & MarrKade, and Diamond Cage & The NEO Syndicate)
♥ 2018 Empress of Elite Runner-up (lost the finals to Astraea Jordan at Manifest Destiny)

EAW Awards:
♥ Female Elitist of the Year (2019)
♥ Female Promoer of the Year (2018, 2019)
♥ Women's Champion of the Year (2019)
♥ Match of the Year (2019; vs. Serena Bennett @Operation: Doomsday)
♥ Tag Team of the Year (2018 w/Sienna Jade)
♥ Tag Team of the Decade for the 2010s (w/Sienna Jade)
♥ Stable of of the Year (2018 w/Sienna Jade & Tyler Wolfe)
♥ Shocking Moment of the Year (2019; Mr. DEDEDE drugs and marries Kassidy)
♥ Elitist of the Month (March 2019)

2020 EAW Most Valuable Elitist Awards (as a competitor):
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #209 - Beef of the Week (shared with Darcy May Morgan, Sierra Bradford, & Lethal Consequences)
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #218 - Champion of the Week

Fun Wrestling Facts:
♥ Has headlined the following events: Terminus 2018, Manifest Destiny 2018, Territorial Invasion 2018, The Iconic Cup 2019, & Road to Redemption 2019
♥ Kassidy has been featured on the following free-per-view and supershow posters: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
♥ The Jaded Hearts made history on February 2, 2019 when they became the first female tag team in EAW history hold both the Empire Tag Team Championships and the Unified Tag Team Championships.
♥ Successfully appeared on and had a match on all four brands (Empire, Dynasty, Showdown, & Voltage) plus Battleground in Season 12.
♥ Ended the EAW careers of Fatal Destiny members Miho Li and Karina-Ann on the September 27th, 2019 episode of Friday Night Dynasty.
♥ Kassidy became the first woman to defend a women's championship in Egypt when she faced off against and beat Kendra Shamez on October 12th, 2019 in Suez.
♥ Literally got blown up inside the WHC Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption 2019 thanks to an exploding pair of chancletas.
♥ Despite only being with REVOLT/EAW for less than two years, Kassidy found herself nominated for a number of 2010s EAW Decade Awards. The blonde was nominated for Female Elitist of the Decade, Promoer of the Decade, and Tag Team of the Decade (shared with Sienna Jade). The Jaded Hearts would go on to win the Tag Team of the Decade award.
♥ Kassidy was named to the EAW All-Decade Women's Team for the 2010s along with Kendra Shamez, Cameron Ella Ava, Andrea Valentine, and Sabina.
♥ First woman to ever hold the National Elite Championship, a championship that has been around since 2008.

EAW Awards (as a writer):
♥ Writer of the Year (2019)
♥ Feud of the Year (2019; The Beating Hearts of Voltage vs. Charlie Marr & Veena Adams)
♥ War Games was nominated for Match of the Decade for the 2010s

2020 EAW Most Valuable Elitist Awards (as a writer):
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #207 - Show of the Week (Voltage)
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #208 - Match of the Week (Darcy May Morgan & TLA vs. Sierra Bradford & Drake King)
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #209 - Show of the Week (Voltage)
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #210 - Match of the Week (Cameron Ella Ava vs. Jamie O'Hara)
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #211 - Match of the Week(Jamie O'Hara vs. Charlie Marr vs. The Visual Prophet)
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #215 - Match of the Week (Andrea Valentine vs. Charlie Marr; co-written with the Voltage writing staff) & Show of the Week (Shock Value)
♥ Most Valuable Elitist #216 - Match of the Week (Mr. DEDEDE vs. Xander Payne; co-written with @Jake Smith)

Common Moves:
Standing Front
♥ Drop toe hold
♥ Precise kicks and strikes
♥ Spinning heel kick
♥ Headscissors takedown
♥ Heart Punch
♥ High Knee followed immediately by a Russian Legsweep
♥ Running Bicycle Kick to bent over opponents head
♥ Death Valley Driver
♥ Thrusting Side Kick
♥ Snap German Suplex
♥ Shining Triangle (running start, triangle choke)
♥ Sunset Flip Powerbomb (usually done from corner or to the outside of the ring)
♥ ‘P.C.S. [Post Concussion Syndrome] Kick' (helluva kick)
♥ 'The Kassploder Plex' (two or three german suplexes in a row)
♥ 'Stargazing' (falling inverted ddt - standard, into chair {laying out or seated} depending on match style, off ladder etc.)
♥ Spear (done in tribute to Mr. DEDEDE)

♥ Camel clutch
♥ Fist drop to opponent’s face
♥ Shining Wizard
♥ Step-up Enziguri
♥ Any Variation of the Boston Crab
♥ Sliding Strikes to seated opponent (forearm or knee)
♥ Knee Bar
♥ Stomp on Bent Arm
♥ Bow and Arrow Submission
♥ Penalty Kick
♥ Various standard wrist locks and transition moves
♥ 'Kassi! Kassi! Kassi! Oi! Oi! Oi!' (brazilian heel hook)
♥ 'XoXo Kass' (figure-eight, a la Charlotte)
♥ 'XoXo Kass Part II' (spinning inverted figure four leglock)

♥ Moonsault (usually done from the top rope to the outside)
♥ Diving/Springboard Cross Body
♥ Tope Con Hilo
♥ Suicide Dive
♥ Springboard (into the ring) Strikes (knee, forearm, elbow)

