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Justin Windgate

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Wrestling Name: Justin Windgate
Age: 28 (10/16/1990)
Picture Base: Alex Shelley
Current Nicknames: "The Xtreme Classic" "The New Breed Classic"
Height: 6'3
Weight: 225lbs
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan​


Disposition/Alignment: Face

Gimmick: Stoner

Justin Windgate is stoner. You'll likely catch him backstage rolling up some good ol marijuana before or after his match. He is not shy about his usage of marijuana as that is his way to relax and get his mind right. It's also something that he enjoys doing because he can smoke as much as he wants without feeling the effects the following day like how alcohol does. With that said, although Windgate is a straight up pot head, he still manages to get his shit done. He trains hard in the gym, and will even go on his morning runs right after taking a blunt to the face. Windgate does not care about what people think of him, and that also translates to his matches as well. Windgate is a high flyer that is willing to take risks. Just like smoking, the adrenaline rush that Windgate gets from the crowd after performing a high risk move has become like a high to him. He fights for the fans as he acknowledges the fact that without them he wouldn't have a place to sleep, eat, or survive. He's also a very friendly guy when you get to know him, but doesn't take shit from anyone. When he feels that he has been threatened or disrespected he will let it be known and he will have something to say about that. Overall though, Windgate is really just here for the weed, the fans, and the big moments that come with it.


Theme Music: Go Off by Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, and Travis Scott

Windgate's motivation is to have the most jaw dropping moments. He fights for the fans and intends to give them a show by putting his body on the line each and every week. Windgate wishes to win championships and add more accolades to his resume, but his main focus is to give the fans what they want.​

Wrestling Debut: December 2009 (Age 19)
Favorite Match Types: Ladder Match, TLC, Extreme Rulez
Least Favorite Match Types: Submission Match
Favorite Weapon: Glass Bong

In-Ring Achievements:
- EAW National Elite Champion
-EAW New Breed Champion

Other Achievments:
-Most Valuable Elitist #207​

Common Moves:
Top Rope
1. Missile Dropkick
2. Diving Headbutt
3. Diving Crossbody
4. 360 Frogg Splash

Common Moves
- Enziguiri
- Pele Kick
- Superkick
- Baseball Slide
- Hurricarana
- Running Senton over the ropes onto standing opponent outside of the ring
- Leg Drop on the apron (Like Undertaker)
- Spear
-Pele Kick
-Sit out Jaw Breaker
-Cardiac Arrest (Hardyac Arrest) (Slingshot Dropkick in the corner)
- Swinging Neck Breaker
- Hip Toss
- Running Dropkick to opponent standing in the corner
- Bulldog
-Enzuigiri Kick
- Grounded Superkick

Signature Moves:
1. Running Senton off the rebound onto opponent on ground (Kinda like 5 knuckle shuffle, but a senton bomb instead)
2. The Hail Mary (Slingshot DDT to the outside (Opponent on Apron))

3. Run it Up (Sliced Bread #2)

Finishing Moves:
1. Lights Out (Reverse Cutter)
2. X-Factor (Shooting Star Press)​



Justin Windgate is a very fast and athletic wrestler. He can handle large amounts of pain. This could be looked at as a positive since he potentially could grind out some tough matches this way. However it can also get to the point where he overestimates his body's limits and does more damage than anything. Again his style is high risk so you never know what to expect from him.

Dynasty Commentator, Jake Mercer despises Justin Windgate and his marijuana 420 lifestyle. Mercer has gone on to state that Windgate is a disgrace and a horrible representation of what an EAW Elitist should be.

