MATCH PROMO Time and Time Again.. I've Tried (Reasonable Doubt 1)

Justin Windgate

The Xtreme Classic
(Justin Windgate is seen inside of a dark room. He's sitting in a lone chair under a spotlight that catches the silhouette of the smoke that comes from his mouth. His head is tilted upward with his eyes closed. He breathes deeply, then drops his head before pressing a joint up to his lips. He then faces the camera and begins to speak. Smoking his joint throughout)

Seconds chances.. There are only a few special occasions where you are given the opportunity for a second chance. Most of the time, when you fail to achieve something, it sets you back.. So far back that you are unable to climb yourself back up the ladder to get yourself into the same position that you were in before. Jon Kelton has brought up a major statement in saying that I had my chance at a contract. I had my chance at obtaining the opportunity to call my shots and cash in on whichever champion I please. Back at Pain for Pride, I stepped into the ring with some of the most hungry Elitists in this company for an opportunity to become known as the 2020 Cash in the Vault Briefcase holder.. And yet, I failed. I was so close and only inches away from achieving a goal that I've had over a decade now. Witnessing my old friend and former Xtreme Tag Team Partner, Extreme Enigma, winning the Cash in the Vault Ladder Match at Pain for Pride around a decade ago gave me the motivation that I could do the same at some point in my career. For me to be able to qualify and participate in the Cash in the Vault Ladder Match in just my first season since returning was special to me. I felt as if I was on the right path. The path that I intended on taking when I first came back. My goal was to one day hold that contract within my grasp and use it to elevate myself to new heights.. I just fell short.. That's all. I lost to the woman that I have claimed to be my kryptonite based on all of the encounters that we had against one another, and she became the deal breaker on whether I won or not.. It wasn't Jack Ripley who was standing at the top of the ladder with her at the end. It wasn't Ms. Extreme. It wasn't even Myles. None of the other favorites heading into that match found themselves relevant in the final moments. It was simply just me and her, and she did exactly what she's known for doing when matched up against me.. And that's win.. It was only one person that made the difference. One person that stood in my way of the contract.. One single person..

Now Jon, you might want to act as if I'm just going to relive that same feeling of disappointment by failing to rip that contract from out of your hands just like I failed to snag the briefcase before Darcy at Pain for Pride, but here's the thing.. Unlike Darcy May Morgan, you're far from being my kryptonite. See, not only have I beaten you before.. But I've done it twice within the past year already. I know that I can beat you, and I know that I can do it again when the stakes are at it's highest. You managed to successfully defend that contract against Ronan Malosi, I'll give you that. You got tested and managed to escape with that 24/7 contract still within your possession. But how would you do against someone that you know is capable of defeating you? See, the difference between Ronan Malosi and I is the fact that I bring that added pressure. You hear my name and understand that your chances of losing that contract are far greater when it's defended against me. I'm not like Ronan. I've been a champion before. I know what it's like to reign over an entire division. I understand the satisfaction that you get when you can walk around the locker room knowing that everyone is gunning for you.. I've been in those situations and after Reasonable Doubt, I'll be placing myself in the perfect position to be that type of champion again. On top of that, in this scenario between you and I..

I'm your Kryptonite.

Call me a snake and use your metaphors to degrade my intentions of ending your little 15 minutes of fame with that contract. Just know that since the beginning, I have always been there for you Jon. I tried to help you at the start of the season by guiding you in the right direction, but it was you that couldn't accept advice from anyone else. It was you who puffed out your chest and acted as if I was nothing more than a fly buzzing around in your own personal space. You didn't want to listen to me about Consuela Rose Ava on the first episode of Showdown this season, nor did you want to hear what I had to say about Ryan Wilson, and how did that play out for you? You lost to Consuela and got outsmarted by Ryan. We had our own personal differences as we were meant to settle everything at Midsummer Massacre, but I guess that wasn't the case, because you still stand there in front of me with that 24/7 contract in your possession acting as if you know what you're talking about, when in reality, I'm only going to prove why I am right and you are wrong once more. Nothing has changed about you Jon. Nothing at all.

