The Neon Reich (to be completed)

Sazae Hangaku

Basic Information
Team Name: The Neon Reich
Members: Xavier Arnold and Sazae Hangaku
Pic Bases: Drew Gulak and Asuka/Kana Urai

Team Information
Team Alignment: Ruthless Heel (Xavier)/Monster Heel (Sazae)

Team Gimmick: A pairing of the feral vicious style of Sazae Hangaku and the precise, sadistic technical grounding of Xavier Arnold in the ring. The Neon Reich exist to further each other's individual goals and eliminate their enemies with brutal efficiency; the duo are not friends, they simply recognise the value of having the other on their side.

Ringside Information
Theme Music: "No One Will Survive" by CFO$
Team Entrance: TBA
Tendency to Cheat: If Needed

In-Ring Information
Signature Moves
Rhine River Rapids (Double Underhook Powerbomb by Xavier into a Backstabber by Sazae)
War On Two Fronts (Superkick by Xavier followed by Running Bicycle Knee Strike from Sazae)
Farewell Fibula (Diving Double Foot Stomp by Xavier to the leg of an opponent held in an Achilles Tendon Lock by Sazae)

Make A Wish (Simultaneous Ankle Locks pulled in opposite directions)

Finishing Moves
Fall From Grace (Last Ride Powerbomb by Sazae/Diving Meteora by Xavier combination)
Imperial End (Bridging Package German Suplex by Sazae, followed by Penalty Kick from Xavier to opponent trapped in the bridge pin)
Sweet Venomous Embrace (Asian Mist by Sazae to blind an opponent then trapped in a Coquina Clutch by Xavier)
Likes: Xavier Arnold

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