Windgate will smoke pot whenever he gets the chance, so if you want to have him smoking a blunt or even taking rips from a bong on his way down to the ring, go for it. Be as creative as you'd like. The fans love this pothead
Season 13 Match History: (Win-Loss-Draw)
July 26, 2019 Dynasty: vs Jason McKormick (W) 1-0
August 2, 2019 Dynasty: vs Mike Gambino (L) 1-1
August 9, 2019 Dynasty: vs Frankie Paradise vs Jason McKormick (L) 1-2
August 17, 2019: Operation DoomsDay! 7 Elitist Elimination match vs Mike Gambino vs Helena Merriman vs Ronan Malosi vs Jason McKormick, vs Archimedes J. Manson vs Lindsey Kingsley (L) 1-3
August 23, 2019 Dynasty: vs Jake Smith (Draw/Count Out) 1-3-1
August 30, 2019: Dynasty vs Eric Havoc (W) 2-3-1
September 7, 2019: Dynasty w/Helena Merriman vs Darcy May Morgan & Remi Skyfire (The Valkyrie) (Draw/Interference) 2-3-2
September 13, 2019 Dynasty vs Santo Muerte (W) 3-3-2
September 22, 2019 Territorial Invasion: (Dynasty vs Everybody 5v5 elimination match) w/Eric Havoc, Helena Merriman, Provencal & Mike Gambino vs Korey Gaines, Lance Blackfyre, Frankie Paradise, Viktor Stone & Santo Muerte (W) 4-3-2
October 4, 2019 Dynasty vs w/Eric Havoc vs Lethal Consequences (C) and Lindsey Kingsley (L) 4-4-2
October 12, 2019 Fight Grid Live: vs Eric Havoc (W) 5-4-2
October 18, 2019 Dynasty: vs Aniyah Mitchell (W) 6-4-2
October 25, 2019 Dynasty: w/ Darcy May Morgan vs Osamu Archihada and Lethal Consequences (W) - 7-4-2
November 2, 2019 House of Glass: Glass Tables Match vs Lethal Consequences (C) for NE Championship (L) 7-5-2
November 8, 2019 Dynasty vs Ronan Malosi (W) 8-5-2
November 15, 2019 Dynasty vs Cage (W) 9-5-2
November 22, 2019 Dynasty vs Cage (L) 9-6-2
December 6, 2019 Dynasty w/Archimedes J. Manson & Mr. Christopher Cool vs SKA, Nathan Von Liebert, and Ronan Malosi (L) 9-7-2
December 15, 2019 Road to Redemption: Extreme Enigma Battle Royal (W) 10-7-2
December 25, 2019 Christmas in Dubai: vs Terry Chambers (L) 10-8-2
January 3, 2020 Dynasty vs Jenny Cien (C) for New Breed Championship (W) 11-8-2
January 24, 2020 Dynasty vs Ronan Malosi (W) 12-8-2
January 31, 2020 Dynasty vs Osamu Archihada (Draw/Interference) 12-8-3
February 8th, 2020 King of Elite (NB title defense) vs Shawn Sturgis vs Zak Simmons

Important Characters

Mike Flowers
Mike Flowers works at the Amplified Marijuana Dispensary in Detroit, Michigan. Amplified is one of the spots where Justin goes to get his weed throughout the week. You will rarely see Mike anywhere else, but he is a strong supporter of Justin and his career here in EAW. He's a very chill and fun guy to talk to and that's why Justin loves to stop by at Amplified whenever he has something on his mind before an upcoming match. Overall, Mike is just great company. He smokes a lot too.
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Justin Windgate

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Welcome to EAW, you'll be sorted onto Dynasty. If you have any questions feel free to contact your writer @Visual Prophet. You will find yourself placed on the card after the show is posted either late Friday or early Saturday. Good luck and have fun!
Thank you for this information! I appreciate it!

Justin Windgate

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New Breed Champion
Welcome and have fun. Love the picbase by the way
Haha thanks! I haven't watched much wrestling these past 8 years, but I remember Alex Shelley was always one of my favs. I'm trying to get back into watching pro wrestling that way I can pick up on some gimmicks or things I like. I can't wait to start developing this character

Justin Windgate

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New Breed Champion
Just added Mike Flowers as a side character that will be used in my promos. That way people don't get confused if I have a random Mike just pop up in my promo. Should be fun using him to help develop Justin Windgate
Likes: Provençal

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