Signature Moves:
♥ ‘CHANEL N°5’ (clubbing blow to the back of the head, following by a straitjacket german suplex; can be used to finish a match against a lesser opponent)
♥ ‘The Celine Dion’ (kneeling hand-connected omoplata)
♥ ‘Australian Gold’ (double wrist-clutch octopus hold)
♥ 'Norvina Lights' (spiked hurricanrana; purposely driving her opponents head into the mat. [can be hit in any situation])
♥ 'The Brighton Fly' (spanish fly; can be done standing, off the top rope, to the outside, ect.)
♥ 'HelloFresh' (snap buckle bomb)

Primary Finishing Moves (most commonly used):
♥ ‘The Louis Vuitton of Wrestling Moves’ (tornado double arm leg scissors followed by either headbutts to the shoulder or just flat out biting of the shoulder)

♥ 'Gawd's Gift' (this is known as 'the banana split' in juijitsu, or orienteering with napalm death according zsj; names credited to the youtube comments; Mr.DEDEDE taught Kassidy this finisher)
♥ ULTRA FINISHER: 'Thank U, Next' (kimura lock + stomps to the head + fujiwara armbar combination)

Alternative Finishing Moves (rarely used, but effectively get the job done):
♥ ‘Black Friday’ (double leg-trap chickenwing inverted facelock; can be used to finish match if opponent is worn down)
♥ 'The Heart Attack' (top rope o-face; ember moon’s finisher; used sparingly but is an effective finisher)
♥ ‘Painfully Ever After’ (curb stomp to any part of the body; used as a back up finisher if needed)

2019 Competitive Record: W - 19 // D - 03 // L - 05
2020 Competitive Record: W - 07 // D - 00 // L - 01
♥ 01.17.2020 Dynasty - w/Darcy May Morgan vs. Lethal Consequences & Sierra Bradford (L)
♥ 02.08.2020 King of Elite - vs. Lethal Consequences for the National Elite Championship (W)
♥ 02.21.2020 Dynasty - vs. The Visual Prophet (W)
♥ 03.21.2020 Reckless Wiring - vs. NvL for the National Elite Championship (W)
♥ 03.27.2020 Dynasty - vs. Lisa Wren for the National Elite Championship (W)
♥ 04.18.2020 Grand Rampage - vs. Chris Elite for the National Elite Championship (W)
♥ 05.01.2020 Dynasty - w/Serena Bennett vs. Drake King & SOSA Henderson (W)
♥ 05.16.2020 Gateway to Glory - w/Serena Bennett vs. Sienna Jade & Impact (W)
♥ 05.22.2020 Dynasty - Christian Demarco (--)
♥ 05.30.2020 Fighting Spirit - w/Sienna Jade vs. The Blicky Boyz (--)

Current Sponsors for EAW Season 13:
♥ Bellami Hair Extensions
♥ Australian Gold tanning products
♥ Fashion Nova
♥ Fab Fit Fun
♥ Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins
♥ HelloFresh
♥ Louis Vuitton

(for writers)
♥ Having suffered multiple concussions during her short time in EAW, Kassidy knows that her days inside the ring are numbered. She competes every match like it’s her last match, because it very well could be. She’s never been a cautious individual and competes a little recklessly, and she’s very ruthless. Her sheer will to win and to be successful is unmatched, and she gives every single match literally everything she has inside of her. She leaves it all out there.

♥ Kassidy isn’t in the ring just to take punishment. She’s a highly skilled, very technical wrestler and can hold her own against anyone. She can out wrestle anyone, and she will always perform at the highest level. Her small stature does leave her vulnerable to more powerful athletes but her stamina and conditioning work in her favor and she’s able to wear people and outlast them.

♥ As previously stated in her stats, Kassidy would NEVER tap out during a match or for any other reason. She would have to pass out or have to be knocked out before she would ever submit to another person or quit. Kassidy doesn’t care about getting injured, having competed with more injuries than she can even remember.

♥ She would also NEVER cheat. Kassidy has taken shortcuts in the past, but at the beginning of 2019, the Queen of Hearts made a promise to herself that she would win or lose every match going forward on her own merit.

♥ As seen at Pain for Pride XII, Kassidy's ability to absorb punishment might be one of her biggest weapons. She thrives in extreme, ultraviolent situations and loves to spill blood... hers and her opponents. She has the ability to tap into another side of her personality that EAW hasn't really seen, and that side of her personality is pure deathmatch trash. She has never forgotten her roots and what made her into the competitor she is today.
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Kassidy Heart

The Mauler 💜 Queen of the Ultraviolent
Staff member
National Elite Champion
Updated theme song (thanks Carmella) and added a new finisher to be used in the future.

Kassidy Heart

The Mauler 💜 Queen of the Ultraviolent
Staff member
National Elite Champion
updated personality, achievements, some other little things here and there, and added hearts because of course ♥♥♥

Kassidy Heart

The Mauler 💜 Queen of the Ultraviolent
Staff member
National Elite Champion
Updated motivations and renamed the curbstomp finisher. Name credit goes to da Starboi GOAT :D
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I was gonna wait till the 13th to bump the thread and say happy 1 year anniversary but ill just say it now since u just updated it :mjgrin: happy anniversary goat who woulda thought we'd be here a year later :mjcry:
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