When we teamed up to face the Blicky Boyz, I thought that would be the moment where the world would see us as a cohesive unit for the first time. I thought the idea that I had about the both of us at the start of the season would come to fruition.. I like you, Jon. I really do. The only reason I wanted to help you was because I saw someone similar to me. We grew up in this company together 10 years ago, didn't reach the levels of success that we intended on reaching initially, but somehow found a way back into this company trying to accomplish what we failed to do back then. When we faced the Blicky Boyz, I was the same man that I have been all season. I was the same man that had your best interest in mind. I came out and spoke to both Chris and Malcolm. I told them how motivated WE were to win that match. I didn't just think about myself. I talked about you and how great of an Elitist you are. I talked about how great we would compete as a team because I truly thought that you and I were on the same page for the first time.. But what happened? You remained silent. You didn't bother to back up my statements and instead made not just you, but me out to be a fool too. The credibility in my words simply diminished because of your lack of effort not only on the mic, but in the ring as well. It was as if you didn't want to win. And in my honest opinion, if anyone is a snake in this match, it's you. You bit the hand that has been trying to feed you for the past 4 months by underperforming in our match together against the Blicky Boyz. A man like myself can only have so much patience with someone like you. I've given you opportunity after opportunity to listen to my friendly advice or to be on the same page as me, someone who actually gives a fuck about Jon Kelton, but each time you show me why I'm simply just wasting my time with the likes of you..

Like I said before, I should have requested that you put the 24/7 contract on the line against me at Midsummer Massacre. If that was the case, then you would have most definitely lost it right then and there. Your successful defense against Ronan Malosi would have been irrelevant because it would have never taken place, and we wouldn't have had to wait a few months down the line for the inevitable to happen.

You're confident in yourself, but I think a lot of that confidence comes from the fact that you hold that contract close to you. I beat you at Midsummer Massacre, but it didn't faze you a single bit because you're still Mr. 24/7. What did I gain from winning? Nothing. I gained absolutely nothing for beating you in what seems to be a meaningless match in hindsight. I wasn't even able to change your opinion about me or the approaches that I took towards you leading up to the match itself. We fast forward to now, and you are still the same Jon Kelton that you were before. The whole purpose of that match for me was to prove a point to YOU. Nobody else, but YOU. You failed to beat me then, and you'll fail to beat me now, the only difference is that you won't have that 24/7 contract to fall back on. You won't have that 24/7 contract to make everything seem like it'll be okay.

You won't have that 24/7 contract.. Period...

I don't care if that contract is your life. I don't care about the fact that you depend on that contract to keep you relevant in this company. I don't care about none of that just like these past few months have shown that you don't care about me. If you feel as if I'm simply stealing food from off of your table, then I guess I'm going to feast in the King's chair as you struggle for the scraps that I leave behind for you afterwards. You're not getting a contract, that's for sure. You probably won't even be receiving a title shot for a while once that contract is in my hands.. All you'll really be getting is the reality check that you should have received back at Midsummer Massacre. This is where I prove my point to you. I failed to do it before, but I WILL NOT fail to do it this time. I'm going to make you question your ability to rise up to championship material, because from the sound of it, that 24/7 Contract is clouding your mind with false assumptions that you outclass me, are more deserving, or a harder worker than me when the stakes are at it's highest. Without that contract, you will become nothing Jon, and I don't care if you think I'm a snake for putting you in that position, because it's YOU who made me this way.

I'm heading into Reasonable Doubt and winning that 24/7 contract off of you. I'm going to hold power similar to the Cash in the Vault Briefcase that I put my entire life on the line for at Pain for Pride.. This is my chance to not only avenge that loss by winning THAT contract, but it's also my chance to make you realize you should have accepted the Xtreme Classic when I extended my hand out to you.. Say goodbye to that 24/7 contract, Jon.. Because your days with it are numbered.. And it's not because you'll be cashing it in any time soon..


(Justin Windgate stands up, takes one more big hit from his joint, then places it on his seat before walking out of the frame. The camera focuses in on the smoke coming from the joint as it rises up to the spotlight shining down on the center of the screen. Eventually the spotlight cuts off as the room darkens. The scene then fades to black)

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