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The Woogieman

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Basic Information

Wrestling Name: The Woogieman.

Picture Base: The Rock.

Current Nicknames: Woogie, TGH and more.

Height: 6'5.

Weight: 260 Pounds.

My Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida.

My Theme Song: If Ya Smell By Adam Massare.

Character Information:

Disposition/Alignment: Antihero

Gimmick/Motivation: I'm Very Arrogant and Cocky Competitor. I'm also loudmouth for Insulting my Opponents But, Somehow The Audience are still Cheering for Me in Both Ways. They always Listening what I was going to say inside the ring or at The Backstage. Nobody Still Me what to do. I'd do or whatever i want. I do My own way. Becoming The Greatest All time always my Motivation.

Tendency to Cheat: I'd use it as Payback for Stolen something What is mine. Or even Involved The Match for some reason to take a Opportunity away from me.

In- Ring Information:

Wrestling Debut: 2011.

Favorite Match: I quit Match, Last Man Standing Match and Ladder Match.

In- Ring- Achievements: Numerous of Championships. Money in the bank more than once.

Common Moves:

Belly to Belly Suplex

Float- over- DDT.

Jumping Clotheline

German Suplex

Samoan Drop.

Fisherman Suplex.

Flowing Snap DDT with Kip Up.

Running Swinging Neckbreaker

Running Thrust Lariat

Mr Perfect Suplex Pin.



Angle slam.

Signature Moves:

The Sharpshooter.

The Spear.

Finishing Moves:

The Spinebuster with The People Elbow.

The Bottom and also as The Catch Finisher.
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