The Treacherous One || Cepheus St. Claire

Cepheus St. Claire

Santa Clara, California

Picture Base: Alberto Del Rio
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230 lbs
Hometown: Born and raised in Santa Clara, California, now resides and owns businesses in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Disposition/Alignment: Cowardly Heel and Ruthless Heel, he takes a cowardly approach to challenges, such as getting people to do the dirty work for him, but if he has to get down and dirty, he will.

Gimmick: Cepheus St. Claire was born and raised in Santa Clara, California, he comes from a Hispanic descent in Mexico, but he abandoned his original name and upbringing, sacrificing his past for his future. Cepheus was known around his hometown as a local crook, getting away with pick pocketing and orchestrating home invasions flawlessly. Once his reputation in Santa Clara became known he started getting federal attention, which ultimately lead to his demise. Cepheus was arrested for an undisclosed reason. Upon release, St. Claire moved his business, which had grown into a racketeering business, to Canada, seeking a fresh start with new people. He opened up an 'arena' that he refers to as 'The Tavern' in this arena, he runs local wrestling events on Mondays while maintaining it for his illegal business dealings throughout the other days of the week.

Theme Music: 'Mob Ties' by Drake

What are your character’s motivations for competing? To gain media attention for something he calls "a bigger plan"

Tendency to Cheat: Always

Wrestling Debut: When did your character first debut? August 21, 2018, right after being released from prison

Favorite Match Types: What's your character's favorite match type? Handicap, with my opponent being the handicapped

Common Moves:
1. Suplex (all variations)
2. Sitout powerbomb (with pin late in matches)
3. Spike piledriver (sometimes from the middle rope)
4. Swinging neckbreaker
5. Headbutt
6. Superkick
7. Frog Splash (Off the highest thing possible)
8. Brainbuster
9. Running knee to the face of a crouched or sitting opponent
10. Monkey flip

Signature Moves: Minimum of two (2), maximum of five (5)
1. 'Dagger' | Cepheus puts hits elbow on his opponents chest and Lonnie Delmonty, his manager, slides in the ring and stomps on Cepheus's fist, pounding his elbow into his opponents chest
2. 'Four Corners of Disdain' | Running knee to the face to an opponent propped against the turnbuckle (CM Punk style) continued on all four corners for full effect

Finishing Move: 'Shady Ending' | RKO (As abstract as possible)
Ultra Finishing Move: 'Cumplir con su Fallecimiento ' | Cross Legged Fisherman Buster

Managed by: Lonnie Delmonty (Bobby Heenan)
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